Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Firedance- Second dance

I heard from my art buddy and friend in Georgia last night and it was great to hear her voice, and she remembers going to see this. Not that she would forget this.  We chatted about art and making videos as a learning tool. Which she watched mine and wished I would speed it up and then I sent her my newer ones and that was answered...hard to set behind a computer and watch the process drag out.....I know I can't do it. My attention is short for stuff like that.

Well...off to teach a class this morning in Naperville. Hopefully everyone is well and we will have a full class.  Made a pot of chili over the weekend and plan to bring some today. Cool weather always has me cooking like that...throw in extra veggies and made it with ground chicken...being that the girls and I are the only ones that eat it...I've made it vegetarian before too and used egg plant but like to add some meat to it too..

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