Sunday, October 22, 2017

Post Class picture from Collage and Spirit Animal's Class

Showing my work and discussing the attractions to animals we start with a paper grocery bag and being layering the art materials.  First it's Gesso-Artist primer of substrates....and then we begin cutting out our stencils from silhouette images.  Looking forward to this weeks papers we will make. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sharing some past moments....and staying open...

So I have to write/type a few things out.....therapy

In the early morning hours on this past Friday morning while I was in Mineral Point WI...I was woken up from a dream.  I was gasping a bit and in awe of remembering a dream.  I don't remember dreams, my son always tells me that we do all dream it's just if we are kind of awake during this certain sleep time. 

So I was in this field of tall grasses....and I could see the coyote to one side and the fox to the other then they ran toward each other...sparring back and forth, I thought its odd that I would be seeing this.  They are both predator and usually the coyotes will come in and take over an area.  I continued to walk out into the tall grass...the next thing I was laying in the grass looking up and seeing that tall grass hanging over me looking up to the sky.  Then the fox on my left and the coyote on my right...right over my chest and started to mouth each other and growling...I reached out and touched each of them placing my hand on their shoulders....feeling their warmth and they calmed down I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was in awe of seeing a circle of elders, Yes Native American Elders in blankets....I was in shock to see this and closed my eyes and when I opened them I was in the Guest House room in Mineral Point. 

I pulled my Journal out and wrote about this...I've always looked to nature for signs of guidance...So much symbolism it's really kind of cool.

I continued to get dressed and did a bit of was early to go over to the Pavilion for the workshop, so I walked the Japanese Garden and even did the labyrinth sat and mediated in the center of the circle. I was in awe of the whole experience....

As I went in to gather my stuff for the first day of the workshop....I came back out to a tree full of crows, there must have been an easy 20 from what I could quickly count. 

So now back home....the husband/Randy comes home from work to share a story....the bosses daughter just bought a house in our neighborhood and is renting it out for a while and will build bigger in a while.  His daughter then went to a Medium and the Medium only knows the first names of the people there in the session.  The Medium asked her if she bought a house and she responded with a yes...and she said no not you do you but I'm getting a brother just bought a house.  She said yes my brother did...and the Medium said that there are a lot of people/spirits there in the house that need help...She said she does house cleansing but this will need something more then her. She also shared that the spirits in the house are happy with what your brother is doing...and Oh by the way your house is on a Indian Burial  ground in fact the whole neighborhood is....the whole time my husband was sharing this story I was covered with the body tinglings....and felt a rush of belief come over me.   There has always been a sense about our place/neighborhood.   The Medium also told here that the Native American don't come inside but they will miss with your lights they said...

This house...was part of a wild event...the family was killed by the father and then he committed suicide. So they are now looking for someone to cleanse the home...there hasn't been any funny spirit stuff going on. 

So some would question....I'm staying open....

Life is a good busy now....and I'm grateful and thankful  and can't wait to start the Collage and Spirit Animal Class tomorrow...

Monday, October 16, 2017

At the Guest House....what a blessing

For privacy...I will not share the place that I stayed at but I will share the Japanese Garden, Friday Morning before the workshop started I was gifted with a walk in the garden and meditative time in the Labyrinth at the bottom of amazing tucked away behind this very old house in the Mineral point. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Book on Tape....Road Trip

Pictures are from a past workshop there at Shake Rag Alley 

Music is important to have....but lately I've been enjoying a book on tape,  My last one was Braving the Wilderness from Brene Brown...I drive around doing  errands and listen to it weeks in a row.  But this road trip has me traveling to Mineral Point WI, to Shake Rag Alley,    I got it just in time at the Library...the Magnolia Story about Chip and Joanna Gaines. I'm excited to listen to it on the road...Good positive people and story... love it. 

Shake Rag is a great place to stay, eat and learn a new craft or work with some amazing artists.  It will be my first year and I'm tickled that they have asked me to come back next year too....a bit surprised and  blessed too.  Means I got to get on stuff here and up dating my website there are  a few new place I'll be teaching come 2018.  All within driving distance which I'm happen about...I can bring my supplies with me. Flying it's not for me...though I'm not scared to fly,  I just would rather see the land and change of it plus get a real feeling for what's going on instead of flying over. Sure it's a bigger picture from up high..and by the time to get to the airport hours earlier...check in and through...get on then get off some where because it's never a straight flight then get back on and you are spending the same amount of is to each her own...right?  Rambling. I'm a road trip kind of gal. 

Any ways...full workshop, excited as a little kid and feeling very grateful.. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Jumping right in.....

I love my artists way book...there's rich history in there from the many years of doing it...I think the date I have that is the earliest is...1998.  That's 19 years of the Artists Way guidance.  My artists date was to have breakfast at Whole foods and sit and lookout the window and read chapter two and get prepare for the next week.  Jumping head a bit because I have to be out of town...workshop in Mineral Point this weekend...all excited. 

I made up a whole sheet of this for the Class...Giving ourselves permission... to do what we hesitate doing for ourselves...and I won't get into details....this has and is out the in the self help and recovery groups of all sort...even Brene Brown talks about this.  

Blurts to Affirmations...a small bit of book make was done in our first Artist way class.  

So one of the Task was to take yourself to the Dollar store...and I had 5 bucks....and spend only 4, got some change and bought these items.   I have to say when I opened up the play doe and took a smell...I was in play funny as my one daughter has gone back to school and in one of her classes they had to play with play doe for about 10 minutes...and one of the guys said that's why I don't remember my childhood...I was all huffing on the play doe smell.  too funny...  and Yes I was feeling totally Gitty. 

 So as I'm preparing to head up to Mineral teach a workshop I'm trying to prepare a fresh collage to bring up to show...and I need it framed for when I get back...because I've got a full class-Collage and Spirit this will be one of the styles shared in the class. Problem is I forgot I don't have glass big enough...24 x 24, I need to pick up some today...scrambling to get all things ready and packed up in time. Did I mention I'm loving this....the rambling and scrambling of a creative life.

Just resting the black frame on top...I cut the one mat wrong...actually backwards so well that was a good things as I needed to raise up the matted are for the string I stitched in and  added, With height ti will lay gently and not be smashed down...though I think a few might still be a bit...Oh well...going to be what it is.

OK got to bust a move and get this life moving in the right directions....Good Orderly Direction at that.