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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Close up

I remember when he bought his car...none to pretty..and I think he started with a junk yard engine. Little by little he's listened to his father to a point and some time not (part of the growing up thing) and has accomplished this on his own...going to college, working a job and paying for every bit along the way.  And he's leaves this morning....felt this way when his twin sister went to jump out of a plane....what every happens they are doing what they wanted and worked hard at...Blessing to you my son~ 

Ready to go

This morning is a very special morning for my son... I'm so proud of him.  Years in the making and learning, he's build this Fast Red Car and today he's heading up to Byron IL to run it down the track...I think to see how fast it will go.  Hard to get answers...don't want to be  person asking 20 question and add to the anxiety that is here...big day.  I just keep telling him it will be alright end the end no matter what is the end.  And the big man up stairs has a plan...trust it as you have already. 

Also I was practicing with my Blogger App on my phone...being a have a few blogs I'm running behind the scenes...and I've heard there was trouble getting image up on the blogger site I wanted to see if I could load it up and send it to this blog.  And its worked.  

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Raking Leaves have to wait~

So I headed into the city this morning with Tania B. and we went to the Art Nxt Level Workshop, with Sergio Gomez and Beth Inglish  Connect to you Core-Communication with Clarity. 
Really full of some great tips and steps to have clarity to you work and be able to speak it too.  So while at the Zhou B. Art Center and all the artwork hanging on the walls...inspired had me so I got my butt going on the piece for a Exhibit called Wings...Not sure if this piece will be accepted but making it anyways. 
The leaves will wait and pile up even more in the yard so that I can get an idea executed...it was driving me nuts because this is the biggest part to the piece "wings"and I wanted to see how it would work out.  Happy to say I'm using some leather between the Crow Wings and the small piece of the wood will be there to screw to the back of the violin.  And with the husbands help and creative idea I was able to slip in some wire to help form the wings better behind violin back.

The Crow wings were from a Crow that life ended to soon by being hit by a semi trunk...Yes I did clip the wings off the body after a small prayer session.  I've stored them in a box with Cedar wood piece to deter any wing mitts.

Time to keep sanding the basis of the violin so that I can glaze the wood surface. What a beautiful day...all the way around door open in the studio and the sights, sounds and smells of Fall.

Art as a Spiritual Practice | Stephanie Smith | TEDxLehighRiver

Friday, October 21, 2016

A new beginning....

Between pulling out art work for a solo show and a new Art Director coming over to see my work in the studio...I've been toying with a piece for show that will be coming up before I know it...got some work Cut out ahead of me...Another violin and with wings...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sharing my love of Coyotes....

This is a piece I made some time ago...and there is an article from Women that I receive weekly emails from...so fitting.. What Coyotes Teach me  join up and you can receive her emails too.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 3 at Naperville Art League

 Bette working on a small exercise to start us off while the papers were drying..

 On the floor the collage papers dry on the plastic table cloths.

 Busy room shots...
 Chris getting ready to start laying out her papers.

 Judy's collage in process.
Caught Marian's piece propped up  as she was taking a big look at it before committing to the tack iron. 
 Bette's abstract landscape.
 Janet's piece in process.
 Pam shared her sketch with us and how she expanded on this for her abstract collage piece.

 Ashwini working on her idea with the canvas board.

 Kaye bring in some stencil's
 Tom back here jamming away with his head phone's on creating away.

Roberta laying out here piece checking the reference in photo she brought. 

 John bring the papers to his board and working very interestingly.

 Tom's piece.
 Small exercise piece using my collage scraps and trying out the different techniques.

 Bette's finished piece.
 Pam's finished piece.
 Janet's still in process but getting closer.

Carol's piece...I think almost done too. 
 Kaye's piece in process.
 Chris's piece in process can't way to see how this all works out...Chris is a master with bring it all together in the end.

Ashwini, Changed things around and was more happy with this one...great Job. 

A full three day's of collage sketching, paper making and assembling of the collage papers. Everyone was very successful with the process and completing a few pieces. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Day 2....Busy one..

 Many papers were made....I was cracking the wipe on them...LOL  No really for the time of drying and over thinking...I make sure we move things along pretty quickly.  Keeps are natural instincts at there peak performance.(its called becoming young again-as Picasso states)  Using the Gesso as a resist and the different papers that were brought out to use, it was simply staged on the board for  references....hard to remember it all....I thought I  heard a whisper..."What did she tell us to do?"  Though there is a handout that is giving..hard to open the folder with our paint stained figures so I shared, take a picture on you phone of it and you have it that way to print out at home to remember.  This day and age...amazing in ways.

 Quick one of these two Ashwini and Roberta in back...intensely work on the surface of the Brown Lunch Bag.
 Judy...scanning the color palette make a choice about what color will be next....

 Oh Bette...she was lost in Bliss with all the choices....and she was making them one after another. Look at the awesome papers.
 Next to Bette is Pam and she was whipping out the papers and filling the floor behind her.

 Little ditty here,  A 4 x 4 collage demo. layering papers, glazing and shadowing then move into the sgrafitto, stenciling, stamping and gestural marks with a drawing medium.   Starting off with a Horizontal line as the intro composition, which then still stays there but it changes as we ad more placement of papers and we react to them.

So Darn excited yesterday morning I had to share a selfie....Dare I say I'm in Bliss to when I'm sharing all this in a awesome setting of willing creative people.  Can't wait till we get going and assembly all the papers today with the tack iron.

Friday, October 14, 2016

We begin Day 1

 We have been working all morning on different approaches with the elements and principles of design and pulling from our thoughts that we felt when we think about our landscapes reference images in our sketchbooks. Working in about 15 to 20 minute increments.

We then jumped in to exercise of technique with a small 6 x 6 watercolor substrate.  Made some solid color drawing papers begin the collage palettes... Tomorrow will be the busiest day..full day of collage paper making.

Day one of Abstract Narrative Landscapes....