Floating Collage Class-Naperville Art League

Well I'm scramble to get my act together..excitedly though. I launch an extend class from the one I taught in Jan-Feb and so I wasn't getting the response from the gals so I decided to switch it up a bit...now today I've got to see if there's enough table so to house everyone coming to the class.

This is sample Demo piece I put together yesterday. I create these all the time, kind of a transition piece as I'm working in one direction and need a break so I'll do something like this.

Totally a Layered design abstract piece, not too big either. Starts off from a 4 x 4 piece of watercolor paper as it's platform. 

So as I sat this one down on top of this one flow of inspiration came over me.

Another sample piece for class.
hard to show the depth that is created with this piece. but it's layered out from the mat board it's mounted on. I created another back piece.  Now to put this all together in a how to handout. 
And now a recap from the MASK reception last night.

The DuPage Children's Museum is Awesome. Love the place it's very creative for all the young and old. Great place to bring you children many times a year.



  1. your work is spectacular!

  2. These kinds of compositions with layers and shading and wonderful papers ARE the thing that I love most about your work. Wish I could get up to Dillman's this year...but May is just too cold and wet for a trip up. Bring sweaters!

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