Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Filling my self back up

 I got myself together in the morning and planned on walking in the woods to regroup and center myself, the workshop was wonderful powerful successful, though there is much I give of myself. No complaints, part of what I do but to counter that giving I need to refill my soul with what I truly find spiritual and refreshing.  I brought my little fold up stool and my drum with some sage and a prayerful heart.

I drummed soft, long and deep for sometime flowing up and down with the one could see me I had found a space where I couldn't see the walkers on the path.  Just where I needed to be in my space where I could be one with nature.  The activity in the treetops to the activity in the brush area around me...birds gathering seed. Peaceful.....

On to the next project of cleaning the studio and getting prepared for my Class at Indian Prairie Library on Friday.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

A wonderful full Third Day-Shake Rag Alley

 What a great time everyone had and created so much and they have some great papers to continue this collage process for a while.  I missed many good photo's but happy tired face left the building. 
Thank you to all that came to the workshop...Didn't rain to bad and we witness the sun on the cool days. Till next year...Oct 23rd,  24th and 25th 2020

Day two and our mascots

 No title yet, but this is the demo I created on the first day....I picked a wild child palette to show how you can pull it together. Image transfers, a photo, scribbling, stenciling name it. 

 I had everyone put the big brown bag underneath as a work surface and all the extra paint we used would go there then we put that together and add more stenciling, stamping, splattering and blocking off areas. to have a huge sheet of collage paper to cut as we see needed. Hard not to make it into a piece of art itself. 
 This is an ideal workspace for artists, 

A few photo's of the process of assembling the papers...more was made but we are really playing hard and lost in the process for sure.  Though there were times when we spotted our little four legged friends.

 Baby field mice we thought one...but when you see one there is probably a few more....our first one was seen on the first day but we let it be...but when it came back in the afternoon they were sure gutty's little things and coming right out in daylight.   So I grabbed a little clear box and was able to capture two of them and put them outside. 
 The were about 2" big not including the tale....moved fast but not with any knowledge yet....
 I was trying to get a photo here but as you can see it went in to fast jumping mode....and came at me by my feet and I got all giddy about this and had it jump at my shoe...isn't that wild how a tiny things can go right at you and make you be so scare that it will make you jump...hahaha.

Being the relationship I've had with the meaning of mice/or a mouse I felt it was possible to met and put the little thing outside...with the second on..who knows it could have been the first one that came back in to the building.  I know there were a few that just got the creepy-crawlies to see them and I saw them moving way back.  So we will see how many more will be around's a natural thing for the mice to come in and look for a warmer place to winter. 

After our session today we were able to visit Jane Wilcoxson's Gallery.  Such a delight to chat with her and catch up on things.  We are standing by my work on the walls they're behind us.  Silly as it sounds when see the work on the walls, it's like visiting old friends... There is some great works and fun creative stuff too.

On to our last day Shake Rag Alley,

Friday, October 11, 2019

Our First Day together, Shake Rag Alley

 Creating the stained tissue paper, this always a brush of color that we get so excited about.
most of them you can see through so we can layer on top of old book pages, ect.

Beginning of the big brown bags....this is where we go to far so we know how far not to many ways to use the art tools and really get involved in your process...Many layers before we really start to like the paper and see it potential.

We work the brown bag so more and then moved into sanding magazine pages.

Well we went about an hour over...hard to stop when everyone is having fun...Was a great session today Every one.

Road Trip to Mineral Point WI

Received my book on cd to listen to on the ride up.  Heard a lot of reaffirming a life I live...makes me feel ground and good about the direction this gal is headed...Speaking of heading somewhere, this is my third year at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point WI.  All this place where creative people hang out and want to live and learn art are way cool. The Lind Pavilion is so spaceous, I hear the one gal say the would like another one...things/dates are the calendar are filling up so fast.  I'm staying a nice little artistic the way it is set up.  Had a good nights sleep..but did worry about my four legged friends...