Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Multi-Tasking skills....is progress happening?

 Preparing for September now?   What's that all about...Weeds...they'll just grow back right, year after year.  So as I repeat and attempt to tame my yard...all the cracks you see have had green growth removed.
 Then along side my son's other vehicle the foot or so of over growth, weeds and creeping charlie and new dirt formed from a few years of leaves has been cut back away and all off dirt sifted out and weeds in the yard waste bags.
 the boarder of brick...you couldn't see and the brown patches...well when you have a house pony...you get brown patches...from him going out side..
 And well I had weeds growing in the dirt area and will probably again shortly but I could see my imperfect square patches... and the brick board...so much over growth.

 Next is the old Road brick and weeding between them and on to the biggest mess.

 This is the spot where I would normally set up my papermaking tent, and you can see I've not set that up and some major weeding is being called for.

 People have comment how clean my studio is...well Honey let me show....not any more. The table top that was clean isn't any more...paper being laid out for the next Spirit Horse series with the cut little horse waiting for the next process.
 Under paper where I muck up on and then later on it becomes collage papers also paper I created for the Spirit Horse series.
 My scrap draw open...that I'm pulling from to work with on Tack Down Tuesday..

 My work table that looks out the window on to the back yard and the patio you see the umbrella.

 To coating the back of these to piece which will need some grommets and then will be done.. and the paper hanging on the back of the drying rack for another project.

 then I moved to coating this paper for my Totem series...love it after seeing Kandinsky the lines and angles....can't get enough of them..

As things were drying I poked the holes for stitching the books together in the evening...I think I have about 6 or some more covers to put together and signature to fold before I start the stitching witching hours at night..

Hard to see the work happening when I move in a multi-task progress and I get lost sometime in the process only to come out on the other side seeing my progress and process. Not sure if it makes sense but it is what it is. 


  1. Makes sense to me. Sometimes it seems like a bunch of endless tasks...then it's done and you have heaps of lovely work to look at.

  2. Oh Laura - you've got everything going there. All looks very organized to me. Good idea, the scrap "drawer". I have about three plastic shoeboxes going; can't even throw away the teeniest piece!


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