Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Letting go of the Critic

35 more to go.....15 down and counting..this could become a new habit....but I'm looking at it as a learning steps...because as I get older and a bit wiser I also get softer. Nothing wrong with answering to yourself as to creating an assignment.  It doesn't have to be done perfectly its all about showing up.  As the sketches are become a bit more challenging I'm spending about 15 minutes to 20 on each of them.  No timer but just estimating.  I know myself and about 27 sketches in I'll be wonder why I did know the "I'm am Shit part of the Creative process"...but now that I'm writing about it I've also involved you..the viewer so I have to comment.   I do say though it's pulled me away from purging the studio...was that planned?  No just the way I function,(adhd acting up)...always busy and having work to do and getting it done.  Well talking about get a move on it...My Rock this morning that I picked from my bowl said, "Enjoy the space between"  I am at that.   

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  1. I am smiling in a BIG way! :-) Please take this the right way... I am excited to listening to you talk about being out of your comfort zone. The way you are expressing yourself in this blog post is just so matter of factly. When I come across a "successful" artist and I hear their stories of stretching themselves artistically. Does all this make sense? Your horses look fabulous! Keep up the good practice, my friend.


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