Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Water, Sand, Rocks, Human's, Books, Coloring it's how I roll.

 Early morning on North Port, the Clouds were so beautiful.
 Listening to the water and the waves rolling in and out. As you can see I wasn't able to walk the shoreline the water was to high.

 Feeling very loved  and wanted to express that.

 My rock meditation while I was there with the clouds and water...I was so limited to what was there but I was still able to stack some rocks. I had tiny black stone on the very top but by the time I got read to take the picture the wind blow it off.

 Choices and thoughts come together to send and receive messages.

 The book in the Series of Incite is out and one of my faceless people series made into the book this time.  Can't wait for my copy to come.

Take Heart, 36 x 36 collage on wood panel with shadow box was sold at Jackson Junge Gallery, Milwaukee Ave.  a few years ago.  Happy it's in a good home now. The faceless wooden manikins are image transfers of my own photo's.

it takes me forever to read...mostly I get books on CD's but this one I'm glad I could hold in my hands.  I have one more chapter to read and it is truly amazing.  Along with this book I've been watching in the Studio and listen to the You Tube documents, Human Extended  Vol. 1, 2, and 3. 

I saw the documents on Facebook had to see what it was all about...All I can say is it's touched me in a way that words can't describe...pure heart throbbing emotions and deep connection and I would also say has opened my spiritual side even wider.  

Really been filling up on a variety of things and all Godly good. 

And I get to cross off the last Creative Art Block, finished and will be exhibit at the Collage Composed Exhibit. 

And for the adults that want to become young again....check out this app...Colorfy...there's alot of them coming out so we can get back into coloring. 

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