Friday, April 15, 2011

Walking in the Woods

I took the dogs to the dog park which they really do love the running and meeting and greating, stayed about an hour then I brought them home and headed back out to the woods.  Wrestling with some issue of own area's in my life that I just think I need to know and control and the more I walked the more I became accepting of the outcome for some people in my life. A wonderful peacefullness fell upon me....I'm going to leave it at that today and tend to the mundane task of homestead work...I do want to add some good thoughts for those ill, struggling and in ugly thinking that they can find peace and happiness in there lives...The rest doesn't matter.. be still, be present and be at peace all the way around...I don't know what I would do without walking in the woods it never fails me. One foot in front of the other and life proceeds as planned with out my making or help.

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  1. I'm gonna need to take some woods time...


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