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Thursday, November 20, 2014


My attention was brought to how do you approach yourself and things that need to be done outside of the studio space...?  creativity too?

What a cool perspective question, with timing on preparing the Thanksgiving Holiday meal in my home...there are set day that I can prepare some foods..and spacing that out so it goes smoothly...that that it makes it easier but that there a flow so to say.

And well I can't really start anything yet but cleaning...and de-cluttering to make room for 36 people. I have to admit I would dread this...which is so funny I had another spiritual mentor ask me what does dread me to you?

Just trying to make sense, connect and be in peace...

So Dread is like I was afraid of the whole approach leading up and into the festive event....Feared the chaos of getting it already and Perfect....  there it is...the word of words..that will put the brakes on the best of us.

It will stop the process of creating almost anything and add a whole suit case of other emotion...crap...I know from experience...so approaching the holiday and using my creative spirit and not dreading the entire event.

I'm first taking some time journal writing, blogging, with some prayer and meditation time. Then I have a system and putting the system into works...I think we each have one...and not comparing how we work or what is the best way....just do it and do it the way that seems to flow for you...and well as I'm writing this I'm giving myself a pep talk...work what is working and keep it true to heart and honesty...back to approaching my creative works and my work outside the studio...if I'm not in this mind site...then well I struggle...I'm really grateful that I've come to this point of knowing...it's not a perfect knowing but it's one of learning and growing.

"Our Life is a work of art. We must seek always to be it's artist."  Kent Nerburn, The Hidden Beauty of Everyday Life" 

Now time for breakfast and to do some mundane tasks of cleaning that always lead to a door of creativity and inspiration...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Award and Signature Membership in the NCS

So happy...and excited, didn't get the mail till this morning and when I seen it was the National Collage Society I was curious because it weighed a lot and was stiff...So here you go..what was inside.  I'm now a Signature Member of the National Collage Society and my piece...(see below) won the "Steven M. Specht Book and Monetary Award for the 30th Annual Juried Exhibit. I even get a pin  that says I'm a signature member...I'll be wearing that proudly...

Quiet the Mind 
8 x 8 matted and frame 12 x 12 award winner 30th Annual Juried Exhibit 
National Collage Society.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

To the market today....

Time to buy a turkey...# 1....and get it thawing out so I can cook another one later next week....food buying mode now...getting creative in the kitchen and clutter cleaning the house...Oh we all do love the family coming over. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hinsdale Embroiderers Guild today....Demo and Mini Workshop

Today I'll be presenting a demo to the Hinsdale Embroiderers Guild and from my information they have been meeting for over 50 years...amazing and they would like to see and learn about the kind of Collage and Mixed Media work I do...So all packed up need to grab a few things and off I go...Kind of excited to show them and I think even more excited to see what they have to show me. Need to allow for extra time as it's a bit cold out and need to warm things up.  

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Witnessing and the need to know more...

I started at 8:00 am....picked up the dog poop and then some sticks, had some sale papers with the lighter and started a fire in the fire pit.   The smell right away answered with a resounding Yes in senses.

Raking began and I was so thankful for the yoga I'd been doing and thankful to be out in my back yard tending to it's needs...  I'm standing from the studio deck taking this picture.

I was brought to many times as I was growing up the yard and tending to it from a place on Woodward Ave to Elinor Street both in Downers Grove...it was cutting the lawn, tending to the garden and raking the leaves... When our children were younger they also played in the leaves and had a great time.   I'm really thankful they had that experience.

The calling yesterday to spend the whole day out there was so strong and I'm so grateful I listened to it...There is such a part of us that needs that connection.  Well I think I need it what I should be saying but when I'm out side and tending to simple mundane tasks there's a overwhelming feeling of belong to a long line of others and that tended to the good earth under their feet..

My hands ache, my back and legs and behind are also talking to me but I wouldn't have traded yesterday for anything...I witness the sand hill cranes come over...I'm a little passionate about them...it's like the right of passage for us both...being in tune with nature and all that is good really has me...in the spring you will hear about me talking about them and every fall...And if I have time I stop in to the Crane foundation in Baraboo WI and see them even closer...

one things leads to another and I want to learn the meaning of the Crane in one life....connections lead me to The Decemberist Band and this video with Colin Meloy...I do love when one can go on an adventure and see where it can lead you.. now I think I need to listen more to the this band...

Tales- The Crane and The Otter...Assinibone Legends
Some birds lay eggs early in the season, some later, but the crane is the last to hatch. When the young ducks and geese were flying away to a warmer country, the young crane was still too weak to fly. Winter was approaching. The mother-bird asked Otter to keep the bird for her during the winter; in return she would reward her in the spring. Otter kept her ward in a warm hole. Once Osni' (Cold) came to the camp, killed Otter, and carried off the young crane to his home, where he made him stir the fire for him with his bill. He was never allowed to go anywhere else. He was starving and became ugly; the fire burnt his back, so that the crane's skin is of a reddish-brown color now. In the spring, when the south side of the hills was warm while the northern side was still frozen, the young crane knew his mother would return soon. He went into the sunshine and called her. He continued to do so later in the spring. Osni' cried, "Come in here, stop that noise, my grandson." The crane cried all the louder. Osni' pursued him and nearly caught him, when suddenly a clap of thunder was heard and the lightning struck Osni' and tore him to pieces. The Crane was there, and asked her young one how he had been treated during the winter. He told her that Otter had treated him well, while Osni' had abused him. The old bird looked for another otter, and said to him, "Henceforth the cold (osni') will never kill you." Thus she paid the Otter for his services. This is why the Otter can live in the water throughout winter without freezing.

a bit more about the Cranes on the Spiritual side of things which I'm very much draw to... have you every had that happen to you where you just need to know more...well that's what happened this morning...

Friday, November 14, 2014

To Nature,

Something to read and reflect on....The Choice of hanging on...  After reading this and after book discussion yesterday about listening...I'm being tugged at to be outside giving to a part of myself that so connects to a richness of history and time of traditional take care of the home, yard and all that keeps us whole, warm and wonderfilled...I'm in need of more computer time of writing contracts, signing them and packing for a workshop this weekend that I will be presenting on Monday...and all I want to do is rake my leaves in the cool...cool November day...my spirit is calling me to be and do this and give of my time this way instead of being behind a screen...All good but listening to this flow of spirit that is coming over me...crazy? no only if I don't listen to it... to Rake the Leaves first today...then tend to what ever else....

I show this photo of the old Blue Rust Chevy we had the images holds a dream...

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Side step to other interests....

Things have a way of connecting...today I'll be creative with my cooking and with sharing and listen with good women in my book club I belong to.

We are having our second meeting at my home and well I really excited...almost as excited when I have to teach a workshop...just got back from take our two four legged friends to the park so they are calm and gentle when everyone comes...and we will be having some fresh butternut Squash soup I made with  a topping of Blue Cheese...I had this when I go up to Lac du Flambeau WI in May...so now is the perfect season to have it in...Well best go and tidy up the homestead..