Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cancelled Class today~

The snow is a steady one and their calling for more to come.. our biggest yet. So with that I called my Tuesday collage class students and cancelled... Everyone was OK with it but to get the make up day I hope in two weeks will be good for them. I will be checking later for a confirmed date with the art league.
Let's see where the heck have I been. Loads of deadlines needed to be met and that also involved some computer time too. So the information for the class is typed up and printed and sitting at the art league for the framers so they know what to do with the artwork as it comes in for the Paper Bundles Collaborative Exhibit coming right around the corner in March. But I needed to get it all ready for the league's newsletter and the press plus the students... sit time on that is done.(check) Had a few bundles left over from the last class and non returning students I said that I would mail that to them but I wanted to give them time to work on a piece if they wanted to and then also needed to send the paperwork out so then knew what is happening about the exhibit we will be in.

After much paperwork/computer work I badly needed a walk ... so much so even my daughter could tell I needed a walk.. that's bad when the family see you needing a walk.. to cool off or even to sort thoughts. So I did I walked good and hard and for some reason I felt some anger coming up and a then a good flood of tears... yes all this while I was walking. Which then left me with a wonderful flow of connection... hard to describe but with what I just did. My walking is such a good part of most of my days that I really wouldn't know what to do if I couldn't.

Well off to start getting some Workshop packets ready... I'm presenting a workshop at Mayslake Peabody Estate on Feb 20th and 27th so it takes some time between all the odd jobs I do to get ready... that's a plan today. Good one for a snow day don't you think?


  1. I love hearing you work things through!

  2. Yes my one little drama fest going on!!

  3. That is a lot of accomplishing! More snow days needed?


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