Friday, October 07, 2011

Surpressing excitement

There's a few things going on, one thing I'm not going to share yet as I'm waiting to hear back about an answer I asked but the other thing is the Husband and I are doing a road trip to Upper Wis. near Duluth MN. We are so excited, we don't get away much because were Working...working, working, working but this is a mini vacation for us both. Seems we can only fit in a weekend, but we are so excited we are getting at each other nervous you know how that goes, then we realize what we are doing and calm down a bit and start the goofiness....funny how married couples can get...well I should say we get...

So with class this morning and then all the wonderful running around to get prepared it have to do...list is growing then I've got to stop off and have the tires checked on the Tranist...the darn light needs to be reset after the tires are rotated...seems they forgot to do that...

One ball of excitement.
Off to get ready for class and the day...


  1. Enjoy your mini vacation and time with your husband. Have a fantastic time exploring and taking a break from the norm!

  2. Enjoy your time away! I love that part of Wisconsin/Minnesota, too. It must be gorgeous there this time of year. (My husband and I get excited about little things like a few hours away, too. :0) )

  3. Love that vacation! Long past due!


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