Monday, April 26, 2010

The Flying Pig and Peninsula Arts School

Look what's under the tarp? a paper making beater!! don't know what kind it is but it's for cutting and chopping the fibers so you get some great handmade papers.
This long room is divided into two.... they just have it all open now, off season. But soon the classes will start up again Peninsula Arts School

Here is the Gallery when you walk in the front door.. pretty amazing.

From the parking lot.

and a side entrance.
I meet with Karen the Education Directory there and we walked around and got a good look at the place. I will be getting back to her soon. Something else to be working towards I figure.

What can I say...Cool isn't it? The Flying Pig

As I was talking with Susan, on of the owners she said the building is about 7 years old and they wanted it to look like it was something else, you know like they reconstructed it from another old building.. that's the thing around Door County I gather and it's pretty cool.. Re purposing what the they can..
So now to the homestead which I know always needs me to tend to her needs.. But I do plan on getting into my much creative inspiration this weekend that I'm going a bit stir crazy and need to center or lets say touch down to reality.

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  1. Great pictures! What a great place to visit.


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