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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Second Gallery Drop off Trip

 So as I come up this way to Door County I try to stop in to the Kohler Art Museum, Well they weren't open yet and I could wait around...had time schedule to be on ...but I did pull into the parking lot to park and looked up and see this awesome food truck.

Back and other side...I'll have to do some research on it. 

The Flying Pig...a bit sparse now but the Green space will be full soon like the inside with all the artwork.
This is a special beach in Sister Bay that has this rolled round rocks...this happens in the winter time when the winds come banging against the shore and actually rolls the rock like a bit tumbler, Kind of cool I think.
I came upon the shore and there was two other women their and their dog...we sat down and quiet played with the rocks...I asked them where they were from and Sturgeon Bay they said. We all went back to picking and stacking the rocks.

When I dropped off the Artwork at The Flying Pig I chatted with Susan and the concern about the Manufacture Milk Factories seem to be causing some friction...Any time we as human try to play a forced solution in nature we pay for it...and this is one of them...talk is and that's all it is now but has the locals concerned about is the Manure that is produced and what the want to do with it....Spray it in the Fields which then gets into the Air and carried into the lake and they think that is why the are seeing the mass amounts of Green Algae growing.  The beaches are not looking pretty in some places..or is it something that is happening to the lake after the ice is broke up for the season and now the turn over of it all ?  Good questions but if the locals are noticing different changes then something is not in balance up there...I guess there's about 15 Milk Factory you might as well say up here...As I drove by one I saw the cow looking out and all locked and just standing there...My heart...People please quick trying to think you feeding masses when all you doing is filling you pockets with a different green.
So despite the news and witnessing the green algae...I found a spot to stake rocks...I guess it really called leaving a Caran, but I like the whole process of picking and staking...made me question was I the first one?   as all I seen was raccoon or coyote tracks on the beach with some large heron prints and some seagulls.
As I walk away...

This is the same rock I stake on it seems each year. Last year Randy came with me and we had big Ice chunks to walk around and hard to find rocks.This year it's all gone but the water is higher so it was hard to find the rocks.  But the one rock that has the funny shape on the right was the rock I use last year, I was surprised that it was there.

Close up for reference later.

Back side of the Stacking Rocks....I'm really not sure how many more years I'll keep coming up here.  I thought about that on the way up...it's been 5 years with the gallery and work has been selling little by little. Which is great with the way all things have been going but it is picking up. Mainly by the houses are now up for sale and new ones are being built...the economy is trying to get going again.

Well time to make breakfast and pack up...my job is done and now to work my way to visiting with my Dad and Step Mom and then home tonight...lots of driving, though I have much to be grateful for almost embarrassed to say but with the new van, I'm gliding like butter down the road...not possible with out the Husband...On to slip in a bit of horseback riding...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dropped off work in MI at Nido Bianco's

 I brought up the Women and Nature Series and one of the pieces that started off the whole sewing the collage papers together first then tacking them down...the Faceless people series. Behind my work is some of Cheryl Holz's on the wall.

 And here are three of the Women and Nature seires...the others are on in the photo above and behind my work hanging on the wall is Cindy Fields.

 A few more walls of Cheryl's works, I have to say the vibes of this place are great and the other artist works in here is of very high quality and I'm just so dang proud to be in there...This is a new venture for all of us as a dream come true with Heather Hanson the Gallery Owner and Director of Nido Bianco (Itailan for White Nest)  and all of us together.

A new person is going to be hired to run the scheduling of the classes and workshops...but I'm in for October 16th, 17th and 18th of this Year!!! more details will come. But the room is large enough for a class/workshop like mine.

 So as I'm driving home...yikes what is that big black smoke?   all the semi's move over and we all follow.
As we move by very slowly because only one policeman has made it on the scene....the back of this truck is just full flames...the man driving it is safe and off in the ditch way away from it...wow kind of scary...I could feel the heat from this as I drove by in my van.  Just glad all was safe...

So now road trip to Algoma WI and then a bit of horseback riding and visit with my Dad and Mom. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A few video's today...then Demo this Afternoon

So Last night the husbands guilty subsided when he drove me back up to the Paramount Grand Gallery so he could take picture of me...well I'm not one to have my picture taken...but agreed to it and I'm glad I did I have reference of this great space to hang work. Here's a video of place. 

We then head over to the LaGrange Art League in time for the Opening of Sarah Rehmer  I remember her when she came in to the Gallery and wanted to be a member...and everyone was looking at her work and I said we need work like this in the gallery and well the trusted my judgement and now she's grown so much and is a big assent for the art league. 

I myself today have a pop up demo with the Midwest Collage Society...we had a cancellation and well I said yes...so much of my morning to day will be to get that prepared.  

I have to share another video...Sergio Gomez, Art Next Level Channel..."5 Words of Advice for Artists and Educators" Video   It's a great reminder of how to keep it moving forward...

Saturday, April 11, 2015

No Fear

In my artist way course I'm guiding we are on week 8 but we try to do a project each week some thing that be fit in to the 2 hours...and well collage is always a good quick fun and revealing project. As I went through my magazines I was drawn to the woman with the fiery arm pits, and the dress made of squares....I've not figure out the fiery arm pits but the square dress I know I liked because it's made of squares...I've got a shape thing for squares. Some day would like to have some great looking arms but that may take a more then I can handle, lol.  The word fear has always been around I think for us all as human's we have it, the sense of it or the on coming of it and most of the time it's first things we go to....Oh  No! ...kind of feeling. which I know for myself feeds negativity and there's a feeling of lost and mistrust that all seems to add to a domino effect on our emotions...

So this little task work was to create a collage about the past, present and future and your dreams...
I felt the word Fear has been a big one for me in all these category....all my life that flip flops and partners with Faith as so as I put the word No in front of the word Fear. 

You see I have these little collages around my studio space from time to time as a reminder of areas in my life I would like to work on. So this fiery arm pit woman will hang in my studio to ward off any Fear and negativity that want to entry. Only allowing the positive of Faith to live. Make Sense? Well it really doesn't have to you all but for me it makes big sense...then I read my horoscope and feel it is all right where I need to be because I was having a mother daughter talk this morning and sharing this same facts to my youngest daughter. 

The call is loud and I'm changing all plans after breakfast and going to do you annual clean up of the Dale Basin...much garbage in on the edge of the cattails. Need to get my rubber boots on and rubber gloves and well make a difference....and keeping it real, awesome and Whole....RAW. 

April 11, 2015
Positively Directing Change
Gemini Daily Horoscope
You could have intense reactions to things that are happening in either your home or professional life today which may make you feel excitable today. Maybe your feelings are due to the myriad changes that are going on around you and these interruptions to your routine might put you on edge. Reminding yourself that change is a natural part of life and that things will always fluctuate one way or another – to the positive or negative end of the spectrum – in any given moment could make it easier to let things go. Creating a personal affirmation such as “Things are okay” or “Change is normal” could calm your mind down enough to notice how you are reacting to a situation and perhaps even change your response to it. You may find that your reactions lessen in intensity and that you are able to approach things on a much more even keel today.

Recognizing that every moment our minds and moods come and go allows us to cope with our feelings much more easily. Because our reactions to a situation are often responses to the changes that are going on in our minds, it is to our best advantage to either let these thoughts go or to guide our thoughts to something that is much more positive and affirming, such as simple affirmations or mantras. By seeing that change is an inevitable part of life and that you have the power to control your reactions to such variability, you will cultivate a greater peace of mind today. 

Time to identify my goals and objectives

What are my goals…concrete and personal?
What specifically do I want to accomplish in my art business and art practice?

1.      To continue being an artist till the day I die
2.      To get through this year of opportunities
3.      To go back to just focusing on my just my art and the personal messages that need to be said.
4.      To get an inventory system that I can keep up. ( think I have about 4 now that I started and never followed through on, good intention that fizzled out)
5.      To write a book
6.      I would like to feel more comfortable with socializing and being at art gatherings…even through I’m social on the social media-mostly type and run or business marketing,  I’m not that good at the other aspect of it.

All this while I still manage a house of 6 including myself, tend to the yard, my spiritual practices, my diet and exercise and somewhat of a social circle that mainly forms about my classes and workshops. The time I have alone is very sacred to me, either I’m walking in the woods or I’m in my studio. It’s all a balancing act that so easily get out of whack for me and confusing sometimes.  So I tread lightly around it all the many job/roles/ and things I would like to do and have to.

What is my plan to achieve these goals?
Identify anything you will need to achieve the goals-these steps will be clearer once you complete this course.

1.      Take time to evaluate the choices and opportunities that present themselves and see if it connections with the goals I have set forth.
2.      Nurture myself the artist more….let go of pleasing others so much, Natural Woman Mother Role, My children are in their twenties.
3.      Get a better schedule for the jobs I need to do to keep things rolling around. I kind of have a schedule but feel its scatter needs looking at. 
4.      Look over the art receptions that come through the month and try to make two of them.
5.      Plan out sole exhibit possible for 2016 or the year next
6.      Focus on the inventory program that I have from The Artist Next Level and get a bit more serious about it. I think I put three piece of my work on it. And think Oh I have other things to do and it sits
7.      Finish up my totem series(12" x 7ft 1done, 1 needs to be frame and on still needs to be started) …and continue working on the many more open canvas and wood panels.
8.      Start the process of gathering my class projects and exercises for a book to write in the next two years.
9.      Find a gallery in Chicago/local that my work will fit in. I have two galleries in different states but would like to work closer.
10.   The possibility to do more workshops in different states is opportunity but not sure if I want to go that directions. Seems lots of artist in Mixed Media do that and I don’t know if I want follow that. I strive to approach my workshops a bit differently. 
11. and to continue to enrich my life with all the natural things I enjoy, family, hiking, walking, gardening, yoga and exploring my love of nature and the animals around me which taking part in the process of preserving our wild life. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Basic Business Plan for Artist Template

Artist Mission Statement:
Change, Connection, understanding a Spiritual truth  
I thought about words that I seem to gravitate to, change, connection and a spiritual truth. Change will be something that I will have to encounter often, some cases I will enjoy change but most cases I will fight it. That change most often that I fight will be one that helps me gradually come forth and develop my skills, which reflects back to me as the artist fully participating in my art. Connection seems to be at the core of my artwork helping again develop strong relationships with the materials I use and with the people that view it. The Change and Connections somehow need to have directions and that also develops with a balancing of inner and out spiritual truths, always a constant movement as in life itself.

As an instructor my mission is to form a trusting relationship with my students which along with the practice of creating art there are new friendships that form. I also see my mission to be one of guidance through experiences, and to share the importance practice of process that leads to the individual gift of achievement, accomplishment and growth.

Which are my values and beliefs? Any sort of creative act seems to lead human beings to a core of inner knowing, a sense of well-being. That well-being encompasses an honest truth that emerges. How we respect ourselves reflects back out all around us. So without labeling all of them I really think, “Know thy self” first then, “do unto other as you would have them do to you,” Holds true and strong for me.
Which are my strengths and weakness as an artist? As an artist I understand the use of process, breaking jobs and situation down into small manageable steps. I have the ability to see a project through to its end. I’m willing to help out others along the way and encourage as other have encouraged me. My weaknesses happen when I allow the doubting thoughts to seep in. They wreak havoc on my thinking. This is an ongoing battle that sometimes gets in the way.  And I have to say my reading, writing, math skills-dyslexia,  adds an interesting spin on things and puts me up again the wall sometimes.
What are possible opportunities for my career?
1. Exhibiting work in Gallery settings
2. Creating more on line classes   
3. Traveling more with the workshops instead of staying local.   
4.  Writing about what I do, different exercises, practices and project.
5. Forming talking and creative circles.   

What type of collector am I targeting? My work is more contemporary and I feel that it specks to young adults ages 25-45.  Depending on the subject matter and the series I’m working in and on that also determine different collectors. I really would like more people to have real art then store bought art. So I have a price range and collectible art for all I feel. 

What type of market and competitive threats will I likely encounter? First off I would say my biggest threat is myself…be it my own mistrust which allows fear to seep in. The mixed media collage art is very competitive, there are quite a bit of artists out there doing it. But I think that the more I’m true to myself as an artist it will help me deal with the market. People see that you’re serious about what you do and that does translate out. It’s totally impossible to be everywhere in the market so finding a place that works with your style of work and standing strong in it does say something I believe.  I've had a competitive threat a few times and well I try to turn that around in a positive frame of mind, not always successful. My experience had me in a situation where there were two art teachers teaching mixed media at the same time. Very awkward, we weren't there to compete but to work as woman artist and sharing what we do and we were both trying to make a living at it and there was room for the both of us.  This kind of attitude helped me. Not so sure it did for her. But we all have to figure this out and move forward or get off the bus…

Personal comment: 
After answering these questions, I know that I'm trying to be honest about things and this I hope will be along the same lines of process I'm so use to.  It's some deep stuff to look at and look in about and I'm glad I'm finding some morning moments to write about it. Because after the day gets going...my center of focus forms into what is next on the list and checking that off...Plus with a fresh cup of coffee I'm ready to spill my beans/words...

I have the last part of this to do, which I know will need to be broken down to manageable steps. 

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Diving In....

So if you were asked these questions what would  your answers be?

Why do I make the art I do? 
I would have to say that from some place deep inside there's this seed that gets planted. Sometimes it sits and other times it starts to grow.  That seed though smaller in thought,  darn I say is bigger them me and it demands a response, that response is showing up and allowing all to come to the surface and be expressed. I'm to pay attention and focus...like obsession but more like answering a door.  The door that has been always in front of me since I was very young. Because I struggled academically, I do believe I was given other choices and that was to be creative in some way. Where I could grow personal and develop some skills. Now I'm getting sidetracked...why do I make the art I do? it challenges me, it helps me find peace, it helps me connect spiritual, and it allows me live a fuller life, which then is shared in some form or another.

Why should other care about my work?
There is connection that was made during the process of creating that I feel threads all the way through to the finished piece of art.  As my experience as an artist has grown I've become more intuitive and trusting.  This connection relates to what I feel happens when someone cares about your work. Be it an awe inspiring moment... " They get it, understand and start to have a relationship with it."

What should it matter? 
Because we are human beings and  have the ability to express ourselves and in the most loving and creative ways, with words or not, with sound and music or not and with images or not. Being able to share this matters at a deeper and larger level.  Documenting moments, thoughts and events that become part of our history. Our art is our life....it helps us learn, take risk, understand what we feel, question what we don't and helps us make our own choices. And then there is the reward of accomplishment that never is given but is established through a process in each piece of artwork created.  It matters because it helps us each build a better self.

Can others recognize my work, my style? How is it Unique? 
I believe others recognize your work and style because you as the artist have put in many hours and dedication to honoring your abilities. Repeating a set style or process can become boring for some but for others it can be an all knowing of the materials you are working with. When you have that kind of understanding with your materials it forms a deep trust that embeds itself into each artist. I believe whatever I create has a personal essence to it,  be it a mark or thumbprint all in all it evolves into a unique quality of each artist that forms over time. 

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Working in the studio...today

The spirit horse series is finished in plenty enough time for me to snap a picture here and look at them for a few days.  Though the horse are the same horse the patterns in the paper and the Abstract Landscapes help give them individuality. Well I hope I try to treat them that way when creating them.

I created two of these today and got them all mounted...been a busy beaver in the studio...I've been cutting foam core for the backing of the prints too.  Felt really good to be in the studio.

I reserved the hotel for myself when I go to Algoma WI to drop off Art at The Flying Pig, I would like to do some horseback riding but not sure if they will be open. So just going to hang out and see what happens for the day and then swing around to my parent's house and say hi for a bit and head hope...but this is a week away...lots to get ready.