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Friday, April 18, 2014

Books...as inspiration and guidance...

"Being alone had always felt like an actual place to me, as if it weren't a state of being but rather a room where I could retreat to be who I really was."  A friend shared this with me...she's reading a book called "Wild"  

I've not read the book...my gosh I wish I did...it's going to be on my list but for right now I have the trailer for the book. One of the things that I connect with in the trailer is the "getting through thing" being in that tough place, not wished by anyone to go through be we all have had them and I'm sure that we can all be grateful for them as the wonderful rich life experience through the muck and out on to the other side up the hill and looking back and say my gosh..don't want to do that again but I'm so grateful I did and pass it now...

One never knows what is a store for us and why...but having an inner knowing that there are choices and we can make them for ourselves we can get to the other side of any thing...

Now where have I been....reading some other interesting book, and working in the studio creating work for the Gallery up north of me and trying very hard to keep life simple...crazy I know after talking to my mentor...she probably thinks Oh honey....be careful....don't get to goofy with it. I'm not something is changing with me inner wise...hard to explain but I think I'm really staying humble and grounded and more in tune spiritually and intuitively.  I had wanted yesterday to go to the Danada Equestrian stables but that didn't happen. I was getting hungry and had my almonds and really didn't want McDonalds at all but out of the blue that was calling to me...so curious where that was coming from I felt it was best to get my butt home and stick with clean eating.  I got home and did just that....house was quiet and all were at work...the four legged critters where into there afternoon nap... and a case of the "what should I be doing now or with myself and I wish a friend would call moment came over me"  case of the lonelys..I call it but then I ask myself what should I do to snap out of it...You will feel much better if you dishes are done and you house bills and art bill recording is done so do that...I listen to myself and get that going...and done. 

Before I knew it I had the description writing for my fall classes. I know sounds very strange to be talking about fall when we are barely out of the scare of winter and it's really spring here. But In 5 months I will be teaching hopefully and I have to think about this and get information into the art center etc. so it's locked in on the calendar...I've made peace with it all I use to hate doing it but for 14 to 15 years now I should be getting to the acceptance point don't you think...or get out of the line of business right? 

Another friend suggested the book, "Gift from the Sea"....Oh that is so good, I've been reading that almost every year now since my little ones were born. My step mother gave it to me and I've shared it in a class formation where we read, discussed and created what we imagined in our minds. Talk about therapy...art therapy that is. 

So with that I'm going to start on this next Thursday...April 24th  so every Thursday I will read a chapter and get wordy with it what I read...and see how it all plays out...anyone have the book get ready and join in....

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Red Roofs are built

 Red Roof in Autumn 6 x 6 with art 5 x 5 collage on Tar paper. 

 Red Roof in the Green Valley, 6 x 6 art 5 x 5 Collage on tar paper. 

 Red Roof Misty Beach, 6 x 6, art 5 x 5 collage on tar paper. 

 Red Roof Music on the Beach, 6 x 6, art 5 x 5 collage on tar paper. 

Red Roof on Sandy Beach, 6 x 6, art 5 x 5 collage on tar paper. 

Oh its been a few days since my last post...Been busy tending to creating work for The Flying Pig and running round picking up dropping off and a trip out to my Frame company to see what they have to offer for a frame for my Danada Herd piece.  I want to frame it and honor the piece.  Hoping to slip in an artist date today and stop in and see the herd and what's been going on....it's so fun to talk to the people working there and hear about the Horse drama...well I get into that. 

Best bust a move got yoga and then some studio time creating some "hopefully little Light houses for the gallery too... not sure how this all will go as of Sales...not going to hang out there in my mind, just purely having fun creating....

Monday, April 14, 2014

Last of the 6 Tar paper art piece and some little red roof's to go please....

 Edge of the Forest, 12 x 12, art 8 x 8 on collage Tar Paper

 Staying Centered, 12 x 12, Artwork 8 x 8 collage on Tar Paper

 Red Roof Misty Beach, 6 x 6 art 5 x 5 collage on Tar paper

Red Roof on Sandy Beach, 6 x 6, artwork 5 x 5 collage on Tar paper. 

All heading to The Flying Pig come the end of the month, Algoma WI... Just two little simple nails or find yourself some fancy ones and there you have it.... Hung! no Glass, no mat, no frame.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tinker toys, Grateful for that time in my life

Yes, you're seeing right a can of tinker toy and the biggest can yet was what I played with in my youth and I'm so glad I had that time...because yesterday I was trying my darnest for at lest 4 hours to figure out the instruction to put my new side walls and half wall up so I can let go the metal panels and have an easier go of it...well that easy turned in some work.  

 Now my wall is only 3 ft where this one is 6 foot.

then the back opening or a full back wall you can fold it back....(tent pictures from website Lightdome )

Finally I put the instruction down and looked what I had an pull my instincts from my youth and went at it...Almost had it and then the husband came out....(thank God)  because my dyslexic brain was about ready to throw in the towel and sell this stuff...but he bitched and sweet talked the whole set  up and then we laughed and had some as I call it intimate moments we got to all together...I had my red sharp out so I could mark the bars and tee's so I would have some kind of guidance later. I'm really glad he was there to help because he got a good look at it so when and if he has to help later at an art show he knows what he's up against...nothing worse then a man pissed off and  sweet talking the parts and everyone turning heads...and rightly so how things are made and to be assembled, I totally understand the frustrations...but it still makes me want to duck and hide... 

We wrapped things up and went to our local Bakers Square and had a early dinner and  a little motorcycle ride. To a quiet evening exhausted...he was dealing with his bad boy computer in the garage that decided to have some updates issues...which lead him to talking with a guy from Ireland for 100 minutes on the phone and got it going and again...so may loop holes Microsoft doesn't want you to know about...silly world. 

Sunday Morning Breakfast with Family, tended to a few chours and now in the studio...need to finish two more of my (Tar Paper collage pieces)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Slipped this in yesterday morning

So still in my night gown, I ran up stairs to the studio and looked at this sketch and though....hmmm I could use this one. Well I started to pick my papers and lay them out and it just wasn't right...I feel rebellious at that point.  Here I picked a lay-out and now I'm going to go against it and do something totally off.. This is when I let the papers lead me...From picking the sketch as starting point the night before and not looking at another ones...why don't know guess I give myself limits on things and push that creativity...

                                                                 "Full Moon Rising"
As I'm creating this piece I really do fall in love with the papers. The happy surface accidents that happen after a glazing really excite the heck out of me.  I remember reading about learning to fall in love with you work...and darn I say I do again and again especially when I go through the process and make the papers and then see how they all interact together afterwards... On to the last two...then I have a few more little ones I would like to try and sneak in too. Love an assignment...I know that's hard for some to do as of commit to a set number of things and do them...this is where my addictive quality play well with me.

So grateful....working in segments of time...I was able to finish the clearing of the dried growth and add some bags of manure to my little garden beds and then have a nice lunch out on the back patio, then I slipped in a walk in the woods with food shopping afterwards...a very productive day.

I've got to drop off work at Elmhurst Artists' Guild Gallery and then put my tent up...I so excited to see how these sides work...I received them last year and never had a chance to put them together.

Friday, April 11, 2014

My Tar babies....that will be heading out soon.

Well I quickly snapped some photo's of them this morning and it's always refreshing to see them after a good night sleep.  I like them mainly because the concept came from my collage sketchbooks.  Things that were quickly cut, torn and glued down with not much thought, depending on an inner guidance so to say...I've got some things to do this morning and planning on leaving some time open for more yard work then possibly heading back up to the studio.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Number three....

I want to call this one "Loving Family" time for a break...being creative is tiring...I was thinking about what to call this series on the tar paper...besides tar paper series...Urban Organic Graphic Collages... as my gallery owner shared that my work has a very organic feel to it...so now not very environmental with the tar paper...something to think about...again this are not going to have frames or glass...just grommets to hang from.

Number two.....

This was a collage sketch I did awhile ago when I was creating a piece called Pale Pony...at the time of the sketch I took some sand paper to the glued down magazine papers...just because I wanted to experiment and see how it looked. 

"Spirit Horse" 
12 x 12 collage on roof felt paper or maybe I'll call it tar paper...because that's what on it and made of... On to number three...got six in totally plus some fun sizes to use up the papers. 

One down....

So I flipped my sketchbook open and to this page I came to.   Oh great simple mainly horizontal landscape with flare of vertical a familiar sound of rustling papers came...than digging, gathering to some tearing and ......


12 x 12 collage on roof felt paper, artwork 8 x 8 I will need to add the grommets yet...but I think I get an assembly line going when I finishes these all up. Sorry for the glare on the piece...mid day photo out side is never the best shot...but I was darn excited to show it off. More to come...

Ramblings....Studio Day....good news.

A combination of things is upon me...Number one is to be in the studio all day today.  I'm going to be dressing up for this and working on my dream day....Where's that Crock pot...time to get the thing fired up so dinner will be made but I think I'll work the Corn beef and hash today...and with some veggies. 
It will be mostly the husband and I so it should work out just find. Seems when St. Patrick's day came by I was one of the late one to purchase my Corn Beef...and there was none left, so that night we had chicken...of sorts. So made up for it a few days ago.  

I have to complete a boat load of work before the end of the month...why because I set it up that way...seem to give myself a job or assignment and see what happens..I plan on pulling out my little collage sketchbook and using it inspiration. 

One never knows what one can do unless you give it a try...so that's the plan for today. All these squares and rectangle piece of roof felt paper will hopeful become art.  

Along with working on these...I have now 11 people signed up and and register for The Art of Layering in Collage 5 day workshop...Awesome I'm so happy for it and to share with everyone.  I've got some work to prepare for that really soon...but today it's studio...redirect. 

And just two days ago I hear that these two piece were accepted in the "Identity Interpreted and Assumed - Self Portrait" at Tall Grass Art Association 

To wild they both have the same image and with crows... I had another one in the submission but these two were picked.  Reality is it's time to start getting the work to work for itself here...so been switching things up now and than as of entering different shows/exhibits and see what happens. 

Well dressed and read to head up stairs...there seems to be a bid of rain coming this way and I spread my grass seed in hopes of the rain coming after racking the back and front yard to stir up the dried grasses and prepare for this.  Well it's Thursday and My day in the Studio and it's New Release Day on WXRT...like to hear what's coming out music wise..