Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ready to go

This morning is a very special morning for my son... I'm so proud of him.  Years in the making and learning, he's build this Fast Red Car and today he's heading up to Byron IL to run it down the track...I think to see how fast it will go.  Hard to get answers...don't want to be  person asking 20 question and add to the anxiety that is here...big day.  I just keep telling him it will be alright end the end no matter what is the end.  And the big man up stairs has a it as you have already. 

Also I was practicing with my Blogger App on my phone...being a have a few blogs I'm running behind the scenes...and I've heard there was trouble getting image up on the blogger site I wanted to see if I could load it up and send it to this blog.  And its worked.  

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