Monday, May 20, 2013

A visit to the International Crane Foundation

 I had to stop at the Inter. Crane Foundation on the way home Saturday from Dillman's. Though I had to back track a bit after visiting with my parents it was worth it.  I so enjoy listening and seeing this beautiful birds.
 Here are the nesting Whooping Cranes.

I didn't walk all the way back like I had wanted to or thought I had wanted too, it was already 2 in the afternoon and I had a 3 or so hour ride home yet so I opted to pass on the walk.  But way back in the distance is the path and area where the most research and fun happens...the Crane area is netted off so they don't take off while they are studied and sorts.  Hard to see from the picture. 

My stay at Dillman's is always an adventure and retreat to get away..though I'm working most of the time I'm really enjoying the whole place.

Home now and yesterday I spent it regaining a sense of balance in the mundane tasks of tending to the homestead and putting away supplies. I was also able to order new for the next workshop coming up.. It was me and my dogs and the extra critters in the house everyone else was nice calm day. 

Now to get back in to the studio and finish up some pieces and also I need to head to the printer for some more prints...replenish some supplies there too.

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