Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Going deep again....so one can grow~

Looking out ward for answers to some things is life is OK...but not the important questions. 

These are question that over time the self-help and spiritual readings have offered up again and again.  I find that I go deep in and come out almost like breathing underwater.  Taking another breath and going deep under all in the soul seeking of understanding myself.  Centered on me it seems to be but if I don't understand then I have a hard time with others when I try to communication and grow friendships.  Which is important as we get older in to our sage selves. 
I was giving advice to make friends with younger people and I so see how this is important for them and me. 

Also, when asking oneself about these three question it may be hard if you are codependent in some way...because you many not of saw yourself as separate from others but intertwined.  These three questions are a personal inventory of you...in strength and weakness.  If we don't embrace the whole how can we bring ourselves anywhere? 
I also witness hearing being human means to hurt... not that we should all walk around in pain or sorrow and oh poor me but we hurt over many things and don't always know how to deal with that. 

Here's something else that entered recently that I'm in awe about.... Healing doesn't mean it's never happened; healing means it no longer controls your life.  

So, I've got work to do on myself...and with life in continual forward motion of change...I am shooting for my pain and process of healing to not control my life...

Awareness, Acceptance, Action 

Who am I?
I am one that has witness change.
I am one that has experience anxiety and fear.
I am one that continues to seek deeper understand of my thoughts and actions.
I am one that loves so deeply and has a hard time showing it.
I am one that see her blessings
I am one that seeks balance though struggle emotional most of the time. 

I am one that seek eldership
I am one that needs to work with her hands
I am one that likes to make order and hangs on to details
I am one that holds hope for the world always.
I am one that seeks feminine wisdom.
I am one that keeps standing up and stepping forward.

Why am I here?
I am here to be used for inspiration
I am here to be with a loved one in union of marriage
I am here to share my view of the world with my art
I am here to guide others on the creative path
I am here come into my heart of hearts
I am here to walk a spiritual path
I am here to continue to connect with nature as my spiritual path
I am here to be of service in a creative way
I am here to be vulnerable and open
I am here as a woman, daughter, sister, mother and wife
I am here as an artist.

Where am I going?
I am going through life always learning
I am going through my emotional troubles and finding gratitude
I am going in to elder years with some fears and some hopes
I am going to continue to be an inspiration and creative person
I am going to be lonely sometimes
I am going to be over excited and a bit out of control at times
I am going to love with a crazy heart
I am going to see life a lot of the time through a very emotional state.
I am going to be slowing down
I am going to be flowing my hearts desires more
I am going to let go of others more
I am going to stop thinking I have path or the way to for you….
I am going to work on just taking my own action forward and not thinking I have to share it all the time.

Monday, February 11, 2019

After watching the video's

What a wonderful surprise to receive an email and collage work after the creative soul watched my video's.  Tracy Gillespie share these with me today.. You go Girl keep it up...their the size of business cards so work in a small format has it's challenges.  Great Job Tracy and thanks for sharing.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Close ups Long Walking Tale

Golden rod gall, cotton, sinew black thread on walnut dye drawing paper with machine stitching. 

Duck feathers given to me in the pocket, stick in eco dyed paper on a map, wooden button sewed  over dyed walnut paper and handmade paper with denim and pineapple leaves. 

Cat tail leave handmade papers, india ink on drawing paper, gesso on brown Kraft paper, and some sticks stitched on. 
Eco dyed papers, handmade raw cotton, book pages and a wooden leaf. 

India Ink on drawing paper, eco dyed papers, cotton and hand made papers. 

Black Walnut dyed papers that was crinckled first, India Ink and some eco dyed coffee filters with white parchment papers with gesso on it.  

Soon I'll have them hanging and will have a photo of all three together.  Plan is to have them in a show come this June at Tall Grass Art Association. 

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Needing a new sewing machine

With the paper sewing I've done lately....my little model isn't doing what I would like it to do. I would like more stitch variety.   I would like to find a different one...I had one but gave it away...my daughter has one but she won't let me use it... So I'm on the hunt for one.  Us Creative makers...needing the right tools.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Paper Junkies.....

 My large bag is being explored in ways I didn't expect but so enjoy see how things will work and not work...letting go and building the layers.

 These two are Carol's, she was quietly cranking out the papers in the back of the room...

Anne's paper 
We have one more class to continue to work the surfaces of the papers here, and a sample of what can be done with them using the tack iron...What a great class and the freedom to explore the surface of papers and loosen up. 

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Morning pages...Julia Cameron

Check this out...Fat Free Self Help...I love it!!! Julia Cameron wants you to do you Morning Pages.. 
for over 24 years I've been doing them and wouldn't every leave them...though I do need to know what to do with the journals that are filled up and stored in my attic.