Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New book group and class

Well started the book discussion group yesterday morning at Travelers Cafe and had my baked Oatmeal with cranberries in it...great stuff..   There are 5 of us all together and seems to be a great fit..Stevie my oldest has joined in and it brings a freshness.   We did  introduction activity that Robyne one of the ladies know about and it was great...might have to use it when I do a class or workshop..need lots of Sticker though.  then we shared about what we put on the name cards, which ends up being about ourselves and that way we share more then we would...helps open things up and see the commonness we all share...Then we read the first two chapters out loud to each other...so cool to listen to other read..loving that part, and we discussed what we read...this book really makes you think differently and open up a bit to new perspectives...We are all excited about it..I have to miss the next meeting on Feb 7th because I'm teaching a class at Ed Hoy's but that gives me some time to catch up...I do suggest that if you want to read this book "Life is a Verb" it's a great book for a group to do...we've not got into the activities Patti Digh has at the end of the chapters but I'm sure they will be just as good.

Well time to get off the computer and get packing...lunch, art supplies and some art for class today..the third class of the first session...going by fast...

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