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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dillman's Experience Collage Workshop 3

 Adela Graced us this week too.... he..he.... She sang all day long one day....She's making a Red Roof too.
 Mary from Montana is building up her Red Roof but she wanted to make it a tent....how cool!

 Nancy from Steven Point working on her's....we use a workstation to create on so when it gets mucked up we can turn the page over and have a new clean surface to create on.

 Susan's Red Roof getting read to tack it down.
 Pam's got her Red Roof done and working on the next assignment.

 Bette is getting the sky and foreground in place for that building and roof.

 Jane has her's read to do a Green Glazing.

And here is  Karen showing us the Jacket with my art work, Thanks Sweetie

Dillman's Experience Collage Workshop 2

 Susan, getting ready to start on a new sheet of found paper which we created a resist by stamping on them.
 Little technique we learn from Jo Toye but we used our utility knife and a feather.

 Karen is so excited to be here...I love all the Awe moments she's Experiencing...so great to witness...from seeing the loons to the eagles flying over.

 A few solid color papers and some gestural marks, stamping and rubbing alcohol drops.

 Using Nevr Dull on the magazine pages...kind of smelly stuff so we are very blessed to have such a beautiful day for it.
 After Morning Collage Meditation...everyone has to get up and look at each others.

My abstract paper built up to the point that I feel  great about it and then I will cut it up and use in the collage the next two day.

 Nancy, building  on her Little Red Roof exercise.

 What a joy to see these smiling face when I look up, Julia in the green and Jan in the Yellow, artist friends from Springfield.
Judy from Washington state has a great little home started with her Red Roof.

Dillman's Experience- Collage Workshop 1

 Blessed with space...but still rubbing elbows...just all part of meeting each other.

 Our back row, Brenda in the corner, Susan, and Nancy with Mary from Montana.

 Creative buddies, Jill and Karen..
 Karen, walking over to lay a piece of stained tissue paper...and Jane getting ready to make a new sheet.
 Nancy from Florida...altering her magazines.

 Julia from Springfield altering her magazines.

 Demo the beginning of the abstract brown bag.

Hard to see but when you put flat object underneath you can get a relief on you abstract paper with gesso.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Road trip Starts Tomorow

This piece was created last year from one large abstract piece of paper then cut up into the collage and other papers were inspired by this big sheet and it call came together...
Van's packed and all ready to go,

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Mystic

So this piece is now matted and framed in a big 20 x 30 black frame...I hadn't matted or framed something this big in a long time.  I wanted to finish this piece before heading up to WI...for the Workshop I'll be teaching there starting Saturday. 

With the packing of the workshop and being that I can drive up there with my supplies I'm going through lots of things in the studio and checking the inventory.  I so want to purge the studio,  I'm looking at things I save for  years and things I though I would be getting into but well I'm not sure what I'll be doing.  So what do you save?  So you save everything...Hoarder tendency I'm sure. 

So this morning I have these thoughts simplify...let go of and get rid of somethings...And when this comes about I want to activate it get it done with and then get started on the next thing...but I will have to be practice which is also good will give me some time on to contemplate the directions I should go in.   Paper and building with layers have been my thing for so long, journal writing and making books too...and sharing about design and composition.  

Do you ever get that feeling that something big is going to happen...no not tornado sort of things but more so like a directional spiritual awakening. 

Well much to do to still get ready for Dillman's next week.  

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Collage Meditation Morning

 Starting with all my materials this morning....

 Papers, Magazines, dark, light, texture, pattern and something I like...the colors and the eggs this morning is something I was attracted to this morning.
 Starting off....then I felt something was missing?

 Then I realized it was the eggs.

Then I needed to put the pen scribbles in there.

Friday, May 13, 2016

moving on....

So I took my morning walk in the woods...a bit damp and very green few others out there but over all a good medicine to be out there.

Then afterwards I went to the little Lithuania restaurant to have breakfast and take notes on week one of the new artist way book.

I'm back with the group on line sharing and need to be accountable for my weeks. So got my walk in  and my Artist Date was breakfast.  Nothing special but good food.  Love the potato cakes that make there.

I'm also at this mid point on my vision board...the way mine worked is I was able to break it down in to 6 sections so June is mid way and this is my third section I keep out and in my face to see each day.  I so needed the Spin Stress into Success.

For three weeks I've been working at the grant submission for 3Arts, May 18th was the deadline.  I'm happy to say with the help of a few people I was able to submit it all yesterday...What a relief.  This opportunity came a time when I was spinning with other work related things and to slip one more into that was a big challenge.  And to get what wells in my heart out on paper in a smooth read is always a challenge.  Again I'm so very grateful to the kind souls that nominated me, bless them.  Now it's time to get back to business...I leave in one week for Dillman's...to teach a workshop for 5 days and a visit in with my parents.

Life is so full, as the grass it in my yard....top job on the list today it cut it and be out side.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Candles and a few other things, with studio time for Mothers Day

 Mother's day,   The husband took his mother out to breakfast, Oh I could have gone but I had stopped and visited a few days ago and bought her some flowers for planting in some of her flower pots with potting soil...it was a nice visit.  So the enjoyed themselves and I stay home and gently moved into the day...some morning journal writing and conversation with the each of the young adults living here. My oldest Stevie brought me a Bison...the now how much I'm found of them and there come back.  So it was so cool to have a stuffed animal at the age I am....I did hug it dearly.

 Then my Second oldest, Maddie got me these sandals...OMG there the best, wore them all day long and felt like I was walking on a cloud.  Their Sanuk sandals or that's the company name.  She has work shoe made with the yoga mats as the base, being on her feet all day there a plus.

My other two, Twins Jake and Bernie, bought me candles,  Every morning I light a candle and sit by it as I have my first cups of coffee and doing my morning pages and have a bit to time with myself meditating so I go through lots of candles.

Called my mom and she's doing as best she can and will be ending a year of driving the school bus with a pizza party for the kids that she does for them every year...She always was the best School bus driver.

Feeling a bit lost but not bad...just the feeling of not doing a million things at one time which I have to learn how to adjust to....now and then I wondered up to the studio in the afternoon and felt like starting a tack down before this afternoon when I normally do them.  My one daughter is getting her wisdom teeth pulled today and I don't know what she will need and wanted to be available for her, so I began early.  and went with a long vertical format...

Not sure what I was going to do...two things came to mind. 1 use that magazine model image transfer and change her look a bit more and use the scrap paper on the top left side with the white dots.  From there I pulled other colors of paper out and one thing lead to the next and a story came to the surface.  I'm not done with it and need to add some detail I woke up with this morning that I want to add.

                  This is the image I used and altered and transfer to the collage above. I look for the outside shape of the pose of the model mainly...how their standing and the attitude the pose provokes.  Bring some sand paper to the surface of the image and off I go...

The sewing machine, came out of the closet and added some of the stitches and a glazing... which sets into the holes and on the threads...love it.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Vote on a Workshop Option for October

Help me Help you 

with a Workshop at Naperville Art League, 
Naperville IL 

Saturday October 15th and Sunday October 16th 2016- Vote on the Side Bar  to you Right 

1. Image Transfer Gala Collage Workshop- This two day workshop would force on image transfers in black ink on you collage papers. We would learn how to alter the image and add color to them...
2. Collage Sketchbook Basic Weekend workshop, here we would go through the basics in design and composition in a workshop setting...introducing  you to collage mediation to a final collage done on watercolor. Fast pace not thinking just doing the exercises to relearn the basics in design. 

3. Workshop dedicated toward build a palette of collage papers, working with Gesso, stains, stamping printing, resists, Nevr dull  to sanding and Citra Solv.   No collaging will be done just making papers for two days start...fun and freedom will be had by all. 
   4. This class will involve you  bring in photographs of the landscape around you and we will creates some papers and then construct a collage in abstract form to wood panel, Fall is a great time for this with all the great warm colors. 

5. Abstract Landscapes- working with a horizontal line-High or Low we will create collage papers and assemble mini collages on watercolor, makes great gifts.  

So I have this opportunity to present a workshop and I want to hear from you what workshop you might be interested in doing with me.  I have a poll on the side bar there so pick as many as you want the one with the most votes I will present at the Naperville Art League Center and Gallery in October on the 15th and 16th this year.  For those interested there are many hotels around to stay if you would be traveling in. 

Receive what you need to read....

Me is of course me-Laura
H- is my Daily OM horoscope for May 5th 2016

ME-Sometimes I think it's so awesome when I read something and it connects with what's going on in my mind and heart.  Aha moments....

H-Unfulfilled expectations may be an issue for you today and cause you to feel discouraged. This frustration could be related to work, relationships, or goals not working out as you planned. A good way to overcome this feeling is to accept things as they are today.

ME-I personal want to be past this point of preparing to submit this grant application.  Now I'm going to sound ungrateful but I'm not...I didn't apply for this personally.  Some one saw in me the possibility for this so they had expectations-opportunity and a gift for me. I was thinking about this yesterday and this morning. 

H-This doesn't mean you can't continue working toward what you want. But if you can do so with detachment and go with the flow, you will minimize stress when obstacles arise. You might also try to look for the opportunity in any challenges that you face today. Obstacles can make you feel like you are being blocked. However, if you can view obstacles as opportunities for growth, you can turn them to your advantage. 

ME-Obstacles can make you feel like you are being blocked....I was just talking to my friend about this last night too...I feel like I can't move forward till this unexpected opportunity is finished.  I've been trying hard to look at it as learning experience and I've seen and I'm facing areas of learning I've not experience since early elementary school. 

H- When we see challenges as opportunities for growth and positive change, rather than as obstacles, we can proceed toward our goals with a relaxed attitude. Challenges become part of the journey instead of the obstacles that stop us. It is a good idea to embrace challenges rather than resist them. 

ME- at the point of finding about this grant opportunity I saw it as a challenge and didn't turn it down. When I spoke to the people at 3Arts they said just being nominated is a huge thing and that I don't have to submit my application, it's good just like that.   But I do What I do best and said, "Yes," to pushing myself forward and of course learn new things and grow. Add my own wisdom to my experiences of my life. Or as some folks say..."put another notch on my belt."

H-When we accept a challenge, we are more able to deal with situations and less likely to become thwarted by them. There is an opportunity that exists for us in any challenge. See challenges as the next step to reaching your goals today, and your discouragement will turn to optimism and excitement.

Believing in something...I have a tendency to believe in a lot of signs and symbols that come my way in life. Again with gratitude for opportunities to push myself and grow into who I already am is something I'm seeing more of these days.  

So with that I went playing my studio with an ideas I've worked with before but this time I took pictures of it so I could bring it in to a lesson plan...Next post....