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Monday, August 15, 2011

Just a peaceful Monday

Got the dogs out walking early this morning after I did a bit of inner writing about somethings that have been needing to be looked at...shared it with a friend and I'm looking into some new direction but still doing what I'm doing as a collage artist...So got myself up into the studio and finished the Faceless people piece and I call it Hope,  or Hope Floats...no boat in it...when I post the picture I'll explain more. And I finished Tack down Tuesday and another piece for the library..show in October... I also had some time to print out over 800 labels for my postcards...Then I headed to the woods and only walked one time around which is about 2 miles...the body was speaking to me differently and I have to listen so easy does it today...now going to make some home made tortillas for taco's tonight and some corn on the cob.

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