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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Clearing Folk Art School- Two Day Intuitive Collage Workshop

I'm packed...."I think"   you know how that goes....the mental run around and trying to check off the boxes...I'm excited to head up to Wisconsin...the woods and water ways. Not happy about the travel but will get through.  This piece here was sent to The Clearing and used for the cover of the workshop to my surprise...and a happy surprise at that. Just a small one...8 x 8 on wood panel with cradle sides. I have a really liking to it.  "Lonecrow Spirit"   wonder why.   Well must get going...more later

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Was out and about yesterday

I don't go out to the big stores that much...but yesterday I was following the trail through Ikea and stumble upon this stool.  I bought one and assembled and it's pretty sturdy.  So with that I think I'll get me about 8 more...same price as the 5 gallon buckets and they stack on top of each other so when not in use for a circle talk they will able to stack nicely and not take up room and I won't have to find a place for the bucket lids if I did that....

There's a section around the inside of the tipi that the patio blocks doesn't cover so I was thinking of some kind of mulch, then the ideas of cedar bedding that you would use for the small critters would smell so nice...so you can see I was out and about gather some stuff.  Along with food shopping I was in the kitchen doing some cooking and food prep for the week.  I also needed to get some last minute things for the workshop coming up next week. 

My one garden square is over flowing with green abundance there...and if you can see I have a spaghetti squash down on the left hand side of the photo here and I think another one growing inside...there's already some tomatoes coming out too.

Well next on the list to purchase is a air mattress for the tipi...I do plan on sleeping out side in it a few times soon...but got to wait till I get back from the workshop. It will be a treat...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Spirit Horse are finished...

 Spirit horse of Cross Winds (All pieces are 8 x 8 collage on tar paper with 2" on all side of tar paper visible and to grommets for hanging.)
 Spirit horse of dusty winds
 Spirit horse of North winds
 Spirit horse of Passion winds
 Spirit Horse of High Hope winds.
 Spirit Horse of Nurturing Winds
 Spirit Horse of Cross Winds
Spirit horse of Summer Winds

Every since my birthday on June 20th I've been more attracted to wind.  I've always have been it was brought to my heart more so. Unless it-winds have picked up something like leaves, plant fibers, rain or snow we don't it's effects unless it moves something.  That movement was something that I founds enlightening.  And this being the Year of the Horse in Chinese Horoscopes.  Not that I follow, it just seem fitting to explore this a bit further as in a series.

Taking the image and with color creating a new piece...same shape but bring to life a new environment.  I might have changed the size on a few and from the left to the right but over all there was change happens from one to the other.   So what am I going to do with them....bring them out for display at My Outdoor Studio Exhibit in September...Now to get busy on some other stuff...

Like purchasing another strand of lights, finding some comfortable inexpensive sitting.

 After putting the grommets in all the Spirit Horse piece I moved on to packing for the workshop at The Clearing in Door County next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday...coming home on a Saturday. Got my packet printed and will assemble them probably tomorrow, still need a few things.

 For the life of us we could not find the same patio block to up inside the tipi so opted to go totally opposite of what was there and placing them down the middle worked better then on sides.  Still a few things I would like to have in place...not perfect but in place... like....

One more stranded of lights...this globe light have handmade paper on them and I really like the effect...not to bright but nice and glowing.

Well on with food shopping and what ever else seem to call up to the top of the pile... 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Checking the bucket list off

So I've been highly emotional on all fronts with this new addition in the back yard. My second Oldest Daughter said, "What do we need this big yard ornament for?  Well glad to know that it just might be that for a while till we get things situated as of more patio blocks for the floor...which of course we can't find anymore so we have to us something else...All is good.

Yesterday I couldn't help myself but go out and about to look for the patio blocks and at possible cushions to sit on...well most of my friends are my age or older and the thought crossed my mind that maybe getting down that far might not be a good idea..... so with rambling and babbling on about my ideas/fantasies....with my daughter that thinks it a yard ornament....she suggest benches...well there you go and then the idea popped in my head about 5 gallon bucket tools...with cushion of course.

so...on you tube....I think I'm going to make a few of these...5 gallon Bucket seats

But first I'm getting my butt to the studio...I'll be leaving lest then 7 days here for Door County-The Clearing and need to be at my best for that...and creating something in the studio helps calm my nerves and get me centered.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Crazy life learning thing....

So over my life I've had people just mention this little statement..."Laura, it's not all about you."  and well being me,  I was like stunned and questioned with a What do you mean?
In my personal confusion to makes sense with the world even my small world, I grasp at signs, sights, words and imagery to understand. Understand what?   Life and all it's ways...nothing to big just stuff around me...

Then I had a nice chat with an elder and she asked me if I have heard of Enneagram. I have and many times in fact I've had people ask me if I've done one....well now I know way it all connects when I read the #4 on the personality type things....you see that's me...as of this vicious need to know and understand, to be this loner fantasy type. And the self indignation I seem to be always in.. and the self expressive need to be creative.  I'm not broken Mom...I'm just me, highly sensitive creative type who loves to share and continually work on herself and make sense of the spinning things rolling around in her head. I could be doing worst as of getting into other peoples heads...or making troubles else where instead of my own back yard.

So with that...I share my fantasy....(which by the way I do seem to carry on in my head a lot..that is fantasies.)

 Dan the Tipi Man said...."Everyone wants a tipi but it's only the special people that get them...Thank you,  God. And to my husband for loving me enough to not think I'm one sick puppy...  And to my one daughter that said, "Mom it's OK you're just going through menopause," Thank God for Menopause too!

One may ask themselves....well I do what the blank-ity blank am I doing?  and I'm going to respond now with "Living!  Life is to short....lets get on with the fantasy"

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It came today....Hand delivered

I'm an official owner of a Sioux style, White Buffalo Lodge.  As it sits now I feels like its suppose to have been there all along. Tipi Dan delivered it today on this way to Forest Park IL. to drop of poles then he's heading back to Sturgis South Dakota to delivery a few tipi's for the big rally and then home to Montana.

There needs to be some landscaping altered and some adjustments to things but it's here.....for a very long time at least 18 years I've wanted a tipi, and had many papermaking tents and art fair tents but never in my wildest dreams did I think this could happen.   I just keep thinking about a Goddess tent while I was weeding and well this is even better. Nice manageable size for me and inside too there is space. Doing some back yard Camping.

Got to figure out the floor situation and what kind of means I'll have, like an air mattress and some big pillow's or what don't know....  Dang I still can't believe it. All so wildly meant to be...I just pray I can take care of it well... and need to do my research and stuff...learn about clove hitches and half hitches...Knot tying 101...back to learning some else new.

I'm exhausted my home is all picked up because I was excited about it coming today that now....I'm needing nap...just might put my lawn chair.

Thank you tipi Dan....and Jamie at Eagle's Nest in Oregon IL. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Yard work together and Two Day Intuitive Collage Workshop

Yesterday after the big day of motorcycle riding and having a nice day together the husband and I worked in the back yard.   I had this spot well, maybe I should say nature had this spot that was claimed by mulberry bush.   It has added on new shoots that I've clipped back twice a year.  Well it was a nasty knot ball of above ground roots it looked like and it was about two feet or so down in the ground.

My husband is a ditchdigger and in my eyes one of the best...been doing it all is life...So he kindly helped me dig some more on Sunday and get this monster out and gone.  The mulberry bush seems to have this ability to be in a place that is not appealing. Mostly grows in to the chainlink fence or in an area that is hard to dig out.

Got rid of a few other things too. Happy to say that my yard work is done as of the major weeding.  with great timing too...as by the end of the week I'll be preparing for a two day workshop at The Clearing Folk Art School.

if interested click here

Off to do Monday's stuff and got Art tribe meeting tonight...