Sunday, August 28, 2011

As the Crow Flies beginning process

I wander on up to the studio yesterday after food shopping...that always wipes me of over stimulating. And I obsessive can't let the veggies go with out cleaning and cutting them up and having them ready to go... I even like to cook up a some chicken in little pieces to use through out the week.. on salads or with a nice veggie pasta thing...with all the young adults in this house I've the chief food shopper and I try to do this so we can do the home fast food thing..

So back to the time in the studio yesterday...always taking the long way to get there aren't I...My little drama in my I have all the clay board panels coated at lest 2 times and the blue painters tape protecting the 2" sides so not extras get on there...I never know if I'll be painting, staining or just cleaner  the edges..

You can see the shininess of the image transparency I have laying on the 10 x 10 panels...I've image transfer that will go on there but hard to show you when their reverse I placed it down for the photo..  I'm trying to capture a urban grunge effect with this...and with out knowing if it would work I took the risk of trying out something a bit different and it worked...I even have a little sketch of this which  I don't normally process is happening and this gals a happy camper. 

Website report...still down and they are looking into it from a different angle...I hope soon they can fix it...though with society's effects on me I want it fixed now and trying to be patient...kind of spouted off a few choice works to them and told them to quiet Jack in now I'm past the anger and trying to be hopeful..

Ok breakfast is in and ready for a walk/run in the woods and to hear the inspiration for the next phase of this piece and put it to good action after I get back..
keep life as simple as I can..seem to be the mantra these days...

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  1. It is a fascinating process, particularly the image transfer. Thanks for that.


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