Saturday, March 31, 2012

work on line and one sold..

I just received the email from Dale Copeland in New Zealand...the 14th International Collage Exhibit and Exchange is on line and works are being sold.. 14th ICE  I was able to put in 13 piece this year at the last minute...I don't know what happened in the begin of this years it just flew by...but glad I was still able to be part of it..

take a peek...and see if you recognize a few collage artists out there.

Today is my oldest daugthers birthday...27 years old...Stevie Kay Svencner...she finally is working in the field she went to school for.. Whole Foods and in the Sign making department..using those Graphic Arts skills.. and she does cash up which is a form of the main head of the cash for the registers and tending to the she's really feeling good about her day.. small party tonight !!!

Ok must get going on the day...few things and then maybe I'll fit in a walk in the woods.


  1. Congratulations Laura... someone beat me to it. It's a great exhibition. Happy birthday Stevie!


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