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Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Wonder sometimes...and Wander too.

So in the Artists Way class on Monday...

I bring in small doable projects that we can relate to the book and do. So this is the Task work about creating an environment, a room,season and place etc.  The color red was strong and the image of the Fall as always spoke strongest to me, though I enjoy all the seasons Fall the favorite. Well I'm in belief that nothing happens by Accident...so with these words that seemed to have found there place on my collage I ask what are you trying to tell me or get me see or learn about...And no I'm not in one of my crazy making moods...

Transcendent sounds like something to go with the new series of Movies out...doesn't it. I've feeling going down inward gentle and the feeling of hitting that special place. You know the one of all knowing...yikes I'm starting to scary myself. 

So here's what it mean by the Dictionary...going beyond the limits of ordinary experience, far better or greater than what is usual.  

What does Design got going for it?   of course the Elements of Design...I seem to eat, sleep it as a guide for many things in my life...not that it's something that is set but something that works in many different ways.  Design gives me choice...in life and and in art. 

So the final words are " bringing out the Beauty"   I'm thinking of the wabi sabi ways...the imperfect/perfect 

Well off to tend to Writing, Yoga and I would like to Dare myself to the Zoo today...and the studio...seems to be hard place to get to...not guilty feelings just excepting I'm working toward its now...lots going and all good and very Grateful. 

I will hang my collage next to a few others like this from my inspiration this year. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Threat of Winter still lingers....


White Flowers Moon,
                                                             24 x 24 collage on canvas

All the animals are awake is what it says....I noticed just yesterday with the Chipmunks out running around gather the sunflower seeds...the Sand Hill Cranes that are in process of Migration along with all the other birds...The wild white flowers are blooming that is the Snow Drops...with the chipmunks I seem to have the little bulbs planted randomly all over the place in my yard...nice little delightful surprise.

On to Monday....

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Great Dane Yoga...

This week I've been trying to stay away from reading...working the Artists Way and we are on week 4...Reading Deprivation week.  I know for sure I'm a bit out of whack with this...and would like to set certain days to do the social media. I found such freedom from shutting my phone off and staying not totally way from the computer but I sure feel I gained some balance.  So easily one can get sucked in...So more walks this week and yoga is back in to the schedule and as you can see our big boy Hank is doing Yoga his way on his couch.

This week also had me outside more then I'd been in a long time...Turing over the flower beds, burning the tall grasses that I left up from this past fall...even got the husband out to help me in one area to get thing to drain right...so we don't have a bit mud pit that Hank runs through...Carl seems to not get to muddy.

               Now to get all the art picked out for the Paramount Grand Gallery this week.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Despite what's going on in Life....Today is Happy Planet Day!

 My mother in law had to have a partial knee surgery we had to be there at 5:00 am so I brought my Morning pages and did them while in the waiting room. I couldn't do my Artist Way stuff for Week 4...we are not to be reading and giving our self a break from that...How reading can be a deterrent.
So I have this image of a table top sculpture with this spikes and circles on it.  Having this shapes attracted is interesting to me.  While I was up in Lac du Flambuea WI last year I created this piece...well it was sold that week to a student and I have just the image of it...but I'm still attracted to it. And because Sand Hill Cranes have been migrating over I played around with a sketch. Lets say it calmed my inside a whole lot.

Inspiration, 8 x 8 collage on watercolor paper. Sold but still an inspiration. 
So much so I had to go for an afternoon walk in the woods..put on 6 miles again...I'm trying to build up the mileage for walking in other forest preserves in Du Page County...one of my things I wanted to do this year is walk the forest preserve areas that have trails..just in DuPage County...besides all the other things going on...I'll just slip that one in..

 So as I've been jetting around I've been having some quickie in the studio...small steps forward on a few projects.  I've finally received the 12 x 16 panels so I could start on the third totem and as you can see I've got an under painting here...then I'll coat with polymer medium a few times to build up the layers before collaging. The Second Totem is on the drying rack as I complete the side before I can put them together in the frame. Which will be black but I want the edge to be painted so no hint of wood shows...

 So doing as Gemini's do best is have fourteen projects going at a time...lets just say My mother taught me to use my time wisely...so when you have a few put them to good use. I've cut the hole for the small/tall shadow box and then I had to build the box out  of balsa wood and let it dry...I do need to straight that hole though...bothering me.

I'm going to stick to the them with the Wooden Manikin I think???? The box is raw now but till become part of the bottom half I think...Like I said with this one it was suppose to be a crane but that didn't work out and moved into a Red Roof piece.

I want to go burn my tall grasses and working with some of the yard stuff I picked up cedar chips and want to lay those down and prepare the area for the tipi...so much to do and so grateful I have so much to do...I could not have a home and full of all these people I live with and my four legged friends then where would I be...not happy that's for sure..  Happiness today...Happy Song 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Steps to take- Growing as an artist

 Making a gestural line as an approach to starting a piece of art or introducing yourself to the white surface is one way to start.
 After I've drawn on the surface I trace the line on an Over head transparency sheet or you can use Dura-Lar this way you have the line and you won't lose it when you cover it with paper...

 Well my work here has the clear plastic over the it but I wasn't to happy with the curvy lines so I used a ruler and draw lines on the watercolor surface and then started putting the collage together with the papers.  Working on this piece mainly as one to explore and take risks...then I see what I like and work that into my work and then see what I don't and why I don't like it and then that still will come back in the work some how later as something I worked through...I know it might not make sense... but this is my way to grow as an artist...to keep teaching myself by doing.

The final piece though not sure what it is I'm happy with the results.  So I call it Testing 1, 2, 3 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Collage Workshop Day 2 Intuitive Process, Kalamazoo Paper Guild

 Big day today as we took all the paper we made the day before and created collages with them, Daisy here is laying out her design.

 Sharon is shadowing around the papers shapes to add more depth.

 Joan my gracious host is applying a layer of the glazing medium to unify the piece together.

 Susan and Linda are working on there pieces...slipped in the Abstract landscape option and they made some great collages.
 Linda's piece in process till we cut the tape off and oh so nice.

 Ginger here applying a white glazing, on her colllage which can be done too instead of a dark glazing.
 Barb is laying out her papers to get a good feel for the color relationship and it they will be compatible.
Here's the gals...missing our "Vana-Vicky" had to leave earlier....what a great group and it was a delight working with them this past weekend. Thank you all. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kalamazoo Paper Guild Day 1 Intuitive process, Collage Workshop

 A fresh room before we get started.  I wanted to capture the space and how cool it is..love old building that have become new space for Creative Souls.  Not at big as the Zhou Bro Art Center but is a place of gathering and Artist in service to help community by creating and selling there art and teaching others.

 A quick looking at the space around us on the first floor...the printers side.

 The paper makers side...I'm seeing some familiar materials here...the felts and the Vats for the pulp to go into...
 A hear the Hollard beaters...some day I would like to own one but till that some day I'll be excited for those that have access to them...how cool. Really chops up the fibers nice and fine...totally in awe of this. Ladies you have a wonderful space for creating handmade papers.

 Here their working with Nevr Dull and the National Geographic Magazines...altering the surface and creating new collage papers.
 View from the back of the printers side to the front where we have a wonderful big space to work in.

 Big Wheels and gears...no a printing press...not sure what kind but this is something that is very old and still does a great job of printing I'm sure...takes a special skilled person to run it too...or many hours of process to get it just right.

 Had so share the wellness side of the weekend, beside the wellness of being a creative person we need good energy coming in also.  Talk about color and good choices...Oh so fine...thank you ladies for presenting for us all.
We are all working on some stained tissue papers here...today we work into the arrangement and assemble of putting a collage together. Can't wait.  Wonderful group of women, full of excitement and energy...I so can feel it.