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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Out on a limb staying open for a word.

The last couple of mornings the husband and I have been having mini life, human behavior kind of chats.  Looking at ourselves and our own behaviors and one of our friends and loved ones. Reflecting on area's of adjustment and change. Some his but mostly mine thinking throwing out questions, worldly things and things of more spiritual realms.   A bit to heavy or wordy for the man...but he listens and listens well.

My mornings empty out and fill up with Good Orderly Directions as much as I can comprehend. Last year out of the 4 or 5 I didn't pick a word to savor, grow and learn from.  I've had Balance, Acceptance, Intuitions, and R.A.W. (stands for Real, Awesome, and Whole)  The last word kind of carried over into to this year I felt.   But now I'm wondering what could be a word for this year.

I have all my little affirmation tailsman around, rocks, puzzle piece with 12 steps slogans, candles, journals, meditation books etc. and wonder about the word to keep me centered and guided.

Back to the chats with the Husband, he shared that I always have this spiritual aspect to my thought and comments....hmmm too funny that I was writing about staying open for the word.  Sanity comes to mind, Serenity and Spirituality.

All these words that come each hear are also a challenge for me. As the say don't pray for Patience...you just might get what you ask for as of ways to teach you about how to learn to be more patient.  So not taking this to heavy but the thought about a word this year is their.

Now jumping to something else...this statement from Finding Water... “The bottom line is that we make art about the human condition and our lives must be rich with experience in order for our art to remain vital.” 

Sure my art creating and process comes from something bigger outside of me and within, I feel that there is a connection that we are able to relate to in all and be it about emotions and the human condition of what we experience and are going and grow throw...is just totally awesome to me. 

So with going out on a limb...as this some what normal being/myself who is striving to be a better self seeks guidance rambles on about finding a word...a simple task that will help guide her into and through the new year, she sits open and vulnerable to it all. 

Added information...about the three words I have thoughts on. 

Sanity- the ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner; sound mental health. Reasonable and with Wisdom.
Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. As such, it is a universal human experience—something that touches us all.
Serenity-the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

Spiritual questions
For many, spirituality is connected to large questions about life and identity, such as:
·         Am I a good person?
·         What is the meaning of my suffering?
·         What is my connection to the world around me?
·         Do things happen for a reason?
·         How can I live my life in the best way possible?
The word spirituality comes from root words in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek that all mean wind, breath, or air—that which gives life.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sometimes a lengthy post is worth it...Finding Water Ch. 3

Finding Water-Artist Way Julia Cameron
Week 3 Uncovering a sense of support
Quotes, paragraphs and misc from the book

Critical to any creative journey is a sense of creative support. You must practice discernment, weeding out that which does not serve and watering the shoots you want to foster. This week’s tasks invite you to consciously interact with those who are positive on your behalf. Reaching out to others for their belief, you will also reach with in and steady your personal confidence. If you had the faith, what might you try? This week’s explorations will lead you into knowing you own mind.

Who wants to try writing a novel if the act is going to cost us all our friends?  And so novels go untried and artist go on blocked.
The truth is that creativity occurs in clusters. Consider Paris in the twenties and the cluster that built up around Gertude Stein’s hospitality. It can be argued that successful art is built on successful friendships. It can certainly be said that friends are what enable an artist to go the distance.

“Believing Mirrors”

Julia shares...Good start, keep moving, my friends signaled back
It can be argued that successful art is built on successful friendships. It can certainly be said that friends are what enable an artist to go the distance. Step by step.

A believing mirror might say, “Don’t give up on it because of one person’s opinion.


Friends help us to weigh the positive against the negative. They help us to know when we have been savaged and when we just feel like we have been savaged. 

Not all work will be inspired. Not all work will point in the right direction. Friends who know our work, our body of work, will be quick to notice when a new direction is struck.  They make good sounding boards to discuss the validity of the direction we are trying, whether we are moving fruitfully forward into new terrain or have simply gone off on a tangent.

Friends may be able to tell us when we are working badly and when our critic is simply working overtime.   Unfortunately our own inner critic is not a trustworthy guide as to the caliber of our work. Sometimes rarely our critic will let the second rate work slip past.  More often, our critic will mercilessly attack work that does not deserve such attack. This is where the validating support of friends comes into play.

Listening to our friendly viewers over a hyperactive Inner Critic is a learned skill. All too often, it is fear that prevents an artist from stepping on to center stage.

Try a Sandwich call… make a phone call before and then a phone call after.  Belief is contagious and sometimes when we cannot believe in ourselves we can at least believe in the belief of others.

Divining Rod
Create a list of encourage friends, and then put this list in to action. Make a Phone, email; send a letter contact your believing mirror.

Don’t be surprised by the loving input you may receive. Our friends can be quite wise regarding the proper care and maintenance of our artist. Very often, when we are driven in our art, we fail to take loving actions to ward ourselves.
 Try trusting you friends rather than playing the Lone Ranger. This flies in the face of our cultural mythology that telling us artist we are loners. We need not be loners. (Successful artist seldom are.) Remember that success occurs in clusters and is born of generosity.

To keep on keeping on takes energy and commitment, two variables we may need to borrow.
For most artists, discouragement is the private hell we do not talk about.  Sitting in limbo and living in “almosts.”
Julia here reads poems by Ernest Holmes, “I pray not to be cynical. I pray not to close my heart.
For today, the assignment is to stay faithful, to keep on acting as if to put words to the page despite their difficulty, to maintain optimism despite pessimism, to keep on keeping on. For this, I need help. I have learned to ask for it.

On the days when one’s belief wobbles, piggybacking on a dear friend’s belief by facing it with their faith, we find our own. Do not sabotage ourselves, keep stubbornly working. So much of keeping on is just keeping on.

The real miracle was the relief of one artist sharing with another. We were in the artists’ boat together.

Divining Rod
You are on the lookout for experience, strength, and hope. You  want to h ear from the horse’s mouth exactly how disappointments have been survived. It helps to know that the greats have had hard times too and that your own hard times merely make you part of the club. Pen in hand select five mentors from among deceased. Focus on one of them asks for help and input that they might have for you at the current time. Sit quietly and listen till you hear guidance come to you. Write it out, very often you will find that there is wisdom available to you that does not seem to be your own.

Joining Humanity
Checking in with each other,  it make the workday more doable, makes it something shared between friends.

Let’s talk about Ego
It is ego’s dicey proposition that as artists we should always be “special” and different.  The ego likes to be set apart. It likes to look down its nose at the res of humanity. Such isolation is actually damaging. It is like reverse of the Midas touch turning everything golden into a problem. Ex: Let us say we have fear-as all humans do-the ego would have us having “artistic fear” which sounds like a specialized something that perhaps only an expert, and an expensive expert at that, could help us cope with.

If we have plan old ordinary fear then we are within reach of a solution. Fear has been with humankind for millennia and we do know what to do about it-pray about it, tale about it, feel the fear, and do it anyway. “Artistic” fear, on the other hand, sounds somehow nastier and more virulent, like just might not yield to ordinary solutions-and yet it does, the moment we become humble enough to try ordinary solutions. 

When we choose to join the human condition rather than set ourselves apart from it, we begin at once to experience relief.  Ex: if we stop calling our writers block “writers block” and begin using words like “resistance” and procrastination” we are suddenly no longer in rarefied territory.

One of the greatest disservices we can do to ourselves as artists is to make our work too special and too different from everyone else’s work. To the degree to which we can normalize our day, we have a chance to be both productive and happy.  We can buy into our resistance-Writers block! Painters Block! – or we can simple say, “I don’t feel like working today, and I’ll bet an awful lot of other people are in the same boat.

The minute we identify with the rest of humankind, we are on the right track. The minute we set ourselves apart, we are in trouble. Our shared humanity is the solution. Our “specialness” is the problem.

The fact of being a novelist or a portrait artist matters less than the all –too- human thought “I am not sure I can pull this off this time.” All workers face this fear. It’s normal.

Ex: checking in-“I am having trouble starting, please put in the pray pot,” we may ask our friends, reducing our resistance from a gigantic block into something more manageable.

Any time our work process becomes something we can share with our “normal” friends we are on the road to health. Everyone one many not experience writers block or painters block but everyone can experience resistance.  We can all relate to that.

“You’ll feel better once you make a stab at it.”

Suddenly we are on the road to recovery. Our creative dilemma has become a human dilemma.

All human being are creative. The more we can accept and welcome that fact, the more normal our own creativity can become.  If it is “normal,” then it can be shared with everyone.

A changed attitude can lead to a new perspective.
The ego…again the darn ego, doesn’t like the proposition that artwork is like any other work. The ego likes mysterious  and self-serving hokum like, “Artwork requires inspiration.” Hooey, as any honest artist will tell you, inspiration is far more often a by – product of work then its cause.

We don’t’ feel inspired, far from it, but we begin anyways and something isn the act of beginning seems to jump-start a flow of ideas. One thing seems to lead to another and another, and before we know it an “inspired” day’s work has transpired. Nike slogan, “Just do it.”

Divining Rod
Turn to your personal list of encouraging friends. Listen to the details of his or her everyday life.  Develop an interest in people and that interest is what you are working at now.
Listening to our friends as well as speaking to them of our own lives is very grounding. The more we know of what they are up to, the more we can feel that despite the essential isolation of the creative path, we are living a life in community.

“The bottom line is that we make art about the human condition and our lives must be rich with experience in order for our art to remain vital.”  I so love this bottom line thought.

Little by little, we chip away at the problems and work our way toward a solution. All it takes is our focused time and attention. Nothing could be simpler. Nothing could be more rewarding. And yet, each day, when it’s time for the work phone call, it is tempting to just get on the phone and socialize. We laugh about resistance, but it’s hard, settling into work. The ego doesn’t like punching in and doing work on schedule. The ego likes more mystery and hokum. (Watch out-personal note)

The idea that the biggest secret of making art might just be making some art is a conclusion the ego works very hard to avoid. The ego wants us to be “in the mood” to make art at the very least. And yet as ny working artist will honestly tell you, waiting for the mood is a huge time waster.

How the ego wants it different! 
Ego stands for Easing God Out

Artists know that when we are working at our best something larger than ourselves is working through us.
If we listen to the ego, we become dangerously marginalized. Our art become more difficult for us to make because we are too busy trying to make ourselves into artists.
We become focused, “How am I doing?” Rather than “What am I doing?” Our attentions strays from process to product.  “Do I look like a real artist? We wonder.

The ego loves to keep us wondering. The ego likes uncertainty because wherever there is uncertainty there is grounds for obsession, particularly self-obsession, the ego’s favorite plaything. The ego doesn’t want art to boil down to the very basic question of process.

As we demythologize creativity, we exorcise a great many demons. We have no need for the demon of feeling special and different, isolated and alone.

“I’m going to the go upstairs and write for a while,” become as normal as a sentence as “I’m going to go downstairs and tackle a some of the laundry.” JC-My novel was simply one more job I had set for myself.
“Just as I couldn’t let the laundry piel up, or the dishes pile up, I couldn’t let the writing/paint etc. pile up, either.” A certain regular amount of writing was required.

Making writing/painting a part of normal life instead of something special and apart from it served me very well. I didn’t have the language for it then, but my writing life was “sober.” By sober” I mean nondramatic.
One of JC’s friends helped her address her first issue of emotional sobriety in her work life. Work needed to be daily and doable.
“Okay, God, you take care of the quality; I’ll take care of the quantity.” Posting a sign helped her from bingeing on negative emotions.

I went to work at my typewriter the same way my friend Jackie went to work, at her dress shop, I showed up. I ignored my resistance. I did my pages. When my pages were through for the day, so was my identity as a self-conscious writer. For the remainder of the day, I was a girlfriend, a mother, sister-many different roles beside “artist.”  (Personally I would love to have a schedule like this)

Freed from the weight of my entire identity, writing became something I did more lightly.
My friendship base broadened. I could be friends with a lawyer and a kindergarten teacher. I could be friends with a painter and a housewife. You didn’t have to be an artist to be my friend. I didn’t have to act like and artist to be your friend. What we had in common was our shared identity as human beings. This was special enough for me.

It has all been accomplished by the “easy does it” method. I try to be conduit and a channel. My productivity has really been born of cooperation. I show up for work.

Divining Rod
Most of us accomplish too little because are expecting to accomplish too much.
Although we love them and crave them, we do not really need vast savannahs of time to work at our art. What we need is the willingness to work at our art in the time that we have actually got.

Pen in hand. Explore the following questions.
What art form
Could you begin practicing if you actually tried “easy does it” as a work practice?
What art from do you tell yourself you have not time for?
Is it really true?

How do you kill time? TV? The phone? And can you stop doing that?
What is your artistic goal and what is a daily, workable amount that you can reasonably expect from yourself?
Can that amount be lessened?
What amount of work can you accomplish daily without drama? That is your sober quota.

The Best Kind of Friend
She became for me an island of light, fun, wisdom, where I could run with my discoveries and torments and hopes at any time of day and find welcome. May Sarton

What did the impressionists move love to paint? Lunch with each other.
Part of husbanding our talent lies in finding those who are generous enough to reflect us back as talented.

Everyone benefits from one another’s generosity. “True Believing Mirrors”
Believing mirrors are believers, first of all in the basic good of life. Setting aside chic skepticism, they are upbeat and encouraging. They believe in the college try. What’s more, they believe in trying again. They are realist. They expect good things, but they know good things take work. They assume you will do the work because your dreams are good and worthy. They will help you if they can.

What now they cannot know is exactly how much help they already are giving us simply by existing. One positive friend may be all that is takes for us to keep on keeping on.

Their relationship refreshes an rejuvenates

It is a function of believing mirror to focus us always on the positive, on the bottom line of our “doing better than you think.” Especially when working with an inner critic.   It is not that a believing mirror ignores negativity; it is ore that a believing mirror considers the negative but still votes on the side of the positive.

A believing mirror focuses on our process as an artist.  It finds dignity in the fact of making art, not in the fact of having made it as an artist-although a believing mirror always allows that it believes we will do that, too.
You’ve done too much good work for it to come to nothing,” a believing mirror will say.

Creativity is an act of faith and believing mirrors give us faith in our faith.  Ex; it took powerful faith to continue the submission process. “Powerful faith” is a gift of believing mirrors.

There is purity to the connection between believing mirrors, and ability to see past differences to the divine spark within.  What they have in common was admiration for each other’s work.

There can be a bottom lien tough mindedness to believing mirrors, a tendency to focus on the use of talent and to ignore the rest.  Bottom line question…are you writing or painting?
Talking to your believing mirror about fears, misgivings and doubts and they might ask the question of my talent and whether I’m using them.

Pivotal to self-expression is the idea that three is a benevolent, interested Universe that wants us to expand. Without such belief, we may buy into our self-doubt and by doing so sharply limit what we are able to attain. We may think “wouldn’t it be lovely” and then automatically dampen our enthusiasm with “That could never happen”-but perhaps it could. It is the function of a believing mirror to keep us focused on the “Perhaps it could”

For a believing mirror, nothing is too good to be true. Spiritually grounded even if not conventionally religious, a believing mirror focuses on the divine spark of genius within us all. Because divine spark is godly in origin, and thing is possible.  When we are connected to the Divine with in us nothing is beyond our reach.

There is a sacred quality to an alliance of believing mirrors. We are dedicated to seeing each other as pure spiritual potential. Our human personalities our foibles and flaws, are somehow overlooked. We are focused on the big picture of what is right with our selves rather than on the smaller and more limiting picture of what is wrong.

They remind us to simply take the next right step, faithfully believing that everything is unfolding exactly as it should. If you tell a believing mirror of a sudden and dramatic breakthrough, they may act as is there is nothing either sudden or dramatic about it. To them, it is simply the continued unfurling of something right and proper.                                 

Divining Rod
It is time for a timely thank you. A phone call, postcard, brief letter. Take the time not to make a connection of gratitude. Your believing mirrors may turn you thanks aside, saying “Oh, c’mon, it’s nothing,” but we know that it is not.

Believing Mirror in Action
A friend is one before whom I may think out loud. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

A believing mirror is a friend to our work, a determined optimist. A believing mirror does not expect creation to be without difficulty but it does expect for that difficulty to be mastered. No, No self-pity.

Bad days come with the territory…but we signed on for the whole enchilada.

Sometimes we shop around for drama and not finding any among friends or from our believing mirrors. No one wants to cosign the drama or you bullsh-t. They understand and know we just need to get emotional sober.

Trust is one of the key elements in finding a believing mirror. We need to trust the sensibility of the friend we are dealing with. We cannot feel they are just humoring us. Such humoring is not what we need. We need friends who are tough-minded enough to tell us what they see.

Divining Rod
Our friends are not always available to us. Sometimes we will be stuck by doubt or despair and find that we must act in our own behalf to muster the courage to continue.

Take pen in hand, Write yourself a letter of encouragement, singling out the many things that you have done well.  Give yourself the respect of a job well done. Give yourself a review that you wish that would receive. 

I know I depended on my believing mirror a whole lot this past week...daily emails of segmented drama that was just part of the little circus I belong too.  

Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Postcard design

Instead of going out and shopping on this Black Friday I went to the studio for some quiet solitude and created a piece for my Christmas postcard. Some had to work today that live in our home and others are just hanging out...me I'm just reflecting on how wonderful it was to have family, friends and neighbors in our home to share a huge feast and to give thanks for all that we have. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Belated Full Moon,

Deer Moon
Inspired from the book, Thirteen Moons on Turtle’s back
A Native American Year of Moons,
by Joseph Bruchac and Jonathan London

Moon When Deer Drop Their Horns
Now is the time when all the deer must band together in their winter lodges. All Autumn the bucks fight with each other, each one seeking to prove himself stronger, each wanting to be the chief of his people.  At one time the deer kept their horns all year, but when they entered those inter lodges the bucks continued to fight with each other. Earth makers seeing how the deer suffered sent Na-na-bush, his helper, to loosen the horns from their foreheads in this moon of late autumn.  Now, each winter, when the deer gather, just as we enter our medicine lodges, they leave their weapons outside the door. Their horns drop onto earth, white with peaceful snow.

Eleventh Moon Winnebago

Sharing some info between activity 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Day

A few more student's work from Tucson AZ

This is Peg's collage work from the workshop in Arizona...these gals are finishing things up and sending me the completed images...That's Great!  I've posted her piece and descriptions.  

1.        The Force – checking how fluids react with tissue paper…..doesn’t spread fluids that easily….I need a smaller brush!

2.       Wounded Warrior: A present for a girlfriend fighting breast cancer. Tried tacking on a canvas, but learned I much prefer wood panel!

I like the panels too Peg but when I go big I seem to like the canvas too. Thanks so much for sharing your work with me and all that visit the blog. 

Student's sharing their works

Pam Tallman  shared some of her work with me yesterday.  She was gifted with lots of collage papers and medium from another artist who as moved on to be creative with Jewelry.  Here is a series of works. Each one with it's own statement. Same materials but speaks very differently with how the colors were used. Some dominating others. It's great to see the work people are making.  

This is Jo Toye's piece from Tucson Arizona's workshop, Jo has been a wealth, warm giving information and has a book coming out by North Light Publishing in March 2016...might want to check it out her Book 

Well on to a good walk in the woods...bound to be a bit muddy but so refreshing for the mind body and soul.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Finding Water, Bk 3 Artists Way...Ch. 2

Finding Water
Week Two- Sense of Reality
I have to write this out again… As you explore your inner world, your outer world will come more sharply into focus. As you face your imagined barriers, you will encounter real ones as well.  This week’s work will help you to become more grounded and farseeing. As you seek your own internal support, as well as the support of friends, you creativity will become more steady. As you undertake small actions on your own behalf-watering the garden, as I were- larger actions will seem more possible. A sense of your own power will return to you…

There’s the words I like to hear, that is a sense of your own power…that makes me feel so strong.

I’m going to sum  this up in this one simple statement- For creative sanity, I must believe that if I just do the next right thing or small act, a path will unfold for me. I must believe there is a divine plan for me and my work.

Divining Rod Task work…list of 10 things that you can cherish in the life you’ve actually got.

Inhabiting the Present
I love what she asks; can you afford to romance your past? And does it serve you? And that we must focus on the here and now.
Divining Rod task work- write about yourself in the third person, sketch in your life and surroundings exactly as they are now, talk about what you love and what you hate. Talk about what you want more of and what you want less of. Can I say this sounds like a fun exercise?

Staying in Training
Making art has taught me that the tiniest smidgen of progress is something to be savored.

As an artist I must cherish each tiny bit of track as I am able to lay it down.
A career must be husbanded or should I say our lives must be husbanded too. Care must be taken. Everyday must bring some small bit of progress.

It is all too easy as an artist/person to allow the shape of our career and lives to be dictated to us by others.

To remain healthy and vital, artists must stay proactive in their own behalf.  Have we not read this before?  Writers must write for the love of writing and not merely or only to fulfill a book contract. 

Artists are very must like athletes. As an artist we must be alert to keeping ourselves in effect training. One must take care to be well rounded. Or as we read in the first book a full time person. One must take stock of their talents and take the time and car to try to use them fully.

Divining Rod task work- Write 5 small action steps, this can lead up to a large sense of optimism.

Creativity is a spiral path: we pass through the same issues over and over again at slightly differing altitudes.

Personally this scares me as I’m a perfection on some level and I know I don’t have my critic always tame in the back cage so when I started reading this I wanted to skip over it.
JC, has us looking at our critic again and I personal don’t want to…I want to buck the system on this one.

The one quote by John Barrymore… The artist is extremely lucky who is presented with the worst possible ordeal which will not actually kill him. At this point he is in business.  This bring to mind about how I feel sometimes about a project or idea…it’s  problem to be solved…and the creative kicks in and off I go trying to figure out how to fix it, not that I’m an expert at fixing things I just like to do it.

Word of caution when going out on an artist date, “Don’t’ bring your Critic.”

Divining Rod task work- Darn you draw or write about what your critic looks like?  Facing your fears head on.

Taking Action
Sometimes wanting to move forward and uncertain just how to do that, one might get frustrated. Sounds like JC is telling herself as much as us the tricks of creative life is to maintain that optimism and forward motion. Doing the next right thing, however tiny. So much consists of doing the next right thing, however tiny. Often we get discouraged because we are unable, left to our own devices, to see the next right step. Discouragement acts as blinders.  This is where friends come in handy. This is where brainstorming matters.  

A little help from a friend is all we need. “What a difference it makes to be able to take an action. It is the difference between optimism and despair”

Divining Rod task work- Give this a try this week, jot down a list of actions you would like to share with your friend, and report back.

Not matter where we all are on this journey together sharing the artist way books what’s important is our commitment to our creative selves and our creative lives and then having a place to share that with where encouragement can foster growth individual and together.  We all know what we need to do and where we would like to go in our dreams and in the day to day stuff.  It’s time to bust a move on it people and report back share what you can. Our baby steps are what we will triumph with so wear the badge of that says “Create Change” or “Live with great intentions”  “A smile warn proudly is because I did, not because I just said I’ll try”  

Toying around getting a proposal together?

Sketch done a while back for a class called Abstract Landscapes with photo reference. Believe it or not this piece was inspired by a early spring morning walk...green growth has really begun to sprout yet.

 In the Depths of Life was a quick early morning studio fix...Husband went out to breakfast early to met the boys at Denny's and when he came home I wasn't at the kitchen table plunking away at the keeps...no he came up to the studio to see what his was Wife was doing up there so early... this is on watercolor paper 14 x 14 in sizes...I'm waiting for some panels to come in to see how they look.
 This is a sketch I showed a while back but wanted to show again...because If one was preparing to put a proposal together for a exhibit submission I need to look at my work a bit longer and with more intention.
This is Healing Circle, 36 x 36 collage on canvas...from my sketch above.  I feel a very and real and raw moment with this piece...it kind of gets me where it counts...hard to describe but with only those words for now. 

 This is a tack down Tuesday piece, 8 x 8 I call it healing waters, it's a collage done on watercolor paper but mounted on a wood panel.

 Red circle #1, another Tack Down Tuesday, 8 x 8 on watercolor paper mounted on wood panel.

And this piece is a few years old as I made it for my Red Dot Outdoor Studio Exhibit, I just love the torn circles but in tan this time.  Red seems to be the them and circles with sketchbook starts.  Now to see if I can bring a few more together and write up a proposal with a theme that threads through...  

Friday, November 20, 2015

Floating Collage Color studies...

Can it be about paper,color, texture, space, form, line and size?  

Floating Collage Workshop April 2016

So very excited to be working back with Naperville Art League...I do enjoy the space and the people  working with there...They are accommodating my needs to present a workshop with them.  I've heard a few that would like to see what this Floating Collage is all about so here you go a chance to find out.  I'll be heading over there today to drop off this flyer and supply list.  If interested one would have to register with them. It's not on the website yet but I'm sure it will be soon...

Floating Collage Flyer

Floating Collage Supply List

Floating Collage Registration Form 
You can print the form here, cut the bottom part off and mail it into Naperville Art League, 508 N Center Street, Naperville IL 60563 Attn:  Floating Collage Workshop.