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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Good News...News and more shared News

Yesterday I received to packages...along with a book I ordered and one package with a article, from an friend, old student and wonderful artist...Eve Ozer  The article has to do with walking in the woods and what that can do for you...I always consider it medicine when I go there to walk...the head stop the chatter to hear nature and the feet move forward and I find my personal rhythm again...not the crazy business of life flying by and all around...no the rhythm of life the woods and mine that reconnect and I always feel better.  Such a great article about this..here The Woodland Cure 

Then I couldn't wait for the mail on this one...So I headed to the local Barnes and Noble to purchase a copy of the magazine Cloth Paper Scissor...Jan/Feb issue.

The Mystic next to Christine Lyall's work is the one that is in the Layer's Exhibit, This  Friday Jan 20th 7-10pm at 33 Contemporary Gallery, located on the 4th floor of the Zhou Bro. Art Center will be on exhibit.  

I just also heard that I was accepted at the Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor, Door County WI...I do love to go up there.  So as I'm peddling faster and faster...a cold has come on....darn I slow down...Yikes.  

The news of being accepted in the Third Annual Crow Show in San Deigo CA...

Natural Flow was accepted....so quickly this gal has got to get on her...stuff together and get this shipped out and stay healthy..

Workshops scheduled, Demo's Set, Classes are going well...Help I need a Wife I told the husband...LOL he laughed but then says keep at lady so I can retire early...Joking but just really enjoying the whole process of being able to work with my hands, expressing and creating and being a homebody...in my little Homestead...Can't ask for more..all is good and grateful. 

Bone broth is done, yes it early in the morning but it tastes so good..and it's so good for you too, old school cooking.  

 Winged Messenger will be on exhibit...At the Tall Grass Art Association in Park Forest this Saturday Come to see all the wonderful pieces, 

Opening Reception Jan 21 1-3pm Tall Grass Arts 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Wolf Moon collage

 Wolf Moon

Inspired from the book, Thirteen Moons on Turtle’s back
A Native American Year of Moons,
by Joseph Bruchac and Jonathan London

Sharing poem with permission from Author Joseph Bruchac 5/2010

Moon When Wolves Run Together

Wings-Tall Grass Art Gallery-Park Forest

Hoping not...but seems to be a cold coming on...though I will be heading out today to drop off this assemblage piece of art. It was accepted in the Wings Exhibit at the Tall Grass Art Gallery in Park Forest...bit of a ride but should be a heck of lot easier then yesterday with the sleet and ice...Right? 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Art Journaling and Book Discussion as Inspiration

Today with the funky weather....hope that we can all meet for the first class in Tree Spirited Woman Book Discussion and Art journaling. I think I packed my studio again...Yikes but it's the first day so I want to show possibility with supplies.

More Later.....

As you can see this is not a journal but a big piece of grocier bag that I brought in for everyone to "loosen up" on... as adults we want to open up but we might be a bit rusty at it and all these tools and art materials...my gosh how do you play with them?  And that is what this first day was about.  Holding the pencil or pastel pencil in the opposite hand and making a mark or holding a drawing took in a certain way that is different from if you were going to write you name...explore, experiment drag that tool across the surface to see what you can do and what you like to do with it.  For me Art Journaling is a practice of letting go...Big Letting go and you can always cover up something if you don't like it and begin again..

Heads down body ups and moving Great to see, though we all won't be able to keep that pose up all day...or backs will be talking to us...but this is good to see kids like to stand up and get involved....later on we can sit for when the details need to be made.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Accountability Jan 9th – 13th

After a successful Workshop-Creative Vision Boards I will be preparing for Thursday’s First class in Art journaling.

  • ·         Launch tack down Tuesday
  • ·         Share  publicity on my self-published book social media
  • ·         Work on larger piece in a series I’m working
  • ·         Finish writing up lesson plans and packet.
  • ·         Pack for class on Thursday
  • ·         This weekend pull out new Tipi cover and liner - measure areas and start to prepare to paint it.
  • ·         Invite students to on line blog class.
  •         And keep up on exercise and whole food.  

Sunday, January 08, 2017

In Honor of you Little Fella...

Carl  we think a beagle mix with a herding dog...of sorts...he didn't play but was the keeper of the yard birds, squirrels and the rabbits.   Carl was able to carry around duck eggs with out cracking them. when we had a nest in the back yard by the old Cottonwood stump.  He would smell and spot the coyotes across the street where the Cattail basin is there. Carl would be my studio buddy, laying up on the carpet floor while I was working.  Carl was a good teacher for Hank...he would correct Hank when he was a puppy.   And Carl loved to come into the tipi in the afternoon while I did my afternoon reading some times.

While the Woman were making their Creative Vision Boards yesterday I let them know that I would be doing this for Carl...such a understand group...Stories are shared and healing follows.

A Wonderful Full Day Creating our Vision Boards-Mayslake Peabody Estate,

 So a few things to start us off....I had everyone bring in a photo of themselves to place in the center area of the board...either vertically or horizontally...

 Pulling out images...cutting and trimming...there's were it starts to expand.

 Here is my studio where I actually added a small table to spread out more magazine images to see what gathered.

 And here are the woman that gathered around the table...Tania and Jeanne...

 Cosette making a choice...so many of them to make as we all have pulled so many wonderful images to help us on our creative journey of life this coming year.

 The ability to spread out is what is offered and Dear Teri jumped for the idea...

 Eileen's first time here at Mayslake I can see already she was enjoying herself.

 Here's Tania midway...into her vision board.

 Jeanne's wonderful image of the bridge and the symbolism she is so excited about exploring it this new year..

 Nancy making choices with the next layer of images.

 Patty cutting and trimming her magazine images getting them ready for gluing down.

 Alison, cutting out the image of herself.

 Oh Bonnie with her lovely White hair....if you look close you can see her image in the middle...hair in the wind~
 Karen, Looking for that right image to go with the words that have great meaning for her...

The Creative Vision Board











These Vision boards are only a piece of watercolor paper, 140 lb. 18 x 24 images and words glued to the surface. The power of images have always been a wonderful visualization and motivator for years.  The hardest part about this is that we will now have to take some risk, try new things out and explore these area's in front of us if we want to be part of what each has created.

Things have a way of playing out and not in any set way....We become open and aware to possibility and new direction in our lives.

We had a moment before we started the physical act of selecting, cutting, and gluing that we gathered,centered, shared and opened up to a safe environment to be ourselves as woman and the journeys we've have had and are excited and maybe a bit scared to venture into as the new year begins.   I heard word that Next Year 2018 we should all gather again and see what evolves from the Creative Vision Board 2017...

with Gratitude to these womankind for a wonderful and successful time together.