Friday, November 24, 2017

Mums the more

As she turned and started to see everyone in the kitchen hiding...thanks Family!! Do you think she was Happy?

Auntie Barb, Auntie Ann, Birthday Gal-Eileen, Uncle Cliff and Auntie Pat

From California, Uncle Van, Eileen and her Sister Ann

Auntie Barb, Myself with my security apron on...and Bernie...What an apron can do for the yelled at for wearing it most of the time....but it made me fell comfortable and calm-my thunder apron.
Our special Cake made for her,  thank you so much Sandy!!

The whole bunch of us...well missing a few...wishing good health to those that didn't make it.

What a photo....Flora and Karissa

Our dearest of Neighbors and Friends. Pat, Kevin and Jill 

A photo of the family as we started to add everyone in. 

Great Family photo, Uncle Tom, Rick, Ramona, Eileen, Barb and Greg

Randy, Ma and Scott 

I've had to keep the social media/blogs..etc a bit quiet.  I was so afraid of blowing the surprise of all of my mother in law's family coming in this year from all parts to be here for her 80th Birthday...though it's not till Saturday official we celebrated it with this Thanksgiving meal...My youngest daughter had her Friend Sandy make the cake and my other daughter made the banner and we just all pitched in to make this a very special memory for her.  Got photo books done and will send everyone one...We Love you Eileen/Sis/Ma/Grandma/Close Friend.  We had good weather and safe travels...our bellies are full and we are so very grateful for family and friends.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Post Makers Market...

Dorothy Burns Shaw snapped a picture of me at my booth spot...

While Sunday Session came I was able to silently demo stitching a journal together....and sold a few more while I was there too. This one will be my personal morning page journal. 

Been deep cleaning the for the Thanksgiving Holiday and company coming.  Much more to do.  Cooked one turkey today cut it up and up it in the freezer and pulled out the second one to thaw.  Made four Bread flopped but three are worth wrapping up and freezing till closer to the thanksgiving.  rambling and scrambling but getting it all done.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Makers Market...Today

                                                     This is my section at the Market...

From 12-4 pm today a wonderful group of artist will be exhibiting at The Treehouse Creative Space, Second Floor, 5021 Fairview Ave. in Downers Grove IL...5% of the proceeds will go to Snow City Arts. 

Would love to have you stop in...Homemade toffee, photography, jewelry, drawings, textiles, mixed media and more

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Play leads to some serious creative play....Happy camper

This is one of the sketches I did a while back...and actually it's the second one...called-Verbal Statement. you can see the paper black in the background with the white lines...just so happens with birthday's etc...a black gift back was gifted my way. I was so happy to be have it today I made it in to collage paper. 

Shinny I know but ready to go for the wood panel it's going on. 

I think this panel is a 12 x 48...Tape measure?  Yes sirree it is....and after working this design composition in a square it's time to stretch it out a instead of the word No I'm using the red paper I made  with some gestural marks on it.  I've got a image transfer to put in and I'm kind of excited to do it...crossing figures it works out. 

Play date in the studio.....

I'm to be coating papers and getting them read for class... but I have a tall piece waiting for the black paper.   So I did it in black and blue with the shinny gift bags...and some sand papers

 Art Van's Wonderland ad that came in the mail the other day...I liked the size of it and as I thumbed through it I remember seeing some thing on facebook and I can't find it now but using a magazine and drilling holes in and string it together to keep in a book form and using the citra solv and then making it into a art journal.
 As I started I couldn't stop the instant of the black inks smearing and bubbling on the surface had me.  and I did the whole ad...took a while but now I have all these cool papers. Though Mostly on the dark gray side...still loving them.
I guess I have the whole house sticking like citrus....don't know what I'll do with them and at this point it's all about doing and playing around...I so need a day like this. Well now its time to coat more was what I was suppose to be doing....side tracked.

Found it!!!