Thursday, April 28, 2016

inspiring words and good introspective questions

Life is Calling
A small investment in one step
Produces rich results
Beyond what you call dream
So shelve the hideaways
The high performance
The hardeners
The penetrating grey
And take on a whole new beautiful
Turn ordinary works into an extraordinary existence
Everything you need to turn slate blue into summer straw
is here
Welcome to safety –and adventure
On a path that suits you specific needs
In a way you can’t imagine
Life if calling
To one step
Not preparation
Just a leap of faith
So be transformed by the falling
Start as who you think you are
And find joyous, dancing water. – Kelly Moore

Reflection Questions
·         What is your creative calling? How do you respond when you hear it?
·         When you move into creative expression and fear rises up do you stay or run? When resistance kicks in , do you listen to what it has to say to you, making space for its wisdom?

·         In what ways do you allow God to surprise you? 

The Artist's Rule- Christine Valters Paintner

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  1. Jacqui6:39 PM

    Just what I needed to hear today, thank you


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