Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The journey continues with Mice-Flower Children

 A while back with my Book Club Artists Group we came up with this idea to have an exhibit of our work together and Mayslake Peabody Estate excepted us, there are 12 artists in total.  And in Jan 2020 we will be exhibiting.

So the thought about setting my intention to a new grouping of work came and that always poses a challenge and I think it should do that.  A time for me as an artist to switch things up or trying something that's been welling in up inside and allow it to come to the surface.

I also seem to go through a phase of assemblage, where I stretch the collage to be more dimensional and that has me playing with violins.  Why a violin you might ask?  The shape and the beauty of it's sound, I don't play it but I highly respect someone that does.

Please know the violins used in this process are student violins that are just tossed aside hopefully to a better one but if not they need a new life and some body that cares...so I have chosen to be their champion for awhile.

 Awhile back I was into the Scrolls...well I truly never got out of them yet, still exploring the possibility.  and that's how the idea of the scroll of sketches coming out of the belly of the violin came.

A roll of paper that's been sitting in the studio for a good year came to good use.  See you never know how or when you will use something like this. But paper and a collage artist never part so I am very delighted to be using it now and with my new sewing machine I sewed the folded paper as seen above.

A layer of walnut dye, and black ink and then spread some gesso over to push it back some and started making some marks on the surface. then a bit of stitching too.

 A dear new artist friend shared a whole bunch of cute mice photos with me, because she know's I have a mouse/mice thing and from there I used the photos as a guide and sketched the little sweet children on the scroll.  what a study it was of images all mice doing what mice do...hanging out in your garden or out the prairies.

 We are use to seeing mice in the house and ones that have made a mess of your sweater or something special in a drawer, etc.  But out in the wild they make this beautiful round balls of natural fibers.  Again digging in my boxes of stuff I had this thick fiber that I just loved and didn't know what to do with it and now it's become the nest.  It's actually fibers from some four legged friend like a husky I think.

This little one was on a dandelion and hiding behind it so I use some more fibers and made a puff ball...not sure if you can see it his little hand is holding a single puff seed. 

 Close ups now...
 The scroll could have rolled in and out but after I made the little sketches 3 dimensional assemblage I had to change that idea around and let it hang...but maybe another violin I'll really do that to. It was just too thick and the sticks I added would have broke...

 Little dangly bits of sheet music and color threaded with thin thread.  It will probably rip off if not treated with care.

 Flower Children is now complete...that was a long time coming, as I had the sketches and went so far and then I wasn't sure how it was going to finish off.   Share with my husband about my doubt...and we were both reminded of this quote.
But this all has just become Awesome!!!!

Plans are set, intentions sent to the universe and when I get back from this workshop...I'm going to be staying aware for more insight on this one...cause this is as far as I have gotten on the idea wheel...but this is the part too that is like gathering the best blueberries...a gathering of ideas and some you throw out and others you use.

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Sunday, August 18, 2019


  • Vision Board
  • Women Who Run with Wolves book discussion, 
  • prayer flags
  • Hand papermaking
  • drumming circles
  • Artists Way or some creative guidance like Wild Ideas-Cathy Wild 
  • Collage and mixed media classes
  • Online classes
  • Workshops-travel
  • Art journaling weekly 
  • Create a retreat
Thoughts of the new year are entering in....Nudges from the intuitive side of things. 

 Vision board in the studio....second one I did.  Ironic how the words Take a Rest are there....seems that's what I've done the past few months. And Introspective work, inner work and renewing myself.

This is from the vision board I did on Jan 1st 2019....I made myself a black hoop with a white feather hanging off last month.  It so happens that I was at a Goodwill and there was an embroidery hoop large one in fact. Painted it black and attached the feather...why because it was there and I'm follow a vision that will reveal itself when it's suppose too.   

What are my creative rituals?  

  • My morning pages...my reading of positive self help. 
  • Keeping a small daily journal of inspiration, notes, mind stuff that I don't want to forget, sketched ideas, and forward motion steps needed to be taken. 
  • Weekly commitment to making art and sending it out to my email list. 8 years and counting. 
  • Saying yes to exhibit opportunities and work toward new works.
  • Creating new works and thinking about classes that will spring from them. 
  • Staying in contact with an artist group in some fashion, physically as best I can.  Hard to keep a commitment with others. 
  • Allowing an openness in each day to enter and stir my spirit and creativity.  

The thing about this all is somehow and someway the list gets check off...but in it's time not necessarily my time.  Allowing things to unfold and graceful happen is a newer learning process for me.  I'm driven kind of gal and like to force things to happen or get a good step in and under.  

Well this is just some creative stirring going on...it's what a good night's sleep does. 

Xray's and just PT.....All is good

A combination of activities this past year have lead to a pain in my knee, which only got worse.  Most of June and July I've been limping and cutting back on any activity.  Yoga has been a lifesaver.  I made an appointment then the pain would get better and I would cancel it..only to have it flare up again.

This time I kept my appointment...funny how my childhood flashes back in my face.  Every time I would go into the Doctor I would hear about my weight and I just was cringing this encounter too.  Yes it's true, I should be taking a couple of pounds off...but that's not all I am and who I am...this kind of first response when going into a doctors shouldn't be but I do see the importance. Weight creeps up on you so face that if you don't stay vigal with it you wonder who side swiped you with it. Or you might be saying when did I pick up that Ass? Hahaha.

So knowing that I had to keep moving somehow I stepped up my yoga routine a bit and I have to say things are getting better,  Though my two dogs are at a loss because we were at least a 5 times a week walkers.   Which I so enjoyed.  But the corn on the toe....which happy to say is gone and the angle of the road and the pulling of Gracie...bloodhound lab mix just created this whole deal of knee pain.

So I kept my appointment this time and went in....no mention of weight and they wanted to know about my pain and what lead to this all. Follow the nurse to the x ray room and had my knees x rayed and then before you knew it the doctor came in and we were talking and he showed me my knees and said I had a bit of arthritis and that I have a this long word, blah, blah blah... but what is boils down to is like a Runner's knee.   I start my Physical Therapy this week. I could probably not go but I do want to keep walking and moving so looking for professional help on this.

So begins the healing process and I've been taking Gracie to the dog park to let go of the built up energy she's been storing.

Oh the doctor said I have good mobility....(Smiley Face)  As that's much better to here then lose weight...though I do need to head the other way on the scale at least to be able to keep moving as of walking in the woods, that's all I seek at this time.  I'll give it a month and see...though I can do stairs but with heighten awareness for sure and good body alignment. Awareness and Balance

My personal drama.... though had me down in the dumpers a bit.   Grieving my lost of what I wasn't able to do.  It's brought some awareness to keep doing but in a different ways.  Stay on course with my projects.  I know that staying on course and taking small step towards the direction your to go in...it adds up in the end.  So all is good.


my four legged friends...

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Flower Children-

I just gave this piece it's name...Flower Children,  The mice are in different area of nature and here they are coming out in the world a beauty instrument where we can here their song. playful little critters.

Been a long time to get to this point in the process...inching my way for real.   I have some finer details to add as I go along...need to stop though as I have a workshop coming up and need to focus on that.  Motherhood has taught me many things and one is that you have be able to stop one activity and then move on to the next and hold on to the fire of the first activity as it is waiting for you to come back to it. 

I was gifted with two more violins and that's exciting.  I never know when substrates like this come my way what I'm going to do with them. I get nudges but I also have to allow the ideas and nudges to float around and begin a story so to say. 

I was also gifted a wood ironing board which is really cool with black iron legs.  I get all excited about stuff like this...

Monday, August 12, 2019

See how fast he went-our Son

Just saw this in Instagram and I'm seeing if I can share it here on my blog.  Jake going down the Track, He got a 10, 141 mph.  https://www.instagram.com/p/B1FF4gKjnmL/?igshid=1xo56f39lzagl

Sunday, August 11, 2019

On Transformation and Healing..

Yesterday I sat down on the back patio and witness a Monarch butterfly laying eggs under the leaves of a milkweed plant in my flower circle.  I never see that happen before. The problem came in when I seen the aphids loaded on the milkweed No milkweed bugs to eat them on this plant. My thoughts were that the butterfly does what the butterfly needs to do and that's lay the eggs and life takes its course afterwards...but the symbolism of the butterfly has me interested in the meaning and what it might mean for me these days. 

Over the past year change has come upon our household, I had once thought it was the worst thing and then I held on and seen that it was meant to be...but with this changes I when personal through major anxiety, I had help with spiritual friends and my 12 step program but it still put a toll on my body.   Our new rescue of 1 1/2 years old blow her knee out and well finance because of the household change were good so we opted to do a therapy with her..which involved major walking. I so enjoyed walking with her-Gracie.  Hank walked with me on the second go around.  With the extra walking I has a flare up my corn on my second little toe from the pinky toe.  It made me walk funny...so I would avoid pain.  I've since removed the corn but with the walking of a bloodhound...(puller) Lab, I've had to counter the pull and I think I warn my right knee out.. A good four months of toying around. I do have an appointment with the knee doctor. I'm not a doctor person. My fear is they will tell me so many other things are worry and then I'm off in my anxiety trap.  

So I had a good day and went to far...paying for it today. (knee was feeling better with doing yoga but thought I was superwoman again) 

 I need to do some maintenance work around the yard.  Something about a woman and her place, her home right?  Well the Hollyhocks were dried up and looking pretty sad.  I cut them down and cut them smaller to put in the burn pit and before I did that I gathered some in a jar to spread later. Last year I spread some across the field and wouldn't you know it they are growing this year.  The bees, hummers and butterflies all enjoy them.

 Along with the gathering of dried growth I have yucca plants that needed to be cleaned up under then with all the dead leave from years past.

 Here is a bundle I gathered and tied with some jute to completely dry out, reflecting on the times of papermaking in the past outside, listening to the water drip as I pull a sheet out of the vat. 

Along with the yucca the day lilies had the same thing going on...their done blooming and soon I'll have more leaves to harvest but I decided to gather some now...was in process and thought might as well do it. 

I had hopes this year of pulling out one of my tents to get back into paper making and well with life as it has been I've not be able to do that and with my knee now holding back some heavy lifting etc. I've just gathered. The gathering was so grounding as working in the yard.  I help be reconnect to the whole awareness of "we are all connected".   I was gathering and thinking of the process of cutting them up, then rehydrating them and then cooking the leaves up to get all the plants sugars out that would make them decompose and then be left with the plant fiber to make into paper.  I was graced with the whole process as was stripping the bark from the branches of the mulberry bushes I had to cut back from some of my neighbors overhang into my yard. 

Brown lunch bag, when I scrap the outer skin of the branch off it is thin long fibers that I learned was used by the Native people to sew with, like sineu.   I got smart this time an cut the piece up into smaller piece...I do need lots of this to make any kind of paper...by the time I cook it down I would maybe have enough to make a 4 x 6 inch sheet of paper. 

I could help myself though harvest the dried and reuse the plant product like this. The acceptance might be that this will have to sit till next year.  I had hopes as I share before to be doing this now. 

Something I read this morning out of the handful of meditation books I read..." When you know that this pain is part of the healing process, it is easier to release yourself from the chains of victimhood." 
Oh poor me, my knee is messed up and I can't do what I want to do, when I want to do it.! Mad, angry and sad....my life is changing. I could say and project that this is it take me out in the back pasture and let me go... but I could also stop and see how I can go deeper with this whole pain, not being mobile. I've already have being the observation of life happening around me. Just now as I type this out I'm witness as I look out the window a morning dove on the electrical line opening up it's wings to have them be washed with the rain water coming down.  I've only seen this with my daughter's Cocktail. 
To allow the butterfly's essence to guide me through the healing. Because that's what I'm going to have to be doing soon enough. Say yes to this healing process. Accepting that this where I am now and to slow down and really observe again, be part of what is now. And now is me having to accept that I can't go for walks in the woods like I would like now, I can't walk my dogs at this time and I have to move slower as my balance is off and carrying heavy things adds more stress to the knee.  As I accept my lot right now...it's allowing me to let go and be present to life that I was rushing by.  Taking something that has changed or happen to you and finding the pluses isn't a natural course by connecting in my yard and life this is way has given me a path. 

So words of wisdom from the Butterfly, Lightness of being and elevation from the heaviness of tension. Bring joy and bliss into our lives. Bring in ease and lightness to the process of personal transformation. The female Monarch was laying her eggs..what does this stage of the process have you looking at in your life. Each stage of the butterfly has great meaning.  The color orange brings in a sense of aliveness,  part of my words for the year, Live and Alive.  And the Monarch has us alter one's own awareness.  

Getting some clarity. As I accept my lot and seek help from professional which I'm not use to and trusting in the flow of the Universe, the Greater Spirit. 

Go through change with Grace and Light. 

I remember how the moth guided me through the darker part of the last year...it was such a good message. 

Message from a meditation book...."There are times when I  have to hurt through a situation and when this happens, the choice is not whether to hurt or not to hurt, but what to do while I am hurting."

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Off to see how Fast it is.....

 This was in 2016...getting it ready to go off to Union Grove where he will run it down the track...,

As you can see I sneak a photo of him from the front door. 

It was about 6:30 when the garage door opened up and the sound of his vehicle rolled out.  Moving things around and pulling the trailer out and loading it up.  It's 2019 and off he goes again new motor and adjustment to run it down the track to see how fast.  I not sure how I'm to feel.  Proud of my son that he's capable to build and learn all this stuff. Scared because it's a risk deal going that fast down a race track.  Though to think of it one could be harmed worse in their own home or neighborhood. 
He's all safe and ready to go, even a tent to stay out of the sun.  He gets a bit nervous and short on responses and we get that...so we the parents give space and wish for the best and bring him home safe. He's doing what he's dreamed of and wanted to do.  We are still proud of him.  

Friday, August 09, 2019

A bit of Marketing today.....Fall Classes

Fall Classes at Naperville Art League 

Back to Mayslake this Fall...what a beautiful place to create in, 
Class description and registration Here 

One of my favorites to explore is the stories and symbols we can share when we make Collage Totems. At Mayslake this Fall Also Details Here 

Next in the Series of Julia Cameron's Artist's Way books,  "Walking in this World, 
This will be an Early Evening Class, Details Here at LaGrange Art League 

So Yesterday...Keys to the Van???

 Walked the woods for a little bit before food shopping..
Bee Balm love to see a field of it.
found this feather in the early evening while trimming back some of the dead plants...was hidden underneath. 

My little drama for this mama... Yesterday. 

So yesterday I was in the right place at the right time, Helped a dog owner out at the dog park...had a car that started at home drove to the dog park and walked the dog and realize she'd left her keys at home. (silly new cars) I gave her ride to her place to get her keys, nice chat and we were on our way. Today I go food shopping and throw my keys on the floor of the van while loading a bag of dog food in and then shut the door...didn't unlock the other doors so had to call for help, My mother in law to the rescue....I've been getting out of my routine of how I gather my stuff in and out of the Van...and well this is the side effect of that. So thankful for the breeze, was great the cloud movement so cool to watch while I waited and I had the cooler so my bacon didn't go bad...Live and learn...been a long time since I did that number on myself. Non police don't help anymore with the new vehicles...call a locksmith I guess...or like my husband did break a window...yicks.. grateful to be home and have been helped...Karma right?

I am very grateful for my mother in law,  I don't usually call on her help...as she's a very busy person with the other side of the family as they need her more... Glad she was home..Thanks Mom~