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Monday, January 26, 2015

Having some fun...defining and knowing thyself...or just some plan therapy

Step one...Use these shapes, pen and a piece of paper....in row place what ever shape you feel belong first for you and then the next and next till you have all five shapes used and in a row accordance to your preference. Read on...

Shape Your Talents  

Confused about what your strengths, skills, passions, and talents are?
  • Lack a clear focus?
  • Stuck in a rut?
  • Ready to start moving toward a more meaningful and fulfilling life?

Here is an art therapy exercise designed to help you become clearer about who you are, what 
you want, and the things you love to do without "perhaps" being consciously aware that you are doing so. 

This exercise unfolded as I played with the concepts and shapes described in Angeles Arrien’s book, Signs of Life: The Five Universal Shapes and How to Use Them. Angeles Arrien is an anthropologist, educator, and award-winning author. 

Meanings of Shapes:
Wholeness/unity. Person seeks space in which to develop. Needs independence/individuation. Fears entrapment/restriction. 

Stability. Person seeks solidarity/foundation/security/results. Needs consistency/accountability/completion. Fears that nothing will be accomplished or that one’s efforts will be wasted. 

Goals/dreams/visions. Person seeks self discovery/revelation. Needs to follow dreams. Fears that There may be no dreams to pursue. 

Relationship/integration. Person seeks balance/quality shared time. Needs connections/synthesis. Fears loss/abandonment/isolation 

Growth/change. Person seeks variety/novelty/change. Needs creativity/flexibility. Fears routine/repetitive tasks. 

Meaning of Positions: 

Number 1 represents: 
Where you think you currently are. This shape describes the part of you that you know best and with which you are most comfortable. 

Number 2 represents: 
Your strengths, skills, talents and passions. It symbolizes the areas of your Self that are currently strong, fluid, and resourceful. 

Number 3 represents: 
What is really going on in your life whether you are consciously aware of it or not. 

Number 4 represents: 
Your motivation. This shape furnishes clarifying information about what has provoked you to do things the way you do. 

Number 5 represents: 
Unfinished business. This is your least preferred shape because it indicates unresolved issues you wish to put aside. 

 OK now you have  that all figured out...try this....

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A goal today....facing a fear

Today I've set aside as a day to make my video-introduction to Viewing New Composition, in Collage Sketchbook Design  class...it will be an on-line class video.

This journey has been a long time coming... after losing the whole file by deleting it myself when I was cleaning things out...for the life of me I don't know how it happens but I hit the button empty in the recycling bin on the computer and the file was in there...well it went gone..gone..gone.


Do you see the background...sun sparkling through, the fence, the corner of the grill, and the table attached to the side? how can this be a composition for an abstract piece of art? 

So what is this on line class going to be about....do you want to know?

* to use a viewfinder as spring board of ideas or reference to explore abstract design
* to use simple materials to learn and take risks to understand.
* to really trust your choices
* to listen intuitively
* to practice, practice, practice
* to watch your own process
* to be able to know and judge what you like and don't like in, you always have choices.
* to use the act of doing to know why you make the choices you do.
* to use the elements and principle of design to dissect and reconstruct
* to start the process of composition and the changes you will make with work as you make small changes.
* to continue the journey of being self taught through the act of practice, process and showing up in your sketchbooks.
* No fancy words just honesty guidance with the materials and tools at hand.

As I write this all out I do believe in the process, I have used it many times. The way we all learn now is difficult to teach this process to students. They would much rather not study by do something again and again..It might be how repeated process can trigger a negative feeling in people as they believe they did something wrong and they have to repeat it to get it right or perfect.

This isn't like it at all...I have to say this is about being present for the act doing and witnessing what's happening.  The judgement is there but at a different level to make choices. You like it or don't. Then taking what you like and repeating it and pushing yourself further and trying something new.   This is where the hundred hours com in when a good craftsmen defines and hones is craft. As artist these days not many of them to go this extreme...or want to. But to understand a composition and make it yours you have to become familiar with it in ways you might not have with one quick painting session.  As in life so in art...to know thyself.

Are we willing to do that these days? Or have we giving that up for instant gratification?  some might things they don't have time for this others will want to push it and keep doing it, that it is toying with a composition so much that you feel you really know it.

So this is preparing for me to get ready to face the process I have to go through to prepare to present what I believe.  Moving the act of creating to a different level.

Here you go...this morning after breakfast I quickly create a collage with magazine pages from the artists magazines that came.  Yes I cut and tore it up.  This would be interesting to see what happens if I go bigger each time and the final one would be a 36 x 36 collage on canvas......well it's an idea. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Connecting dots...

Yesterday I put this in action....

From Kent Nerburn- Simple Truths

For most of us, the search involves a grinding of the gears as we slow from hurried to quiet to still to peaceful. But it is worth the struggles.

Slowly, inexorably, we emerge into the ultimate quiet of solitude. We are in a place where we are beyond thoughts-where we hear each sound and feel each heartbeat; where we are present to each change of sunlight on the earth around us, and we live in the awareness of the ongoing present life.

In awareness the whole world changes. A tree cease to be object and becomes a living thing. We can smell its richness, hear its rustlings, sense it's rhythms as it carries on it's endless dance with the wind.

In solitude silence becomes a symphony. Time changes from a series of moments strung together into a seamless motion riding on the rhythms of the stars. Loneliness is banished, solitude is in full flower, and we are one with the pulse of life and the flow of time.

The awareness we experience in solitude is priceless for the peace it can give. It is also the key to true loving in our relationships. When we have a part of ourselves that is firm, confident, and alone, we don't need another person to fill us. We know that we have private spaces full of goodness and self-worth, and we grant the same to those we love. We do not try to pry into every corner of their lives or to fill the emptiness inside ourselves with their presence.

My thoughts....as I walk in the woods all the time I personal experience something that I've found to be needed as much as all the rest of the basics...shelter, food, water, warmth etc. It does give me time to know thyself and be in a presence of something bigger to be open and aware of more that that hurried-ness that society has trigger in us to be so important.

I know that not all will everyone get it but when bring this experience back into my artwork it may not be seen like one would be thinking..some times the work is more expressive in ways that are hard to look at or face. Or colors so bold they control your presence in a way that will make you turn away but for me it matters but really doesn't matter... Ramblings but word that are sing true to me.

Being in solitude is so different then walking alone...the attitude is so different.  I looked at the map and said to myself...let's go girl all the way to the #1 path marker.  I had to walk mostly on the side of the path because the center section has been heated by the warm of the sun and then cooled down again a sheet of ice in some places..So thankful for the walking poles.  My feet where doing some funky movements as they twisted a bit more then straight path walking.  It was exciting and small risk to see if I could do on the cool January day. Ramblings of thought circled but then the quieted down to nothing.  I became present to the moment and in awe of all that was around me...though color was more of the neutral hues of browns I came upon a feel that head tall grass stems...loaded and I could see this hue all the way around...it was so honest to truly real I could feel it. if that is even possible...its like in the fall when the maple leaves on some turn this beautiful shade of yellow...so grateful I can see color.  Well as you can tell I'm a bit if wind bag this morning...but I'm going to take my solitude with me and today and see what happens as I present a demo at the reception...it may come out and through or might just say safe in my heart.

Can you tell I'm fighting for my own pace on this path of life...be it balance that I'm really seeking with myself with a gentle swaying. Where's the connection? it's coming you'll see...

Friday, January 23, 2015

Took the snowy path home...

 After I picked up my art today from Aurora City Hall...the work was hanging since May of 2014, I was going to take a walk in my usually woods...but at a quick choice I decided to go to Danada and walk the field and woods there.  I started at maker 14 and end up at Marker 1.  Saw one person but the whole time from 10:15 to 1:30 I was out there on my own...walking and watching the birds...Saw 12 Crows flying together which means "Blessings"Three Hawks circling  together and two blue birds such a beautiful royal blue.

 From Danada to Herrick Lake today....and back...6.4 miles walking on slippery path and snow.

 Frozen Herrick Lake

I think this is wild yam plant.

Had to visit the herd today...I found out most of the draft horse were transferred over to the St. James Farm, I think that's where they said. 

Completed, Done and packed away

Around lunch time yesterday I checked all paint on the tipi I added early to see if it was dry. It was so I began the project of rolling and folding up the large half circle canvas that doesn't even fit in my studio space.   I was a good feeling to have that completed and done.  Here I had thought, Oh two weeks should be good enough time to finish this... instead I think I started two days after December 25th and now yesterday January 22nd, just shy of a month.

Stuck with it and was in my studio everyday adding some paint and letting it dry.  I know when I rushed the section fell on top of each other and then I had a nice blob of paint...which most of it you can't see because of the splatter effect I added around the cattails.. (thinking of a mail box I've had in the husband garage for two years might pull that out here shortly and paint that too.)

So dragged the broom out and little vacuum and cleaned up the place got a new table cloth for my one table, it got chewed up bit.  And pulled out the second totem that was stashed on the side...it was like that youthful new toy feeling...But that had to stop as I needed to get some papers ready I'm presenting a demo for Receptions this Saturday along with 4 other artists of the 16 that will be exhibiting their work. It all came at a good time as of completing the tipi project, the demo and ready to jump into my old project ideas.  I trying to practice the less multi to the single task mind set...it's a hard thing to change.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Taking a moment longer and Bow

This morning I know my face and body language spoke loudly to the husband as I did my morning pages. I know this only because he kept asking what's up and what do I have going on...(responding with my rambling agenda usually.)  I shared,  I should be able to finish the painting of the tipi today and then I would need to prepare some collage papers for a demonstrations this weekend..and before you can blink the day will be done.

In centering and keeping balance as best I can I sway, comfort in the back and forth moments used to rock our babies to sleep. I continue this motion in other ways. My body, mind and spirit are ever changing as rightly so...and realizing that and following more of a flow seems easy but with a past of filling every second, space and moment with something but now not...feels like I'm a buoy in the water bobbing around.  Visually not true...but making changes, for oneself can seem different for sure. Not at all bad but different.

I'm trying to single task...focus on what job needs to be done and complete as best I can and then move on...for sure I'm not doing it well but reining in new behavior because I would like to move through the rest of my life simply though excitement will be there and some adventures but it surely isn't worth the schedule crunch I was on. (notice...this gal is now stepping off the crazy bus of society's so called life.)

Friends, loved ones and those that have kept an eye on me know this was something that they have gone through and have also made the changes. So kindly and hard as it is to watch some one over pack their days and years with way to much see a crash coming.  Luckily I've not crashed and heeded their advice and guidance by observing their lives and how they handle things. So very grateful for staying aware and willing to make changes that don't serve me well any more...as some say...hitting bottom..a point in our lives when what we were doing just isn't work for us and starts to work against us. Or as I like to say...Time for Reality Check, Smack...2 by 4 is about to hit you in the head...or is it Gibb's from NCSI coming with his hand to the back of my head?

Well time to move in and upon the day...one thing though it's the best gift when one can give themselves an opportunity to make these important changes upon your own making without others telling you what you should do or need to do...in loving stories I have been guided with which give one/myself the time to sort what will really work best for me.  I gently walk out the circus and into the wonderful world of the woods...bending and bowing with the winds.

As I take a moment longer this morning gratitude fills my heart and soul ever so thankful the walk is not alone both physically and spiritually. {bowing head}

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sharing some good advice

I love the attitude and spiciness of Marie...watch her video's  Today is Feels like it's all been done before 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hand painted 30 sandhill cranes

Stephen S. Visher (1910) writes:
The sandhill crane is one of the most conspicuous birds of the prairie region. Every farmer boy knows its call, and on fair days has seen large flocks soaring at great heights, slowly passing northward. Constantly their unsurpassed calls drift down to earth. When only a slight wind is blowing, these rich, buglelike notes can be heard father than the bird can be seen. Several times I have examined, for some moments in vain, the horizon before the authors sailed in view. On windy or rainy days, the flocks fly low and swiftly in a direct line, and each individual croaks in turn. Thus slowly the music moves along the undulating, curving line.

My passion with sand hill cranes has been going on for along time. It's becomes seasonal, marking of the changes of winter to spring and fall to winter each year the great winged bird migrate North to South and back South to the North.
So I felt it was fitting to have them at the top of the tipi.  They do this circling many times during their migratory journey. And that circling which I relate to in my own life sometimes looks a little like chaos...but then it smooth out and their off riding the warm thermal of air currents.   While other birds might migrate at night...the Sand Hill Cranes are mostly day travelers.

 I didn't paint the flaps of the tipi...I could have, but decided to leave them the natural color of the canvas...then they move in the winds smoothly...not that I want them to move in the winds like a sail boat but they won't be so heavy.

Off to class today...doing some demonstration on Image transfers...