Friday, July 20, 2018

Focus on the Good

Focus on the Good, #7 of my week challenge, Accomplished it. 
What a great affirmation today...feeling a bit much change all around us and uncertainty...
So with that, the garden is lush and tomatoes will be turn red soon and we will be full of them..."BLT's" will be the main menu for the week.  

Heading to Naperville today...beginning of Micro Mini 2-Day Collage Workshop...all excited, 

2 x 2 piece of art...sold a while back...but it's a micro mini~ 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Be Still....

Day 5 of this little personal challenge I'm assigning myself.  Working in gray scale or black and white, color scheme and in a sketchbook.  

After thinking about being still and about 5 pages in my journal of ramble, dumping, whining and then some wonderful gratitude I had a flood of ideas... every once in a while I get into the sugars and it makes me emotional a wreck...lets call it what it is, I fell off the wagon.  And then I have a bout of emo-coaster'ing and then get back in the wagon.  

Flood of ideas....

  1. paint my drums or start to paint them...I've got 4 from last year I had planned on painting. 
  2. use my scroll saw and cut out some smaller books for a class ideas..which that means I have to create a book, photograph the steps and write up a lesson plan...well I don't have to but Love to do it. 
  3. create a new house piece from this image..
  4. Create a new collage totem and photograph the steps for a class next year. 
  5. gather inspiration and stuff, plus photograph some steps for the another online class idea. 
  6. continue to create small journals for the Fall, Holiday sales etc... 
  7. and prepare description for more fall classes as I'll be teaching close to home between workshop that I travel and want to keep them going and make them different from each much to do.  

So as I've get on the pitty pot and then there's a time to flush and get off...enough whining about my lot in life....and get clean about my is much better, though harder when the cravings come...but so much better when I stay in the wagon called Life. 

Rambles I know, self Pep talks, re-adjustments what ever...I'm excited now.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

So Proud of my Oldest....Movie "Wild" and Eco Dying

This is my Daughters Tent...set up for here second night of camp...on the way to Nova Scotia...She's doing well and this reminds of the move Wild..

ECO DYING  is what I'm taking on Tuesday Night for the next few weeks.  

 Sarah is our teacher and she is showing us how to place the plants, and blossom on the huge coffee filter and then you have to fold it up.  Here she's folding in some old rusty parts too.

 It's important to have it tight to the surface of the paper or material so it leaves the print of the plant shape on the surface.
This was my material that I was just making rows of stuff in set patter and rowing it up as I went. 

 My little dying bundles.  Randy my husband had some Rail Road spikes to use this helps as a mortal  for the printing process along with Alum is what was use with some Black Tea too.
The  Rust papers we did last week came out pretty cool and here they are...I am now coating them gloss medium to seal in the prints. But Sarah use Mat medium...but because I use gloss for my papers all the time with the tack iron I figure might as well prepare them.

Now this is the pot of hot water...not boiling but very hot and after the bundles are drop in Sarah puts a plate on top to weight them down so they don't float on want them to soak good for over night. We will see this Next Tuesday Night in Class what they looked like. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

You. Collage Meditation this morning.

This morning at 6:00 am my oldest daughter left for a two week camping road trip, from IL to Nova Scotia.  She's been talking about this for sometime and preparing for it.  I think of these trips like a vision quest, walk a-bout,  soul searching time.  She was laid off from Whole Foods Market...after Amazon took over and decided to omit graphic artists and marketing now she's into her severance and will be looking hard when she gets back.  She had mixed feelings about this but it's a perfect time to go before a new job might come her way. 

So after morning pages...chatting to myself on the page about how cool this is, I want to put more good words out there for her that she is able to experience what she needs right now.  

I'm happy share that My little Store is doing well on On-Line... 
Another one is being sent out today become a vision on someone else walls. 

This little piece was up in Woodwalk Gallery last year and came home early this year and now is having a bit of a road trip itself. 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

The assemblage box...

Not finished but I feel I have a good start on it...I'm to get together with another artist and we are going to do a collaborative projects...we are both new at this process. Not sure how it will work. 
Boxes, bundles, books, and birds of some sort...and now I'm thinking of story telling too. Or a letter to go with it and we can go from there.  Who knows..seeking right now...staying open for intuitive inspiration. 

Please any ideas we  would love to hear them....

Thank Someone....

I wake up at 4:30 everyone morning...just my pattern or routine. Do my morning pages and read bit from different mediation books and other words of wisdom.  And lately I've wanted to see what would happens if I did one every morning for 30 days.  I also have this affirmation rocks that I pick one every morning too, and this morning the rock I picked said, "Thank Someone"  

So with the day ahead...and reflections of yesterday, nice dinner and drive out to Woodstock IL for an art reception...I'm thinking of Thank You Greater Spirit in all living things for being a part of my life, it helps me see it bigger.