Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hours walking

I left the house early yesterday, I had woken up early with some wild thoughts and a list growing before I let me feet touch the ground...not a good sign but I acted on few things to restore my personal balance and that was to spend some time tending to the four legged loves...we when to the park early, only a few others were out there...I kind of like that better. Hank was able to stretch out his long legs and romp with a (sp) Roadegin Ridge back adolescent, they were both having a good time, Carl he's just happen using his beagle side of things and smelling around but always following me. 

I then dropped them off at the house and headed to the woods myself...Oh I was missing my Medicine that comes while and after a good walk in the woods. I was thinking the whole time of how living two lives it seem as of face of business and the face of a inner self and the woods always let me be that inner self...I think that's way I need it so bad.  So as I walked around the path letting the wild winds blow all around me and through I breathed deeply and exhaled...I was know how that feels some like the sunny beaches or the warmth of the topical air but me it's the elements that get me when I'm walking in the woods...As I walked I was thinking of a few things, 1. when is it and how is that I feel this centering...and I was aware about a mile into the walk...arms swinging and a pattern was forming into my own personal rhythm.. Right then I dawned on me...having to be out there present in my job or share I share myself and to the filling of my own well comes when I can get back into my own personal rhythm...Light bulb...or a Aha moment and the more I out on one side the balance has to be made to regain my personal ryhthm...not sure it makes sense but to me it was the understand and the deep knowing that realizing that which brought me more joy...the oak leaves on the trees left on from last years are rustling and creating this wonderful sound...I heard the leaves on some of the Oaks will stay on to protect the buds of the new season now. And also provide some dry leaves for the squirrels.

As I finished my third time around which would complete 6 miles I decided to go off trail and explore..give myself an artist date.   A week ago I saw a woman walking and cutting off trail, once by the creek and onces cutting up the hill...While I was explore areas off trail I saw a lean to, shelter and it was really put together well, something a child wouldn't do...this was some thing that would last. there was a out line of other big branches around the area to create a space or boundary..and in the center was fresh pine branches to lay on...My first thoughts were to the woman I saw walking off trail last week. The word hit me hard and I think you know what it is...."homeless"  if so I send good thoughts for her that she can find her way...but this isn't for sure because I've not seen her there just my imagination toying with me but with the way things are in some areas it could be true.

Much gratitude for what I have flooded me...and my family.  

 After my walk I had to go to the pet store for new filter stuff for when I get to cleaning my 55 gallon fish tank...I say this in...the Oh darn is it that time again but it sometime this week I'll get my butt in gear and do it...again my homestead plants will love me.. 

 Yesterday I received a shipment of new frame corners made out of bamboo, how exciting to see them. Not sure how they will look with my collage art but I have them to work from. The colors are very "green" as of when you look at them you do get that feeling of being environmental more greener. Especially that bamboo grows so fast. Quick supply is always ready.

 I've been so busy and grateful for that and got myself up in the studio as was planned and cleaned up and coated my demo papers I made, seems I have a good pile of them and I also had some fun altering them a bit more, as I had the time. When presenting a demo my time is very limited.. did realize the gift to gab comes in and I lose track of time and then I limit myself. So not in the studio yesterday...I even watch a DVD on how to do Clay printing and Midnight in Paris...that was a treat. Well getting back to the photo above, there are small 6 x 6 watercolor squares that I prepare some months ago and couldn't get back to them till now. I had planned on finishing them for the 14th collage exchange but they have to be in New Zealand by March I think I'll be missing that and I hate to have Dale Copeland wait for me another I'll finish them up and see what happens...I have used the scraps from my box and most recently the big zip lock bag....The main papers are laid down for now on 6 of them.  And I also got 10, 12 x 12 ready to work out a nice little bunch of work for the The Flying Pig...deadline on those the end of the month...sure comes fast when your having fun..
 Scrap bag and box can't waist a thing can I?  there's got to be away to use them.

Well while I was at the pet store I also needed some dog food and I purchased Hank a new toy...Carls not into toys...his job is to keep watch and bark at everything and keep a certain air about him when he does that too. Which that energy then Hank feeds off of and we take on a over protectiveness that we have to work on with Carl first and Hank follow's...So as you can see with Hank he's happy...he love the rope and ball thing, not a retereiver as a lab is but he still like the toys...when he was little Carl wouldn't let him return he balls to me when we where out side playing...funny thing Carl would run in and make Hank drop it before he could return it...Now I could see if Carl pick it up and brought the ball to me how that could be cool but not Carl just wanted to take charge and make Hank drop it.  I still work with Hank on this but he's use to Carl coming in an taking it away...I have to give Carl a job of sitting still next to me and I do praise him for that...he eats it up..small slow training goes on but we are making progress...Lots of areas in my life that are like that. Hmmm small steps forward and progress is made..well off to working in the studio...getting back in the personal routine again...I'm not sure what will happen today but feeling good to be grounded. 

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