Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A few steps from the Demo Today

I used a stencil and gloss medium on the watercolor paper before I coated the surface with gloss medium.  This creates a resist with the gloss medium
 Using a bit of acrylic on a baby wipe I rubbed color over the area that I stenciled with the gloss. Of course it was dry before I did this...The acrylic soaked in.

 Then I use a pastel pencil and made gestural marks. Though sometimes the pigment of the pastels will not release on the glossy surface..but it's fun to see what does.

 Next I felt like it needed some stamping of lines and then I coated everything let it dry and started the collage part of this piece.  The little squares were inspired by the stencils and using more of the Blue Violet color I seem to be attracted to lately.

 Deli paper painted and printed, gray and white to the citra solv magazine paper I collage around the Black Ink Tree image.
 Bring in the papers and repeating the colors, shapes and having some fun.

Stand Sturdy in the Wings
8 x 8 
Collage on watercolor paper 

With the blue violet color and the movement that is created by the repetitive areas I placed the color I feel that represent the wind.  Using pastel pencils and wax crayons along with acrylics, glazing and shadowing this piece is complete for the Demo today at Indian Prairie Public Library.  I'll be there next Wednesday at 9:30 till 11:30 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Change of season, word for 2019

Heart 2018 
This time of year is my favorite, smells, colors, food, family and the thoughts of the next year...all comes into play. I've made my pumpkin breads, banana breads,  My oldest daughter got a pot of chili going and we've started the process of raking leaves and bagging the for free pick up.  I was cutting the leaves earlier but with the rain that comes and goes during this time of year too, it's hard to cut them. what keeps is a word for the year...A tradition, a superstition, a routine that I have been doing for some time. And now with a vision board too. (Happy plug, Sunday Jan 6th, Vision Board Workshop 2019, More details when posted on line.) Fun creative ways to move forward and look into a life where one has opportunities and  possibilities.  They say what you think you become.

Heart was my work for this year...and I will be doing a reflection on that as the year comes to an end but the word for next year is like trying on clothes now...

Balance-(had this one a few years back)

How do you know what will be your word for the new year?  how do you pick one?  Why would you pick a word for the year? What are you suppose to do with it?  

All great question to ask yourself,  

Along with, 
Who am I ?
Why am I here?
 Where am I going? 

Now off the computer and on to the day...Finding Water Class and tending to the daily practice of living. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Working on display options

Been working on some display option for a collaborative project...we can hang from chains next to the ceiling but I have display panels and it could happen. 

Or use the panels in half's and turn the upside down and hang them from the chains.. 
I'll be getting together with Cheri this Tuesday to see how this will all work and then possible head over before hand to see for sure at The Treehouse,  

Really Excited about this exhibit...we all get to see the collaboration of the other artists too! 

Friday, October 12, 2018

It's that time of year....

Idea's keep repeating themselves in and on the morning pages... a place that dreams play out till the inner critic steps in....but the ideas...keep coming back. 

What am I reading now....From one that just can't now bit busy...My favorite little spiritual book, As We Understood, The Artist Way Finding Water,  and with my book club it's Women who runs with Wolves...which by the way we have been talking about for some time....First chapter, Singing over the bones.  And the new Brene' Brown, Dare to lead book just came...And a book that is for Art Educator, and a more holistic approach to art...I'm excited...just which I could read them all fast...but that's not the point. Slow and easy with the book in my lap I will savor the words. 

Oh and there is another book that is on my art table upstairs...

this one has some great projects for making of the papers too in the book...Natural ways...
I've been feeling a forward movement to the hand made papers and books.  

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Yesterday Service

Love of Process, 8 x 8 Demo for the Aurora Artists League,  I hear next year they will be celebrating 100 years of being together. 

Gold Leaf 
8 x 8 Demo from the Library .