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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Basic Design Collage Sketchbook On-line class starts soon

That's right class will starting up again and I'm busily working on another on-class that follows this one into the New Year, "Viewing New Compositions" and both on-line classes will be all done in a sketchbook with a small amount of outside work in preparing some papers and making your own view finder...  If interested please see the tab above that say Sign up.  

Looking forward to another exciting class. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another video with Paul Klein

Self motivating...

Every morning I wake up and do my morning pages in my journal and of course there a ramble of words...rants and raves...and then there's the gratitude which moves to the heart of the matter...direction for the day seeking guidance.

When I teach classes I'm moving tubs up and down stairs so then I've got to make room for that in the studio...and after the Outdoor Studio Exhibit and then moving into a art fair a few weeks after that and teaching two class...Rambling now....I've managed to get two pieces into the photographer and two prints each done of the work, uploaded it to the website but I've not gotten into studio and back into my own personal project/creations....so hopefully this day I can get things in motion there.

After watching Paul Klien's Video....I was inspired to do that...as of get 20 hours a week in on my own work...Big challenge....I've hear and inspired by many artist to put your time in as of 10,000 hours...I wonder have I done that yet? 16 years say at a hour a day is only...5840 hours.......that leaves 4160 hours to go...well not sure but I'm going to move forward in that direction.

Keeping yourself motivated and executing your visions are something to be worked at each day...small steps and small actions tally up the hours.

On with the day....centering, grounding, with great courage and guidance...seeking good orderly direction. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

More stuff to thinking about....

I find things like this come in when I need it...not that I'm going to do all that Paul says to do...not possible still have to be authentic with myself but at certain points information comes in when you need to hear it. Again there is no set rules and guidelines for the total package it's still about going with the ebb and flow of our own like and tweeting as you need to. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Heading to the Park....

It's been a while since I walked the dogs so with the big guy he needs to let off some extra energy stored up first....so going to let them run free at the dog park this morning...go early before it gets to crazy...and then come home and send out some images and bit of magic wordsmithing to a few publications and then up to the studio to cut some tar paper for my class on Tuesday...needs some time to relax because it's on a roll...or I might take off and run away for the afternoon....kind of a free day of play upon me...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How do you know what your passion is?

So I've got this Life Coach in my Class...Cindy. We had a great time yesterday...and the topic of passion came up, and we were all curious about how do you know what your passion is?   She simple said what you were doing and loved to do as a child.....

So that's got me thinking and share it Randy and he said that's why we get along so well...

Things I did when I was younger and love to do

* Color in a coloring book the smell of the books paper the feel of the paper and the wax smell and then the repeated movement of coloring...be it in a circle formation or back and forth, softly or with determined pressure.

* then there was building house in the sand box, in my imaginary world of living on a farm with lots of land and tending that.

* Play doe, love that and the feeling of as my fingers and hand made it into what every creature came to mind.

* Camping, tent building hanging out around a fire.

* hang out in the woods, by a stream and lakes
* canoeing
* riding my bike all over
* hiking and following deer and animal paths

* drawing
* playing with ticker toys
* barbies but they had a horse and I build a barn with my ticker toys and well the rest was set in gear with the imaginary play.

Well,,,when Cindy share this I did a quick look back at my childhood and I know that I've been interlocked with my passions for a long time. With out sounding all big of myself....I'm more in gratitude that I am able to still do these things on a larger scale but connect so willing with it.

So why would I want to ask this....What is the hardest thing about being a woman artists....and it's stuff like this that is hard when you know your on the right path and connection so spiritually with all your senses and then the other side of the coin so to say is to bring in the $ issue and business....when I hear that you have to learn how to balance both these worlds if you follow you passion and our a creative soul...you have to make peace with this all...and at times....it's really hard to keep flipping the coin around...

Rambling I know but part of the process of living is understand where you stand and what the next steps will be and in order to do that introspective work must be done....and for me I love to do this kind of work and then let it come out in my art....

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pondering a question

So early before class started I couldn't help my obsessive behavior and had to get come organization going and unloaded the Transit....I could have had the family help...and I should have but I was just to tired and wanted nothing to do but to not do....so got my gym shoes on so I would fall up or fall down the stairs with flips flops...one of my favorite shoes to wear.    And got my Stair-Master exercise in.  When I got back from class I organized back into all the storage spaces and was so antsy that I went to get paper for my class today for image transfer and know if I called or talked to some one the would hear a ear full of nonsense...so I went to the woods....Took a walk and used my senses and got back into my personal rhythm of things.   It felt so good....while I walked I was thankful the weekend passed and all went well...Sales where down on my end but all was safe as of art and myself...there was a blast of Rain that came through on Saturday night and tents came down but I can be grateful and thankful.

What I wanted a answer about yesterday while walking was....am I going or should I continue to do outdoor art fairs?  what's killing me is the hauling of the upstairs studio and storage. Carrying up and down is very awkward. I feel like I'm moving every time I have to do an art fair.

*Some artists hire people to help them.
*Some have their family help them. (family members have jobs and hard to take off to help their mother)
*Some do it by themselves. (most of the time I do it myself....takes a hell of a lot longer...but then I don't hear complaining from the help and spouse about things...gosh that really makes me uneasy and makes me feel like I shouldn't even be doing it...and I'm bad for making a choice of a certain tent and supplies...I know it's their won whining but really it's getting to be way to much)

And when you get a Male Elder walk by while you are setting up and he asks...is it all worth it?  If there were great sales of artwork going on it would be worth it but it's hell to put a tent up for a weekend after weekend and not sales....then I have to say it's not worth it.

Body parts are still good and the chance of messing my back and shoulders is very high....so Should I continue doing Outdoor Art Fairs? is a question I don't need the answer for now but I'm thinking about.

So what would you do if you don't do outdoor art fairs and you can't stop making art and you start to get a huge collection of your own works.....?  My first instinct is to line up some exhibit solo shows...get the work out there....that way.  Come April I have a show already lined up and May and June....then Yesterday I just spontaneously asked the Mayslake Peabody Estate to see if they have openings....putting a change in motion.

Monday, September 22, 2014


 Love the Bison....heard one of the sculptures were going for $3000.00, lot of work goes in this this stuff....but I think I'll have to wait for yard art like this to find a place in my year....

 The storm hit the are quickly but not without flipping a few tents....I think about 5 where effected. Very grateful not on our row down by the river...we were all safe.

 So I was told the dishes were done a few times...but I some how don't believe it while I was gone this weekend....6 people living in one place and the chief bottle washer was out playing artist all weekend and comes home to this...well it's only dirty dishes....and I think I'm going to leave them too...and let it be and see what happens...Can't be all do all....I'm told to go ahead vamp up the out door fairs and classes and workshops...might take a while for the family to adjust though....still it's only dirty dishes.

And me this morning sitting at the table regrouping and grounding myself with morning pages, some coffee and then checking a few emails....needed to print some stuff for class today but then the signal or some thing isn't working right so thankful for the thumb drive and brought it the house computer and got things printed....While I hear grumble from the men folk about how the house looks...just because one is home doesn't me we can put the load back on while that person is working too...so many weird adjustments and expectation expected....You know someone going to do it but no one knows who....?

Well life certainly could be worst and thankful this is all that one has to deal with...Really thankful for the visit from friends and family this weekend at the Riverwalk...had some sales and that is always good....On to packing for class and then unload all the art fair stuff...tent, displays and art...time to put it away for the season.