Monday, December 28, 2015

On line Classes

Yes today is the day...

I started by sending an curiosity email about the blog invite coming along soon today to nice size group of artists. .  My exciting is there and then the perfectionist wants to making sure it's all right so it runs smoothly.   Well right out of the gates I've got my numbers reversed and so emails come back...Oh rats! be real and feel a bit challenged again...Got my expectation a bit too high.... But that part is done.

 Been also behind the computer screen finishing up the forth on-line class in this series...Oh to write and then read what I wrote and then proof read it...I'm sure there will be more errors but with all my challenges I keep plugging forward...I questions what for when all I seem to do is run circles....but the drive to do, be creative, self-expressive with ideas is mightier then the other side of giving up and to quit.  It takes a long time sometimes for things to manifest and I'm sure there might be easier ways for some but I think I had this idea/ dream of teaching on line now for about 5 or 6 years.  So it was tested  last year with good results, I've come to the completion of the last write up for a on line class with using the tack iron...been a long road and cracking  the whip on myself to get it down little by little during this past month. When you a solo employee/employer it gets a bit lonely in the office so one brags on line...LOL, I kid you not I sat for a few hours trying to noodle my way through my Illinois state sales tax forms...grateful to find out I was able to solve the situation with a few breaks lunch included and the determination to not quit.

Well now today I have to go spend some time at UPS and FEDEX to see how to get my two piece to Berlin Germany with all the instructions one has to follow and jump a few hoops too.

Grateful of the new learning opportunities going on at every turn.


  1. Hi Laura, how do I find information about your on line classes please?
    Thank you Jacqueline

  2. Right there...


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