Monday, March 11, 2013

Writing this morning

Early in the morning is when I can gather my thoughts and really focus.  I've got the opportunity to continue teaching at Naperville come fall and I'm working on the description of the class and it can consume much so that the husband walks by from his garage/man space to get some more coffee and he's asking me what's wrong?   I'm focusing honey, takes every brain cell to do this.

So the title of the class will be called "The Art of Layering in Collage"  stay tuned...

I know hard to believe we've not really gotten into spring and here I'm talking about fall...kind of pushing it right? Well need to get this ready for promotional and to make sure space is available in Naperville art league to teach it.. got to share the space so need to turn in all requests for classes.

Heading in to the J2 Gallery today to drop off two more prints of one of my pieces that sold last funny how that works I've got 3 other pieces there and prints and the one that's selling in the prints is the piece that's not there...Happy but one never can tell how the market will bare it all. Not chasing it but just replenishing the stock that's all.

Then do a bit of shopping and cleaning and packing of supplies for class tomorrow....And my daughter said mom don't you stop?  No never... always creatively  thinking..sometimes circling but always coming out on right side...

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