Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Full of insightful information

As some prepare for the change of season I seem to be doing that to but at a different level. I'm gathering insightful information...The on going path of self discovery and with my art and life it's a wonderful combination and connections.  

Yes from the artist way again still week 5...(slow reader)
my pointers
* With each day we become more true to ourselves, more open to positives.
* Less judgemental of ourselves and others
* A flow of Grace moving in to our right of livelihood, compassion and destiny.
* Dependence on the creator with in is really freedom from all other dependencies.
* Ones life took on a rounder shape.
* By holding lightly to an attitude of gentle expansion, we can begin to lean into creative expansion. Open the door to mystery and magic.
*A new positive attitude beginning of trust.
* Aligning our creativity with it's creator.
* Our dependency on the source itself.
* Creative recovery is learning to accept it's generosity. (all from the Artist Way book by Julia Cameron)

Well what does this all mean?? good question as I read though the words on Week 5, I'm gravitating towards these segments. As an artist being honesty with myself is very important...the old tapes/blurts and censors start play around with the thinking and one is thinking their an impostor...and that's not true at all. We are human beings that have these wonderful minds and hands that give us the ability to do things other creatures on this earth can't so to say your an impostor because you created something that made you feel good while you did it or to say your an impostor for taking an idea of mixing ingredients to create a new meal is hog wash...or Bull crap.. Well I went off and started preaching at the podium there...back to where I wanted to go with this is I'm an artist and I pull from a greater source for my creativity some do, some don''s really doesn't matter what they think it's matters with what I'm doing with it...and the more I connect...there's the word that mean so much to me these days..but the more I connect with my good orderly direction running through me the more I'm able to connect in, on and through my art. 

As the chapter goes on I have to share about the Virtue Trap and that I read it and I actually denied it all that I might be there...but it talked about being to nice to everyone...and not being true to yourself and that you my look like your not a nice person..."stuck in the people pleasing mode/Caution..don't want to be there"...and all your really doing is taking care of yourself and having some quiet time with yourself and our source/god...recharging the very important...My walks in the woods are just that for me.. it bring balance to my life and helps me be that person that is living a well rounded shape of life or being the full time person I'm to be.   So very important...don't want to be the walking's where you get when you are people pleasing all over the place and being nicey loose yourself and that's not my purpose in life...

So I do these checking in with myself...I ask how I'm feeling and some times I get these goofy answers and it has to do with some unlined feelings...address them and find their source...lack of control of an out come I want to work my way..out of fear or you get the idea...the hard part is not to react to this feelings and to then ask myself what I need?  and I have to take a moment to quiet my racing heart and thoughts most of the time and listen...take those moment to connect to the good orderly direction flowing through I have this but I work at it...the self discovery, creativity and spirituality are my driving force to my level of self expression.. I have to do this or I'm the walking dead...


  1. Laura your Artist Way journey sounds wonderful!!

  2. thanks it couldn't have come at a better time this year..

  3. Thank you for sharing your helps others (especially me) grow too.


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