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Moving on to week 9 in walking in this world

Well I've been receiving some wild messages lately and all I can say is I'm to hang on a bit longer and gather more information and not act hastily on it till I have all that I need to affirm the next forward motion...Over loaded with projects, classes and workshops...I've said yes to..and feel that after I make it through the end of May...calm will come..Excited yes..challenged I like it...yes when I'm in time to continue personal studio on the introspective path I'm taking and keep gathering..(I'm good at gathering...just ask anyone in my house.)

I love the introduction to the week's chapter

Discovering a sense of resiliency
This week dismantles the myth of artist as superhero, No artist is immune to negative emotions. The key to surviving such emotions is accepting them as necessary, a known and expectable part of the creative trail.  The readings and tasks of this week invite a sense of compassion of the difficulties of our elected creative journey. As the week focuses on the inner trials faced by artists, it assures us that while the dark night of the soul comes to all of us, by accepting this we are able to move through it.

for me it's the trust walk,


Julia shares...In my experience, no artist is ever immune to or beyond apprehension in many forms. Successful artist have learned to identify and deal successfully with these close-siblings emotions.

Panic is an escalating sense of terror that can feel as if we are being flooded and immobilized by the glare of change. Panic is what you feel on the way to the alter or to the theater on opening night, or to the airport for a book tour. It is rooted in "I know where I want to go, but how am I going to get there? 

Oh I have this vision all the time and for good reason too as it keeps me grounded as of where I want to go or at less keep me in line with reality and balanced...

Worry has an anxious and unfocused quality. It skitters subject to subject, fixation firs on one thing, then on another. Worry can be a kind of emotional anteater poking into all corners for trouble...

Fear is not obsessive like worry and not escalating like panic. Fear is more reality based. it ask us to check some thing out....for me the acronym for Fear is .. Facing every action realistically.

Worry  is the imagination's negative stepsister. Instead of making things, we make trouble. Culturally, we are trained to worry. 

One reason Morning pages work so well for artists is that they give a way to siphon off worry at the very beginning of our creative day. Similarly, the spot-check inventory of blasting through our blocks by the naming, claiming, and dumping of any worries, angers, and fears related to a project can also get an artist out the staring gate effectively.

Julia shares...That when we are sudden suspicion of some worrisome symptons indicate we are on a brink of a large Creative Break through, not a breakdown, although the resemblance between the two can feel striking.   so that's what' I'm up against...a break exciting..when I read this, this morning I feel great hope...and what is hope.. a way of thinking or cognitive process. a thought process made up of goals, pathways and agency.. Hope happens when set realistic goals, figure how to achieve them  and stay flexible develop alternative routes and believe in your self...the I can do it attitude...Rosie the Riveter

The combination of setting goals, having the tenacity and the perseverance to peruse them and believing in your own abilities... As Martin Luther King jr. said hope is the power to effect change.

Julia continues...When we focus on imagination to inhabit the positive, the small creative energy that was worry can become something else. Taking anxiety and turning it for the good is not easy but when you can...You can do some great things and break through.. When worry strikes, remind yourself your gift for worry and negativity is merely a sure sign for you considerable creative powers. it's is the proof of the creative potential you have for making you life better, not worse. 

We learn to throw the switch that channels our energy out of worry and into invention.

quote: Ideas have come from the strangest places...Joyce Carol Oates.

By learning to embrace our worried energy, we are able to translate it from fear into fuel. "just do it, just do it"  and accomplished actress chants to herself when the worried willies strike.. This is a learned process. 

Julia shares...In her experience, artists never completely outgrow worry. We simply become more adroit at recognizing it as misplaced creative energy...Oh is that all misplace...jeez...I understand the feeling more so as a disconnectedness that comes over me..but I relate to this. 

They do not make art without fear but despite fear.  They are not to be worry free but they are free both to worry and create...we are not superhero's.. and should expect that from ourselves. 

So a task is take pen in hand and describe your ideal day...Oh I love these kind of tasks.

I'm waking up to the sound of morning birds and the smell of a fresh new day..nights sleep was good. The dogs get let out and I start the morning tradition of coffee, vitamins, candle lite and food in the dog dishes and the journal and pen at the table...words just flow out, venting about something and there is this wonderful feeling of gratitude that comes over me...and yes a I can do attitude follows right a long.  I finish up writing and I get dressed for a walking the woods. At this point in my ideas day I'm living up in the northern states or maybe north western areas and I'm a good size piece of property with woods, nice size lake a good two miles around in walk and a small stream that leads into the lake along side our property. I walk to the woods and do my morning stretch, with a couple of deep breaths and I head a nice pace..something always happens about at the quarter ways of the walk...a rhythm kicks in or be it the endorphins but I keep it up all the way through...sounds of the winged ones and scurrying of the small four legged tree climbers are all around me..I hear a red tail off in the distance.  The walk is a form of mediation for me so when I'm finished I'm in a very grounded stay of mine.  I make it back to the homestead and grab some water and some nuts and fruit to head to the studio...My four legged companions follow at my side.. we make it to the studio and I open up the place...get situated and look over the penciled list on the wall of what and where my goals are which gives me a idea of the direction I'm heading in...regrouping is more like it..

I work in the studio till about 2:00, putting in a good 6 hours...I'm a early raiser so I can get in some good time in the studio.. at this point I notice as I'm writing there isn't one word or thought about phone, or Internet...hmmm..something to really look at.  so I had back to the homestead and have a nice lunch..with the husband as he's come back from his pole barn where he was building another chopper...we enjoy the time together and share ideas and what to do for the weekend..not much drama..keeping it simple...hard things to do.  So he heads back to the pole barn and I decided to then head back to the homestead and pull out something from the freeze for dinner and then head outside to the garden and flower beds...working in time with nature I putter around and dig and turn the earth over...another meditative moment for myself.. I'm pretty content with what is going on.  I work for about a good hour and come in and wash up..grab a book I'm reading and go lay down to always happens I fall I do that and take a nap.. I wake up to the time of 4:30...time to start the dinner.. and I do with great love in my heart and soul...looking out the kitchen window I'm at such peace...Dinner is smell great and we eat together...after dinner I quickly clean up as we have some plans to go visit a few friends and sit around the campfire and just let what every happens happen.

what a wonderful exercise to do for yourself where I was in thought when I sat down this morning to begin my day on the morning page/journal and where my thoughts are now so much has changed and I didn't go any where but I changed the way my thinking was head and brought compassion, love and grace in..

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