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Thursday, April 28, 2016

inspiring words and good introspective questions

Life is Calling
A small investment in one step
Produces rich results
Beyond what you call dream
So shelve the hideaways
The high performance
The hardeners
The penetrating grey
And take on a whole new beautiful
Turn ordinary works into an extraordinary existence
Everything you need to turn slate blue into summer straw
is here
Welcome to safety –and adventure
On a path that suits you specific needs
In a way you can’t imagine
Life if calling
To one step
Not preparation
Just a leap of faith
So be transformed by the falling
Start as who you think you are
And find joyous, dancing water. – Kelly Moore

Reflection Questions
·         What is your creative calling? How do you respond when you hear it?
·         When you move into creative expression and fear rises up do you stay or run? When resistance kicks in , do you listen to what it has to say to you, making space for its wisdom?

·         In what ways do you allow God to surprise you? 

The Artist's Rule- Christine Valters Paintner

Monday, April 25, 2016

Printing of the material for Dolcezza Fall 2016

As Dolcezza prepares for the Fall line of clothing the art images need to be printed on the material. This process is done over in Turkey. I'm in awe of how this process is done but they/the world of printing probably has been doing this all for some years now.   

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Centering Down after a great week

It always amazing me when even you make some choices to do some self care good things you still need that time to center down as of come in be silent and have some solitude with yourself to process all that just became the past.

Great time in class on Monday...we has a good two hour frenzy of Collage Paper making...to the deep connection I had when creating my Tack Down Tuesday.

on through the week a good horse back riding lesson and experience a tall strong feisty horse that I could only just trot with ...Cantor I was a bit scared about.  making progress.

Thrusday night I experience A Gong Bath that was so great...I know my  I was cleansed...the next day not one body part was speaking back...so cool

And Friday night a Drumming session...I slept so good and the rhythm still is beating strong in my body...

Traveled up to Wisconsin to visit my parents and see a the first flea market in Princeton but we chatted so long that time passes and was what we were to do...Then traveled home all in on day...

Time to center down.....get a bit homesteading  and recharge the energy levels and sit in gratitude...allowing it to softly be a great week.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Trying some things out

 So I've always wanted to use that glue gun again...but not to glue stuff down with. So I can making my own stencils how cool is that?

 Well of course I didn't use the same stuff but found out if I put the high fluid acrylics in a spray bottle I could get a nice mist with it. Than I found my atomizer I bought so long ago....and it worked great...dip that short end in the acrylic paint and blow from the long black tip.  And soon a nice mist comes out.

 Then you can cut shapes out and then use the hot glue and make stencils with a nice edges...can't wash them thought the watercolor paper would just go limp.  Oh I tried the black ink and the razor blade too...These are some thing I found in the book that I feel I could use in my collage mixed media making that I do.
I was very fortunate to meet Jo at my Workshop in Arizona last November...what  joy that was and some great Ideas too in this book...Jo Toye   If you like to explore a bit more painting this has some awesome techniques to vamp up you work.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Our Cattail Basin,

 They've already came out and tried to do a burn on the cattails but the just don't seem to take like a burn in the woods.  We/Husband and I think it sucks up the moisture in the cattail reeds or as the call it wick up the mositure and then it puts the fire out.  All to tame the sediment that is building up now for about 13 years.
 Here is a will tree that is growing across from the house it's also about 11years old.
 When the Burn Company came they must of mashed the Muskrat lodge there cause when I walked up there it was all caved in.  Or some did that because there pretty good builders and make a home like a beaver almost.
 Then you have people that think tossing out a Cinder block in here is where to get rid of it.   NOT people...it's not a dump site please...I saw more people sticks in there too from their own yard and trees, leave and grass dumpings....only takes a few and then we're all doing it again dumping.

 This is on of the drain pipe that come into the Cattail basin...the sediment was below the pipe at ground level...at this point it's hard for much come through....

 Side view of the same drain pipe... People though there tree logs in there Why ? I don't know..though they will decompose but not fast enough.

 this is another drain that is block up by gravel?  don't know what happened there.

Here is My collecting of clean up today. I'm happy to report that the plastic bag count is down...there usually are three to four and there full to the top.  And the recycling bin has been topped. 

Working the Gesso

 Linda working with the bowl spreader to apply the gesso to the surface of the found papers. Pushing back the words or notes on the sheet music just enough...so there not so prominent but faintly still there.
 Carol is using a lego to stamp in with gesso and also to subtract some of the gesso on the surface of these found papers.

 Once dried the color can be added.

Sample of some of the papers made for the Art of Layering class, we won't need lots of paper but it's always good to loosen up and play a bit and move that material across the page then add color...lots of excitement at this point of the class.

Making papers like this is call resist...as we work a medium of sort on to the surface which we purposefully try not to cover completely with the gesso or polymer is the resist medium then when color comes on it isn't allow to soak in to the areas where the gesso or polymer has been dried resisting the process of soaking in...which then instantly give us value if we need that in our work later of that color.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Continuing on with the Painted Mare/War Ponies.

Despite all that goes on I'm determined to finish these three piece that will be 24 x 36. Making some progress.  Funny how I was so uncertain about where to place things and give about two weeks and then jump back into.  I'm still uncertain where it really will be going..I'm work the color now so that is where I'm looking.  The painted pony there with the leaves on it like the other one...this is a oak tree the other one was a Shaggy bark Hickory.  More detail will come after the colors are blocked in.

Just feel good to be working back on a personal assignment of my own. Work but now work if you know what I mean.

Time to move to the next Vision board card

So funny as I look at my card or section of my vision board....there is always a crow, The Crow to me has always been my sign, symbol to restore my balance and that there is a natural law to follow. And to know that they are here to restore the balance in my neighborhood too, they have a job and service to give to us.  Did you know that Crows, a couple of different variety can be found all over the world...Not like other birds...some are only in set locations...there's meaning in that I would say too.

I've been blogging for over 10 years + more...need to figure that one out,  I've used it to help me share about my process, what I'm up to as an artist-classes, workshop, events and exhibits. And to share how to's etc. But mainly to become comfortable with writing my words and what seems to be needed to be expressed.   Recently I've been teaching on line too.  So every day I've shown up to the keyboards after a good bout of pen in hand to paper writing. Not every day do I post but I try to.  Not every day do I reread what I write...but I'm learning how to go back and edit...hard to do for a dyslexic soul...no pity just reality. Which with some courageous tears I go forward.  There are those that find the need to correct because that is their skills and they want to help...I get...and understand and are thankful for them, they are teaching me to be better at what I would like to do.  Also to let go of taking it so personal.

But I'm going to have to pull it together here and do some on my own...I'm breaking the steps down and following Anne Lamont about making a Shitty Rough Draft...I'm gathering words, dropping in on a page in the computer, ideas plus processes. I'm praying for guidance, that good orderly direction on how these words will form together for the submission of this opportunity for a grant...I keep telling myself I'll feel so much better once it's done...which I know what it feels like to complete things so that's the good to get to that feeling.

This creates stress for me....always has the writing...and besides what I have to do for this there are other areas that stress is flaring up...So I am so grateful to have known ahead of things that I will need to learn how to spin this stress into success...Attitude of gratitude...cup half full all good positive ways to approach.

Off to drop off some artwork at a show and a celebration of a friends recent retirement...

I will spend some time with this card above and see what lessons and meaning that I've picked back in January on the 1st to guide me...Meditations seem to be a big one.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

More from the weekend~

 Tom's, his children
 A little extra ditty from Nancy
 A little extra ditty from Jan.
Who I don't have a picture of her piece she completed.

 Patsy...had a idea to use found trash along with the papers she made...kind of excited about how it all turned out.

This all will need to be mount and displayed in a way that will protect the hight of the piece.  So we talked about that and how to do that.

Re-Cap from the Floating Collage Weekend

Here is the group that I spent the weekend with, Starting on Friday, from left to right, Eileen, Patsy, Eva, Denise (hiding), myself, Paula,Nancy and Jan up front, Tom in back, Marion back up front, Lisa, Melissa and Chris who shared the images with me below, I'm so grateful...she took pictures because I left my camera card in my computer. I'm not sure who each of these Red Roofs are but you can see that we all started with the same thing a Red Roofs. 

Everyone starts off with a small sheet of painted red drawing paper that then they can fold to their roof.  The emphasis is on wabi sabi, meaning the imperfect of this is perfect...and allow the character to be stronger.   We take each step together so that everyone can understand. Elementary but it really helps the whole process.  They had all watched me all morning creating this piece. 

The piece is two layers on top of each other and the whole Idea is to use the outside edges and make the just as important as the subject matter inside...Spring Blossom.  

Now the Red Roofs...I think we're missing one.. 

The piece of watercolor paper we started off with was only a 3 x 4 piece and everything is built upon that and the practice of hanging over the edges for this workshop was emphasized.   I love this part of the workshop as they make whining sounds their not liking what is going on because it's not perfect then end up with these wonderful lovely character filled little Red Roofs...I told them they are now part of the Red Roof Society as of learning the process of tacking down and glazing etc.   No Red Hats here...just the Red Roofs.