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Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Cold came on....yikes

Managed in the last few days to keep going despite feel crappy...a scratchy throat and just all over a snug.  I don't get sick much and when I do, I don't like it but I'm using it to easy in to the week and take reflective time on life...all good and will pass soon.  Yesterday before the onsets of the cold hit me Randy and I went to see the movie Captain Fantastic...I will say it was fantastic...great story.  

Captain Fantastic Trailer  

Now to plan out the day's slowly and with lots of liquids...flushing this cold away...I'm just thankful it's not coming on around this Thursday...Though today we are having a celebration for the Twin's birthday...Jake and Bernie so sticking to simple stuff so it's easier later...

Saturday, July 23, 2016

It's when you least expect it~

We left the house around 5:30 and made to Harvard IL around 7:45 pm.  It didn't take that long to get there because we stopped in Marengo at the Fire and Ice Restaurant and had a quick bite to eat.  Little did we know that the Event at the 4th Friday's would have such a wide spread of food, drinks and appetizers. I wasn't feeling the best but still came...now I've got a really bad scratchy throat and feeling a bit sluggish so easy does it today.  We-Randy and I should have taking more picture of the place but it was so full of people.  This is the truth when she, Nancy says there'll be anywhere from 600 to 1000 people coming through the doors.  It was so cool to see this and witness this all the ages of the people and the families.  Something to model after, the music, and other activities with the Artists that have their's Studios open for a peek and a possible sales.  As I say along drive but it was well worth it and the gal that won for the best people's choice really deserved it awesome colored pencil drawing of Morgan Freedman.

Well lying low today..tomorrow is the Twin's birthday...Jake and Bernie and they'll be 25...my babies.

Friday, July 22, 2016

One thing on my mind? no just continuing a personal assignment

As I continue I see the area's I would like to focus on more and the areas that I really understand how it all connects.  When I went for my riding lesson this past Wednesday I was filled with joy that I was able to ride Lee again.  He's a big one and he really looks at me maybe because he has to look down at me but the eye contact is really cool and when I say his name he know's it  and response to his name.  He allowed me to really look at him straight on and touch his head all the way down to the nose so soft and pliable.  Sounds strange I know but being able to understand what you are drawing by touch too is so cool. I think that's why I enjoyed the and building of the clay.   I could draw out things and then sculpt them too. Get the 3 D effect.  Kind of reliving a bit of high school while doing this drawing exercises. Brings back memories of the art rooms and the teachers and the time I could be in them quietly creating...I was blessed some very good people during that time.

Oh Just found out about this channel on our cable...Ovation...Oh My gosh...so cool...Art is Everywhere...

I also rented the movie last night "Hello My Name is Doris...I so enjoyed her quirky ways.  Nice little artist date on the couch with a good few laughs.

Tonight when the Husband gets off of work we will take the ride out to Harvard IL...For the Fourth Friday Event at the Starline Gallery...so cool.  Two piece of my work are in this show...
if they don't sell I'll be wrapping them up and bring the baby's home.  Looking forward to a nice road trip...once we get about a half hour out the of area things settle down and it's county all around. Green Space.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Letting go of the Critic

35 more to go.....15 down and counting..this could become a new habit....but I'm looking at it as a learning steps...because as I get older and a bit wiser I also get softer. Nothing wrong with answering to yourself as to creating an assignment.  It doesn't have to be done perfectly its all about showing up.  As the sketches are become a bit more challenging I'm spending about 15 minutes to 20 on each of them.  No timer but just estimating.  I know myself and about 27 sketches in I'll be wonder why I did this...you know the "I'm am Shit part of the Creative process"...but now that I'm writing about it I've also involved you..the viewer so I have to comment.   I do say though it's pulled me away from purging the studio...was that planned?  No just the way I function,(adhd acting up)...always busy and having work to do and getting it done.  Well talking about work...best get a move on it...My Rock this morning that I picked from my bowl said, "Enjoy the space between"  I am at that.   

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

So been reading this book....

From the first of the year I've been reading this book with my book club and we take a chapter a week and meet once a month.  First off the gals in the book club are so awesome, whole, real and full of great wisdom.  Blessed is not big enough to describe them.  There's a lot of information and in this book to do, though it was set up for a weekly exchange...a 12 week course it's just impossible to do less you had only it to do.  But I read it, underline what speaks to me and then let it simmer inside and then before we are to met I re read it again...drilling in to my head.

So this is what I read this week...

Most spiritual directors are already familiar with journaling as a powerful tool to get in touch with interior movement and as a way to pray with words stirring through us. Art Journaling emerges from a similar impulse, but offers access to our visual language. Essentially it is a way of working with both word and image to bypass the inner critic and create a safe space for expression and connecting with our intuitive voice. Spiritual director Jane Comerford, CSJ, describes this intuitive flow of visual expression as “gush art” because it helps us to break through our resistance and work from our feelings and body sense to respond to God and life more freely.  As we bypass our internal censors, we come to new awareness of ourselves. 

I'm a spiritual person and really pull my inspiration from Nature and the Earth....though call it God, Big Man UpStairs,  The one who knows, Good orderly direction...etc...you get the picture. 

After reading what this sister Jane Comerford has put together for spiritual director and has given it a name,"Gush Art."  I'm tickled Pink to know that is what my Tack Down Tuesdays have given me the new awareness of self and I've really stopped listening to the critic.  

Because I weekly...sometimes struggle but still do them the Tack Down Tuesday's I've met that safe place to express...the inner critic knows all to well where to be...not in my head that's for sure.  I really pull from a place of pure emotion using the papers, colors, shapes, edges torn or straight.  

I honestly wouldn't know what I would be doing without it...I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be an artist and create...I never now were or why sometimes just the need to express and exhale all the stuff I pick up with my senses daily.  

Week 7 notes 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Still Sketching....

Not sure how I'll feel at #25 but I'm at #12 now. The book advances as it goes along..I'm seeing the difference in the body styles of the different horse and the length of the body too...Still hard to keep looking...the brain wants to just go with it's own thinking and that's when it goes off track...Got to keep observing is all.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pick up and drop off Yesterday

4th Friday (see my piece in the image? The Mystic made in) 

Packed a lunch and grabbed extra bubble wrap and kissed the husband, let him know I would be gone all day to have fun and hit the road.  Picked up work at Mayslake and then got the GPS set for Harvard IL.  I'd been by that way once before when heading to Janesville for a workshop.  I got there early so wander/drove around a bit and settled into a bit of sketching time...in the parking lot.

Not the happiest about the sketches but there done and I'm learning ...I so want to not keep looking at what I'm using as a reference the book and do my own thing. Each time I do that though the sketch goes a bit wonky on me.  

So still a bit early but saw people walking in with some pictures so being mine were bigger I decided to going in first and check it out...OMGosh cool place...it was set up for a wedding, how wonderful and come this Friday it will be an Art Reception.  check out their website. 

I was feeling good so I decided to drive put to my cousin house to drop off her work and talk about the road trip we have planned together.  It was so good to sit out and be in her yard with the trees so much bigger and the horse around her house as a stable is next to her.  Came home and went to Bakers Square and had a BLT with the Husband and piece of Pie...and that was a good day.