Monday, July 11, 2011

Magazine interview today

Here's the husband, Randy on his creative project.  Over a year now he has be working on this chopper. Lets call it his dream bike what his always wanted.  Or some may call a mid life adventure, either way it is, he did it.  This is a repeat picture from April, but I had to post it again as you see the story goes something like this...

He had to go into the city to the Harlem Harley shop I think and get a part while he was there he recognized this one guy and out in the parking lot they met back up and chatted...well this guy is works for the The Horse Magazine back street choppers and he wants to do a interview with My guy here about his bike building...It is so cool to have this happen...well the husband rides home and the business card flies out of his pocket and it's lost... sad...sad...sad..but when he got home he decided to go back...which I'm glad he did because the guy was there still and he gave him his card again so he could call him and set up an appointment to talk...Which is today they are to get together after permitting.   How cool is that.. there are a lot of specially things happening on this bike build that us normal folks won't get...but the people that rehab and build their own bikes would get.. 

How can I say it I'm really proud of him...when you hear the talk for years and then see the bike...what an accomplishment on his part...just had to wait till the kido's got bigger to start working on his toys/hobby/dreambike.  So glad he didn't give it...Now my son is working on his Yamaha Chopper in the Garage.   Creativity flowing on both side on this homestead..


  1. Clever chappie... congrats to him.

  2. Thanks Ladies...I be sure to let him know...

  3. Postsponded till Thursday...electric out in the City by the place they are to meet for the interview and possible a photo shoot..

  4. I knew I had missed something! Gorgeous bike and how fantastic that this is happening to him. I just love you guys for all your creativity.


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