Sunday, December 09, 2018

Home Alone Movie....

This is the Nativity Scene from the Movie, Home was a movie that was watch so many times around our house.  Jake our son loved this movie...I'm thinking of a Home Alone Christmas Eve movie night if my parents don't come down.  We can't visit them on Xmas Eve because the dates off from work for the husband. Making plans or no will all work out.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Sweep/mop/swift and marketing

This morning I woke up from not a good nights's been awhile since I had one.  Still trying to work with my husband new work schedule and when he comes home etc. Our systems our out of balance.

Yesterday I was informed of some student number of my classes coming up for the new year, Jan 2019.  And as I well know it's always a fishing trip with this part of the art never knows if they will hook any fish and swim in a school or not....or just have to pack up and call it a day.  I'm not crying pour me, just stating some raw feelings about stuff.

With this information...I chose to put on the marketing face.  I spent three hours designing some quick photo like jpgs with the information of the classes I have coming up that I drop and plug into the social media realm.   I felt pretty good afterwards...small little creation sent out into the world...though I many not be doing that correctly because just when you understand the format of the social media it changes. Oh those darn feelings of not enough or not doing correctly. No I don't have a perfectionism I?

Now this morning I'm feeling a bit dirty, market whore, something I'm not...but have turned into for the sake of my business.  Detaching from this marketing face is a hard thing to do when you've spent hours on it. The long on the computer the less I feel human.  (and I'm blogging about it now...shit still on the computer)

Talk recently with another artist came up about feeling like phonies...No not ponies...phonies -fakes at what we do.   I shared with her it's normal...I've heard this and read this about creative types...the question about who and what we do and how it's valued...what I'm learning is how it's valued by us ourselves....The ego/critic wants to call out market whore!!! but that's a Brene' Brown bit Fat, "Bullshit" lie  Right?  I need the woods right about now!

So that had me on a little google search...this is always fun because what you type in you find out your not the only one that thinks like that..."I'm not alone with my thoughts?"  Yes that is true and comforting.   I googled "feeling ugly after an artist markets moment"...I got Marie Forleo's Video/website...check it out Here    I remember a while back seeing this and thinking it was good then.   Needing a reboot here...

From Maria Forleo's website...

Today’s challenge is super important and should take you less than 15 seconds. I really want to see you take action on this one.
Name at least 3 specific ways your work makes a positive impact on others. If you’ve got more than that, keep going.
Now it doesn’t matter what level you’re at in your business or life — or what you do for a living.
Because even if you think you’ve got this “valuing what you do” thing handled, I’d bet that there’s a next level waiting for you.
And really owning your worth and its positive impact on others, especially if you’re an artist or creative, is a key part of that equation.

 Most importantly, owning the value you offer the world creates a powerful ripple effect around you.

You do better work, earn more, have more resources to take care of the people and things you care about, and become a living demonstration of what’s possible for all of us.
No matter what you create or sell, you’ll learn how to better position and market your work.

So in my morning pages I'll be writing about this and pondering/obsessing it with a better attitude and hopefully not feel so dirty...Oh that's right just swifter that all away...Going to do some self care and head to the woods. The wild woman needs to connect to the earth...but far away with this season of holidays. 

Friday, December 07, 2018

Visit yesterday to Waconda IL

I like to see what I'm for..and in a good way at that.  I've been invited to exhibit my collage work at the Waconda Public Library June/July of 2019 and I'm also going to present a little workshops to the community there.  Seems I'm into a library circuit.   I was just chatting with a dear friend today about what is in store for us...and the uncertainty sometimes.  I'm one that goes on Intuition mostly not always a good thing but this feels like a good thing.  A long drive for me but not too bad..

I had found a book as I was walking out and was able to update my Library card and check it out... I'm out of my need to be up and up with the card.  Library systems their really pretty cool. 

When I got home I went to my Hoopla account through my library and was able to down load the one move they had there about Basquiat with David Bowie as Andy Warhol.   I felt blanketed by the whole experience and day. 
Artist Date check out for the week. 

Start your New Year with in a New Direction

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Rambles of stuff that's been going on....

My four legged loyal souls,   They've been a bit more clingy lately...I question it, but I've not taking them for a walk in the last few days. But the really problem is the floor tile going down in the living room as it's take a while, not completes...its just go the space where they move around all in chaos. Hank the big black one, Gracie the rust color one. 

Here is something that happened a while back, It think before thanksgiving.  This piece is called Restoring Balance, I created it and exhibited it at the University Club, Chicago IL. (thanks to Judy S. for the exhibit opportunity)  back in I think sold.  What delight it was to have that happen.  Well I received an email from a gallery appraiser and wanting to know if this was my artwork and would I share what I offered it for sale for and any other info about it.  The piece is now in Canada and is needing appraisal for a woman's art collection, insurance.  I was blown away...just to know my piece is still out there hanging on a wall and is part of a woman's collection...An odd moment that I'm saying thank you too.  

 Small steps forward on a piece that has slowly been coming to life...I have to add the varnish coat on there before I assemblages the two parts together and add the hand made paper part in the middle of that...still some noodling on that one.  

Bathroom picture....I had to add one more piece of artwork to the wall,  The small clay colored piece about the assemblage box that is above the toilet.  

When you come out of the see this.... 

This piece which I had to make larger has a small bird bone in it.  A Ceramic artist friend of mine Cheri Johnson made this.   I saw it and thought it has to be in my bathroom with the photo of Carol Leigh's Toehee that was found decomposed so beautifully.  I love it all, the wabi sabi of life.. 

This piece was part of our collaborative project... 

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Much needed break

My charcoal colored mouse I made last night, got some felt so I can stitch one up. 

Have you ever allowed yourself to get obsessed about something in a healthy way? 

 Thanksgiving has come and gone.  It is always a lot of preparations but I think after 15 years of it and a surprise 80th birthday party too in there with thanksgiving we got the family and preparing. This time of year it's not our first rodeo..  Anyways back to what I was rambling about, the creative energy gets used to plan and prepare.  I know that about myself and I kind of shut down..hard as it's also the time of year when the place I teach at are calling for the information to put in their class brochures and on line.  (feelings of being overwhelmed rush in)  Feel a odd pull and then I want to run and hide out.  Such is work...still I want to be doing this when I'm an all white headed elder.  (I"m on my way to that white hair) 

I've had a bug of some kind or the aftermath of the sugar I got into during thanksgiving...really it takes a toll on me.  Such an addict with it.  and lack of sleep.  The husband new hours have me waking up and tossing and turning.  As it all gets out if system and sleep enters in again I'm feeling alive again...  Morning pages lead into my daily idea journal... People have all these different journals and I make a pamphlet journal and document events and ideas in it...I do want to see a whole row of these.  They help me remember about the ideas and inspire me again.  (you see my mind doesn't shut down) 
Questioning my obsession as this year ends with mice and a mouse has me back to sewing.  A few blogs back I  share a mouse I sewed with denim and that was a wonderful learning piece.  Nothing was correct with it but I do love the effort I put into it.  

Sad little mouse, it's like looking at a pug...there ugly but so cute.  I'm usually creating from and preparing for classes or ideas for classes, in between other ideas come and I execute them.  But to find the time to play and just see what happens.  Begin again or be the student...the best attitude is to never  forget your a student and always have that play like attitude.  Which I think I have most of the time. 

Came cross an article that Jane Davis shared...yes name dropping there but it was interesting.  In Praise of Mediocrity   I do what I do because every time I seek differently something larger then me brings to me to what I do now...being a abstract mixed media artists who love paper   Though there are things that I want to venture out and pursue besides this that are creative...The book Here. 

I'm drawing to books in the hand for journal writing, reading and capturing creative ideas.  And the combination is so cool...but creating things like this puts you more in the process mode as what was shared in the article above.  As stated many times the process part is the best part, its where it all happens.  The RAW stuff, Real Awesome and Whole parts of ourselves combine.  

As I share what  I know...which some days that in itself is still a process or some call it teaching right?  I'm witnessing that human's want to have a finished result in less time.  When being a creative soul we all know it's not about checking this off and Getting her'done attitude.  it's hard as a teacher to share this...that it may take longer and to be stuck in process is the best place.  You learn about yourself and become real. 

With the piece I have upstairs on the drawing table it's been sitting here before Thanksgiving so now that things have passed I'm looking at the piece and yesterday I spent some time in the studio...old friend my studio space so comforting and I do love it so... Part of a season, cycle or just accepting...time away is good, I was creative with food and family.  One can't be constantly working on their art or creative endeavors...we need to step away and then come back home. 

So what am I rambling about...ideas, excitement and inspiration are coming in...The words...Live = Alive might be my word for the year.  Been toying with that too.  I can have two words if I want rules about that is there?