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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Small Abstract Landscape, 1-day workshop

 Tammy is ready to use the tack iron, and comment to the design she's laid out.

 Mary Kay, Mimi, Tania and Pam...head down means we are focused on getting those papers laid out just right.
 Irene, Diana, Gloria and Ann, Reflecting on the choices to be made.

 Mimi selecting just the right piece of paper to make that mid section, where all the drama is...how exciting.

 Darlene, So focused on her two pieces.

 We were able to complete two each of this during out time together.

We had all the same papers to start off with, the choice of color and how it is applied makes the changes in each of them. As they go home the possibility of beads and threads  and other embellishment can continue to add that personal touch these lovely pieces.

More images...

 Mary Kay was help cut the tape....we had a lot to do...12 x 2 each some 24 piece of artwork to cut the tape off with.
 Cutting the tape off...down to the wire of time and needing to clean up a bit.

 Some close ups!

What a great group of Woman and Creative Souls....Thanks Ladies for the Great day together and taking this workshop, Small Abstract Landscapes.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Where did these pieces get their start?

 Be Enough
 Center Stage

These three piece got there start up in Wisconsin during a Workshop in 2015 We were creating one large sheet of paper and from there it became our inspiration to create other papers by the way one freely explores art material how to use them.  The inspiration come from the inside out.

I've been working with Dolcezza for the last three or four years, this clothing company, Michael Phillips,  comes from Canada. Thy that saw my work on Fine Art America...And the rest is history..right?    I guess want I to say is, you never know where things are going to go...you have hints and signs.   I remember early on listening at area art leagues about teaching up at Dillman's and well good people shared that I would be a good candidate for teaching and here I am working on year number 7. I still have a hard time believing it...I feel like I just keep pedaling and wild blessings like this keep happening.  Which I'm not at all taking for granite I just want to honestly share the path that revealed itself and what an honor it's been. Good people like the Robertsons, Dillman's Art Workshop Retreats and the wonderful souls that take the classes and workshop, their the heart of this.

If you're in the Wisconsin Area by Waupaca, I'll be there in March 11th...see the flyer below along with some other jewelry artist...it will be a great time.

And if you would like to take a great workshop in Abstract Mixed Media Collage with me you can sign up with this coupon... Limited time though...

$40 Off
Expires on Mar 3, 2017
Call 715-588-3143 between now and March 3, 2017 to reserve a Dillman's Creative Arts 2017 workshop, and receive $40 OFF your purchase. See the workshop schedule here: http://www.dillmans.com/dcaf/2017_schedule.html
Special event coming up 

This event is going in  Addison IL  Mark your Calendar. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Accountability Feb 13th-Feb 17th

·         Drop off tax stuff to the accountant
·         Create a large dinner for the family on Tuesday night for those that are home.
·         Create tack down Tuesday and launch to the email list
·         Drop off contract and workshop information to Naperville art league for summer workshop
·         Check list and finish packing for Saturday’s workshop
·         Prepare a 30 x 30 wood panel for collaging…one thing I didn’t do last week
·         Teach class on Thursday
·         Meet with book club artist-reading “Studio Stories”  Lauren Raders Book
·         Launch last week of On line class Friday
·         Paint tipi

·         Walking, yoga, morning pages 

All about teaching

Yesterday morning as everyone was waking up and making their breakfast.  Randy came in to the kitchen with his box.  Two years ago I purchased this box and got needles, thread, buttons and scissors with a few other things...like a needle threader for those big hands of his.   I know I could sew on this buttons for him but with a household always needing something I showed him a while ago how to do it and well he's been taking care of that job all by himself.  But then the thread and needle would walk off and he couldn't find it when he needed it.  So now we are here sitting at the table with the old garage shirt on and sewing a button as he's wearing it.  We all got a loving chuckle when we seen him come out with his box...but so very proud of him that he can tend to his own buttons now.  

We can give or do something for someone but it's so much more richer to them if we show them how and let them tend to it themselves....Independence what a gift....

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Love Boxes

 Blick brand, Pine wood panel boxes, turned upside down taped off read to paint the inside.

 Created a collage of colors and shapes...sponged, stenciled and glazed...then cut out hearts.

 Stained the outside of the boxes and sanded them a bit on the edges...just to give the warn in look.

 Untitled #2
 Untitled #3
 Untitled #4
 Untitled #5
Big and Little Love

The boxes have a sheet of clear thin plastic to protect the hearts and the turn button which I love hold it on. I'll put a hanger on the back. They can sit on the shelf or hang on the wall.

the untitled ones are 4 x 4 box and the last one is 6 x 6 one.    For my family on Valentines Day.

I was thinking of writing a quick how to do pdf of the process...I documented the steps as best I could...Would a small fee be OK for the down loadable PDF...?  Thinking about doing that. Might not be time for this with the Valentine Holiday just on Tuesday.

Went up in the studio for about 6 hours today making theses...I had so many other things to do which I was preparing for as of some papers for the workshop in Elk Grove Village on Saturday the 18th...but mostly worked on this all. I had the idea in my journal this morning even did a little sketch of it...

Friday, February 10, 2017

Gather with Heart~

Yesterday  in Tree Spirited Woman Art Journaling class at Mayslake Peabody Estate we sat around the table in the breakfast porch of the dining areas/art studio space and took turns reading from the book.  We have a little discussion about the subject and I think we feel listened to and connected.  We are learning more about each other and it's great. Meeting new people and sharing over art and life.

Here is a paragraph from the book....words from Tree Spirited Women...

"Marriage is when two people choose to love one another and commit to a lifelong relationship. When to agree to marry, it is meant to be for a lifetime. The commitment of marriage means that you will trust you love for the other, even on days when one does not feel the love. It means compromising what one wants for what is best for the two. It means sharing one's time, money, and energy. It is sharing in one another's sorrow, illness, and happiness. Marriage does not put restrictions on one another. Instead, marriage encourages each to become the person they are meant to be. It is no longer living for just the 'Me.'  it is choosing to live for the 'We.' It is in giving a part of oneself each day that one makes a marriage last for a lifetime. 

There are some things that are a mystery, such as how two can become one. Water cannot be separated into parts and still be water; so it is with the partners in a loving marriage. 

Then as we shared around the table the mention of a wedding box was brought up.  I had never heard of it...news to me so I looked it up this morning....

And this I found this image in my little search....I like the chicken wire and the box...I have a box like that....hmmm...I don't have to many dates left...best bust a move on this idea....

Reading in my meditation books this morning...

  • Creativity is a powerful way to celebrate who we are.
  • It is spiritual energy that nourishes our vitality. 
  • It is a way to replace negative thinking with positive action. 
  • When we create, we plant ourselves firmly in the moment and teach ourselves that what we do matters. 
Not sure what My day will be about but I would like to stay open and let it unfold naturally but their is some business that needs taking care of and well got to be adult too. 

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Orange band is done....

Stretched over the drying rack and over a 5 ft table you are barely seeing the whole tipi.   Painting in section, letting it dry..inching my way but happy to say I'm done with the orange bands and to the feathers. 

With black and White and the variety of colors from the rainbow I'm sure to create some colorful feathers. 

Flash back from Naperville Art league using the floor space to stencil out the design. 

 Now if I had a month to lay out my tipi this flat I probably would have it done before the month is up.  Not going to happen...facing my reality...maybe March it might be done then I have the liner that goes in side to paint.  Well I don't have to but want to.
off line these next few images of tipi's painted...doesn't it look cool. 

Love this boho feathers.   Mine will have more color but love to have pattern too. and the beads..got those happening on mine. 

Love the patterns in these feathers.  I'll be working something into mine with the inspiration here. 

Some have big goals and list...well I have list but the goals for me are to keep seeking inspiration from my vision board this year and feathers under my photo has already been a theme I see and the Orange/red color...really feeling it's warm and passion.  

I see the prayer flags and the idea popped in to my head what if I make a whole bunch of them too during the March /April time and hang them around my back yard...darn ideas and creativity...need more time to play it all out. 

Walking with the Deer

You can see Life as I see it, photography is my a woman I've met in the woods many times and we have become friends...Kathrine Howard,    And Kathrine was on the other side of a path far away from me but as you can see her camera is good.  We shared a moment with the four legged friends and a few bucks too.