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Friday, April 03, 2020

Sewing again....

 Spring time was always a jump from gardening to sewing when the kido's were younger.  I made the orange pleated ones the other day...experimenting, used a thick coffee filter in between washed it and well the elastic needed repair but the face mask held up...  with glasses it helps keep it tighter to the nose...though I'm not a nurse or doctor so these won't be worn  Just can't help myself..

So to help the nose part that seems to stay on OK I did use the larger pattern and did some tucks here and there...that seems to bring it in closer to the nose...I got these big rubber band strips from a resale school supply place and use them in my RAW journaling class...go figure, they work here. 

Thursday, April 02, 2020

Gardening today...

Hay bale left from Fall put dirt in a few areas of the bale and planted spaghetti squash, fence in back I hope will hold the vine.  Three mounds each with zucchini seeds planted. and some carrot at the end of the row ...small section, seeds were left over from last year. 

 I had Randy spare the back of a chair that was heading out to burn pile for the garden...not sure what will be planted in from of but it's creates a neat back drop...I think.
I have another fence up as a divider for the path way...sometimes the garden takes on a juggle affect.
  I've put the stakes in for where tomatoes will go and whatever else...spinach has been planted there between the black fences as it has a cooler growing season...and when it's done the green beans can take over....I've planted some radishes around the hay bale too. as then should grow and be done before the zucchini takes over.

We are going on what we have...would like to get some tomato seeds...those we don't have but I'm practicing social distance and only going out when we really really have to.
I spent a good 4 to 5 hours out there today and I planted spinach lettuce, kale and some cilrontro too in flower buckets and among the flower beds....We have lots of shade so grabbing spots where sun is.

Allowing each day to be what is will...

I'm sharing along with my students on Coursecraft, Collage Meditation class. 
Each day for the week we focus on Gray scale...these are the last 4 days. On Monday a new theme will be shared with all the students.  I'm excited to see all of them in some 30 days.. 

Monday, March 30, 2020

did some baking

I'm so happy, made a cake for our oldest daughter Stevie Kay, (35 years old) We are not inviting over the siblings we are stay in place and being safe..we will have time to celebrate when we have the all clear.  This Cake is a Zucchini Chocolate Cake Natural stuff, like applesauce and maple syrup and coco. 

Icing is made with Coco and Avocado tastes great...

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Things I did yesterday...

 A friend if mine in Wisconsin did something like this on her front windows of you her house....and I just woke up in the morning and wanted to give it a try...you can see tons of them so very creative and artistic on the Facebook Site, Happy Heart Hunt. 

And I wanted to make Potato soup...put more potatoes in there than it called for.. still might tasted. 

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Changing it up~

Type Four EnneaThought® for March 28th
Today, see if you can do the opposite of your ordinary personality pattern. Don't express your every emotional reaction and see what happens.

Here's a challenge today! 

Posting an Old Collage, 

All the places I gather morning information for the day....Daily Om for Gemini's...
We have already had a goofy and belly laughing going on this morning...felt so good. 

We can attract positive attention by choosing to express the happy side of our nature and allowing it to shine when interacting with others. We often don't realize the impression we are giving others until we notice their reactions to us. By choosing how we wish to be for ourselves and around others, we can bring about the types of social interactions we wish to create. Embracing a happy attitude and expressing our joy to others will encourage them to draw closer to us. At the same time, our positive mood will cause others to reflect a similar attitude to us, which will ultimately lend more positive energy to our interactions. Fostering a positive attitude within yourself and expressing it to others today will enable you to attract positive attention.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Sweet Compassion Little Girl

 Yesterday, I had the chance to be outside my son was able to turn the earth over a week and a half ago and that was a blessing after winter...gets a bit packed down.  And yesterday I took the three prong rack/hoe and broke up the earth clods and made it a bit finer before the rains come in tonight and tomorrow...we don't have anything planned but peas by the fence but soon..The comfort of working the earth is so healing...everyone so do it...

At this time of the Shelter in Place, Virus Pandemic this was sent to me....thought I would share.

My Word this year is Transform...if you don't know what to transform from...is my questions.  So I asked one of my Sage Women and she asked me what did you use to self protect yourself when you were little.  Those things that we used to not feel the pain, and when your really little how do you really know what to do and we are humans and full of many emotions and feelings at a time when one feels hurt, not know you or I could reach for the wrong thing but it fills something that you feel is a void...rambling but this is what came to me this morning...some personal stuff but I know have such compassion for my younger self....

Been thinking about the past, Good girl behavior...in my journal writing this morning I remember hearing that I was so quiet that something should be done because it's like she' not even here...First, Second and Third grades....I was asked if I wanted a job to pick up the attendance card from the lower level classes and turn it into the school office. 
I knew when I was young I was different with learning and comprehending. You sense those things about yourself early....I never raised my hand to be called on to read...To do a book report in front of the class was murder..., I would read and nothing sunk in...so I wrote sentences from the books like they were my own....fast forward to third grade, playing the clarinet I went from beginner to advance in a few short month...it was all repetitive learning. Couldn't read a note now if my life depended on it..    The difference with the learning difficulties I had in my own mind outcasted me from what I saw on the outside of everyone else...I think it created my own self protections as of jealousy envy, and comparisons... and the long need for a Sense of belonging too...not fitting in.  What can a small good girl do with her feelings at this age?  Sweet compassion is all I have for the little girl in me....