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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sketching continued~

Taking a moment of time in the morning, mid afternoon or after dinner it's been 6 weeks of sketching and I've formed a happen.  And well I enjoy it and don't want to stop the quickies.   Knowing that I was almost done with sketching all 50 image out of the book I prepared to continue to move forward on this and took pictures last week of the horse hoofs.  As I share with a dear friend and art buddy, taking the picture is one thing but then used my sense of touch an ran my hand down the leg and felt the part just above the nail/hoof of the foot.  It's mushy...who would think that.  But it brought a new perspective to my knowledge of the object I would be sketching.  I've always been the one that had to touch the art...Heck just this weekend I went to the Oak Brook Art Fair and asked permission to touch a piece of sculpture.  it was a rusty piece of big round ringlet...don't know why, No that's not true I do know why...I need to bring in the learning, observing from all senses if I can and touch is awesome with the tips and whole hand.   Triggers things inside me.

So I continue my sketching practice....Like my tack down Tuesday's...I don't know when they will end...they've become part of my art life.... Off to do some yoga...good day for listen from with-in.

Monday, August 22, 2016

On a Roll is what I've been hearing...

And that it has been....with forward motion and hard work. Then a need for walks in the woods to balance and to restore spiritual and visual well.

Locked Treasures was part of series, 
 Soon and I do mean soon as times is flying by these two piece will be exhibit at 4Art Inc.Space in the Zhou Brothers Art Center with Robin Rios in her Gallery space.
Daisy is a skate deck that I just finished yesterday...
So happy it's off the check list on the board in the Studio.  

And this little piece I entered was selected to be part of an exhibit, Politics Now at Union Street Gallery.  Behind the grid is a image of chicken...love the chickens...some day will have some.

Time to get going...I have a workshop to present to day...building that Dream House today...

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Packing up and heading out...Road trip again

The opportunity to submit my work was given to me as part of my Nancy Merkling Award, this time I entered 4 piece which was the limit.  Happy to say that they were all excepted but......that means a Road Trip in to Harvard IL...both ways it's like taking a trip to my parents..a good 3 or so hours depending on weather and traffic.   I was just sharing with another artist a few days ago....If you were giving advice to another artist what would it be?    I would say Learn how to haul you art and be prepared to drive the distance. Thank God I can deduct my miles...

So off to drop off work today at Starline Gallery for the 4th Friday August 26th Event, this place is truly amazing the walls and gears left over from the day....Story of Starline Check it out 

 Communication, R we really listening? 36 x 36 Collage on Canvas
This piece is a larger study of a smaller piece. At the time of making this I was also doing some research on communication and to my surprise listening is a major part. So R we really listening when we communicate? 
 For the Love of Stacking 8 x 8 Collage on watercolor paper
Looking through my pictures I found my photo of the stacking rocks. I went upstairs to work in my studio and just couldn’t move things stacked all over. I needed to clean my studio before the next project. So in honor of my Stacking Addiction I created this piece.

 Flow of Letters 8 x 8 Collage on Water color paper
Always experiment and exploring different ways I can make paper. Deciding to sandwich poster board letters and reinforcement rings, with tissue paper and acrylic stain was one way to do that.  Use the elements as a guide, creating lines on tracing paper by printing and the repetitive shapes.

Poke Salad Annie 36 x 36 Collage on canvas
This piece started from a series where I used my smaller pieces of art as an inspiration to create larger one. As I was creating this piece my husbands was in his garage working and the music was playing Tony Joe White’s Poke Salad Annie, which became the title of this piece.

And Intentional 12 x 12 collage on wood panel, needs to be dropped off at Naperville Art League to day to replace the piece that sold..hope I can get in there in time before it closes...timing for dropping off the other pieces is tough.    

Friday, August 19, 2016

My Selfie Sold....

Lonecrow, selfie has found a new home...
12 x 12 collage on wood panel 
I was Playing around with this piece for one show a while ago...wasn't excepted and then put it in another show and it sold at Naperville Art Center and Gallery.   As I share with others...it happens when you least expected...so don't sit around waiting or expecting...just it keep going.

Art on Fashion at Veni Vidi Val...."Simply Art" Collection-Dolcezza

 Last night at Veni Vidi Val...25 S. LaGrange Road...Clothing is still there and the art work.
 Window Display
 Visiting Artist Wall
 Selection of scarfs too.
 Taking a closer look
 Chatting with some friends.
 A few piece of my work

 The Dolcezza, "Simply Art" Collection.
Most popular Jacket and style last night...

And Many thanks to my Daughters that came and helped out and took photo's last night...Maddie and Bernie.

Reception Tonight....

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What started as a Exercise has become a workshop

This piece has found a home along time ago... But it was my first house I every did in collage.  It was on canvas with a cut out and a piece of glass that framed out the crow...that was some risky stuff in my early days.  I think the size was 18 x 18 it has citra solv papers in it too, that's when citra solve was just coming out. 

Sometimes in my workshop as a warm up exercise we do a red roof house.   I provide the papers, a piece of drawing paper painted red and everyone gets to dig through my scrap box of coated paper and create a Red Roof.  This morning I created this one while stopping and take photos to document the steps so I could put it in a lesson packet for the workshop...

These start out to be 4 x 4 but we seem to grow as it moves along. So I've been preparing for two things the Debut of the Dolcezza "Simply Art" Reception tomorrow night and getting papers ready for workshop that follows on Monday. I have to do more preparing for this workshop because of time and the students. Whom are at different stage of recovery from Cancer.  So I'm trying to make the experience as good as I can so there's more time to play around with building the Red Roof house itself.  But you need different papers and what better way then to jump right into making your own.  

And this is number 46 of 50....slowing down some but time hasn't allow me to sit and do it as I would have liked.  But what I found out I draw better standing up...isn't that odd...I wonder if there's something to that.  I'm looking over it as I draw instead of looking at angle from sitting down.  Maybe?  Progress on all fronts...the ball  that I've been juggling and become less...feels good.