Sunday, September 23, 2018

Spirit Animal Class Starting Soon

Spirit Animals 
Starts Soon, 

Though out the centuries, animals and human beings have co-existed on the most part. We have witnessed their behavior and them us. Emulating their strengths and weakness we empathize and symbolize. We honor them with masks, paintings, costumes, sculptures and drawings. The connection with creativity  has also coexisting in a similar manor.  Studying behavior, foods eaten, movement, seasonal environments and cycles we gain a new understanding of their presence in whole world. Human Beings have the ability to self-express meaning from what they hear, see and feel in unique and creative way.  Using collage papers either found or bought along with basic design skills, papers will be made to assemble together with a method of tacking down with heat on a desired substrate; watercolor paper, canvas or wood panels. The exchange and intermingling mixed media to build layers of creative history and poetic symbolism will be emphases through the process of making the papers and to the end result. Books about the meaning and symbolism with in each of our cultures can help guide us on the many choices we make.

October 11th - November 15th, Thursdays 9:30-12:00 
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Or Call 630-206-9566

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Filling the Well if images, Artist Date...after a workshop,

 A little tortoise

 Prairie these little critters. 

 Every thing in balance...

 From the look out site...there are elk there on the hill....

 Big Elk, and one behind him.
 Eagle in the aviary.

 Had to fill the kid in me and walk among the goats and chickens.

 Some Turkeys there in the shade by the bird feeders.

 I climbed the tower to see the wet lands area....Swan, Geese, and Sandhill Cranes.

Follow the path up.... 

 Screech owls...a whole group of them.

There were a whole group of the Cranes in the shade of the trees... might be there summer area.  Some looked smaller then others, maybe the young. 

The bison were resting in the shade too....a few little tuffs of movement between them but nothing major as it is mating season... The big bulls were up on the hill behind the group of cows here and the young ones.  The size of there heads is truly amazing....I'm taken by them for sure. 

Sharing a demo piece from Autumn Art Workshop

It's all about balance 
14 x 14 Collage on watercolor paper.

For the first few days we did some collage sketches in the our sketchbooks to get us familiar with placement and arranging.  Plus to listen to our own intuitions about what we like and don't like.  The sketch was some thing go by when creating a piece after we had days of creating papers, exploring the surface of many kinds of found papers.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Day 5....Bitter Sweet, Aurora Nebraska

What can I say....unbelievable collage work was made, along with friendships. A really wonderful experience was had by all. We are blessed and so fortune have this experience. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Day 4 in Nebraska

More collage work is coming...
These ladies are having a grand time and producing mounds of work.