Monday, March 25, 2013

It's what does that mean?

Sitting at the kitchen table with the laptop, husband left for work and I'm thinking about my plan of attack today,  attacking the list that is.  After all my emotional, creative excitement in the studio on Saturday I couldn't believe how wiped out I was...Questioned that, I was still able to fit a little walk in the woods though but I came back from that just out of my I sat and read one of my books that I've been trying to get through for some time.  Yes its still the 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Woman.  I kind of skimmed over some things...not that it's not good but its repeat stuff I've read before....I realizes that I've been doing it for a long time.  And why do I keep reading all these self help books? Good questions to ask myself. No defined answer is coming yet.

Every year I can't help but set things in motion for the next year...with creating classes and workshops it just happens that way and you set things up with art leagues and art center months in advance for many reason..publicity, scheduling..and so people need time to check their schedules etc. So when the year starts (just 21/2 months ago) I've got a half way good idea of whats going to happen.. Also the art fair status tries to get a jump on things and get you to submit early too. As any good business does thinking of the future and what direction to head in.

But each year a bit of tweaking needs to be done, with evaluation of what's working and what needs to be changed with a twist of what new and coming in..Like fashion you got to stay on it and be in it to some degree.

So back to trying to finish up this book..I really hate when I start something and don't finish it...What I've realized for myself is this...I have to check in with my higher source and see if this direction is where and what I need to be going in... and the more I do that as of following my gut-Intuition the better things work out. Also staying open for the flexibility to change. 

No set guidelines is going to work for all people..we/I really have to check in and see what we are  doing and where we are going...and trusting in the unknown of it all. 

I have a few other pieces of work I want to finish from a few series I've been working in the past year and then it might be looking into the assemblage side of things  just a bit more...Hard to take photo's and to transport from one art fair to another...a bit more packing is needed. And from my experience with the time that goes into them they were always looked at and thought of as cool but never were a big sellers...there you out creating work to sell Oh no...what's this world coming to when an artist conforms to the might $...but in reality it's nice that some do sell now and then isn't it?

I have to admit I have a piece of assemblage that is making a small bit of funds and it still hanging in my home...This piece was just asked to be part of another run for the National Geographic Learning/ education sector of Nat. Geo. Pretty cool,  I received the email that's on the list to read and look over and send the paper work back in...Oh paper love it dearly.

I need to go to the local Michael's and purchase so more of the gear stuff for just in case another steampunk piece comes out of the studio..need to replenish my supplies.

and the sweet Husband of mine went with the Neighbor Kevin yesterday to Science and Surplus and gathered up some more of the little glass jars...He bought himself a part of googles for the really close up work...kind of looks a bit steam punk himself...or more of a mad scienctist sort of fella...He's such a sweetie.

Well rambling about really nothing but it's Monday and what does that mean...time to get back to work and creating in the studio...Day off was Yesterday but not today...


  1. Well done, Laura. National Geographic! How exciting, that ought to give you some good exposure.

  2. Yes Jan...this is for the education part of Nat.Geo. Excited and grateful.


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