Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A freshing up and on to Integrity-Week 11

I wild gloomy day, the husband came home from work and went to the garage to figure out how to get his Chopper legal for the road...being it's has one part from one bike and other parts from another...Oh working with the state and all...the husband wants to get the right vin number for will be consider a speciality bike...
So he's out there doing that and I'm tending to a few computer things and packing up the supplies for a workshop this weekend. Each workshop I do has a little bit of a different spin on it as of space I'm working in set of tables and how long the workshop will of one day, two or longer.

Well with getting ready for the workshop I started looking at the packet I print up for the participants take the class and found out with a new program I have now I can't open I can copy a old one or I see if I can freshen things up...which is what I would like to do.  I'm just grateful I have a few days before Friday to do that.. (please note this was a few weeks ago that I posted this)

And now moving on to the middle section of week 11 and wow it is long. Lots of things to think about and I will try to touch base on a few.. I love that learning about Courage and that it means to take heart and when I can be in that state of being from the heart, life just takes on a different meaning. My connection with life is so much better...So now on to Integrity which means....which comes from the root word "integer", meaning "whole" unfragmented by doubt and discomfort. When we experience a sense of oneness with a God or good orderly direction ourselves and our fellows, we can safely know we are in our integrity.  Julia goes on to shares I think about the parts that might make us feel not so whole in our creative life' of  when we carry creativity within us as surely as we carry out blood, and in expressing it, we express our full humanity, which is far more than material. When we fail to answer this calling when we turn it aside and listened to voices that deflect us we are not in alignment with our own nature, nor with what might be called destiny.

When we are heading in the right direction creatively, we feel a sense of satisfaction in each day's journey. We might not be moving as fast as we wish, but we are moving in the right directions and we do know it.  At end of the days,we can tote up a ta dah' list. 

Conversely, when we are moving in a the right direction, we experience a sense of unease. We have a growing sense of being off the beam. Something isn't sitting right with us  we feel stagnant or else stalemated.. Sometimes when we are moving in a wrong direction and events pick up velocity, we experience an alarming sense of being out of control.  Something is "off" we know it and it is getting more and more "off".  I can't help but go back to the word Integrity right can that helps? The weeks topic is on authenticity... So back tracking from Monday about encouragement and kind of being our own cheerleader in life, keep the integrity of being whole is about knowing thyself.  Julia shares..As artists, we must take this to heart, working to express our inner imperatives and not just filling the form provided by the Marketplace. Settling for convention over authentic self-expression, we are falling, in the biblical phrase, for false gods.. Worship it, we deaden our souls, risking, over time, our attunement to the work that would move through us. Commerce has it's place, but that place is not first. 

As artists, we have a different kind of accountability than many people. What pays us and pays off in the long run is really the caliber of our work.
As artists, we have an inner Geiger counter and it ticks loud and clear when we are near pay dirt-first rate, high-caliber ore that means we are working at the top of our form. Because this device is an inner one, it isn't easily fooled by the prestige of certain venue or the lack of prestige of another. What it detects is quality. It knows the real thing when it is near it.   And what I gather she's talking about is trusting our gut.  Gather up the whole picture on things and see what talking from the inside from the heart of it all.. when one goes an starts trusting the head and all the over thinking and out side influence that are coming at us day in day out...we can get a bit scramble..

Julia goes on and shares her thoughts on the societal aspects of things and how art is accept and not and disrespect here toward that..but it's along section and I'm pulling form the parts that speak to me.  And from gather information and not much but a good fare amount I still feel you have to find our place...and it doesn't always come easy in the art world...You do have to work for it and respect yourself and know yourself too. it's so easy to lose the most important parts in a creative life and that is you...  Julia takes Courage and heart to make art, and it takes courage and heart to support art makers..

In our culture she shares... We must consciously build safe hatcheries for our art. We must find people and establish places that allow us to flourish. We must become creative about being creative. As creatives, we must learn to carefully  and consciously put our money where our mouth is. We must learn to take the authentic risk of bettering ourselves. Dreams become reality when we start to treat them as if they are real.

Creativity isn't something vague that we are going to do. It is something real that we actually do do.
Often, when we are afraid to try to make what we really want to make we will say, "I can't make that" Truth is we could, but we are frightened to try.   Now back to the integrity or whole things, when I'm personal in contact with a higher presence in my life or make the effort to be in touch with a good orderly direction I'm acting from the heart most times...and when I'm not I'm reacting from a place of fear, doing it alone and then a whole basket of other emotional baggage comes along with it..I forget that I have this one step I forget over and over again...I'm not doing this alone..the Great Creator, is a cocreator and partners my dreams.  For some of us we may see a god as a barrier, or with holding parent type who denies our dreams..  Most often, we are who denies them..

Julia is at this point we must muster our integrity and be honest about what it is we really want. We must take the leap-or even the small hop- of faith that moves us slightly toward our true dream. This honest motion on our part is what triggers support for our authenticity-instead of support for a false self we can no longer comfortably inhabit. 

Julia finishes this section up with.. As we commit to our real dreams, we commit to ourselves. (there is a unselfish gift that happens when we do that) As we commit to ourselves, we also commit to trusting the power that created us. We are then aligning ourselves not with false gods but with the true power of the universe, the Great Creator through whose power all dreams are possible.

Julia ask you to take pen in hand and list at lest 25  things you are proud of. she says don't be surprised by a positive leading to more positives..
1. I am proud I taught Domenica how to ride a horse.
2. I am proud I took her to Sunday pony rides when she was a toddler..

well you get the idea..It amazing how you feel after even doing a few of the Tasks she has at the end of the weekly sections.. I know the encouragement section where she ask you to list 50 things your heart loves...and after about 10 I couldn't help but feel centered and a sense of wholeness..goofy I know bit if it takes a few of these little moments to help me know myself and be more authentically who I'm to be I'll do's kind of fun too when mid day I think about and more pop into my head.


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