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Monday, July 06, 2015

Today's finished pieces- Paper treasures

 Owl, collage on watercolor paper 2" x 2"

 Yellow Head, collage on watercolor paper, 2" x 2"

 Girl on the grass, collage on watercolor paper, 2" x 2"
Letters, collage on watercolor paper 2" x 2"

This will be raised and mount in a 6 x 6 wood panel frame, I need to makes some more...I've just accepted an opportunity for a solo exhibit in October so starting some new works...Not sure how many I will make I always like to see a wall of them all together...and then one never knows and maybe 5 will be it..

Ace, collage on watercolor paper 2" x 2" mounted and raised inside the 6 x 6 wood panel. 

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Rock study Day 3

Gel pen scribble.

I took a ride with "the Husband" and we ended up past Dekalb or somewhere like that, so beautiful all the open land and farms. He wanted to look at an old Harley motor for a new choppers he's been talking about building...So I got out with him and listened to the guys talk for about 10 minutes and then I had head back to the truck.   Felt like a fifth wheel. So glad I brought my little sketch book and was ready for another around of 4.  I so love the same of these two rocks. 

Walking in this World Week 4

Well this week #4 was about an sense of adventure and self expression.  And I'm happy to say I did the adventure this week and also consider I slipped in a artist date too. I rambled on about it all a few days ago in a post about going horseback riding.

Now on to the task work...Draw your self to scale, 
This week though seems small was a weird risk of putting out a sketch book and sketching with drawing and painting tools and not paper/collage.  I all to well know the meditative process of looking, observing and getting in to that kind of rhythm and then to self express. But with my own thinking that it's waste of time and that's not getting you where you want to go is it...?  And where do I want to go?

So I'm glad that my one dear friend came in town a few weeks ago and she had pulled out her little sketchbook she cares with her when she travels...the kid in me said I want one of those and wouldn't know it the next time I went shopping there on a end cap was sketchbooks of many sizes. I grabbed one and tore the sticker off and the cover got torn. So I collaged the cover.  

This task ask that you draw and use the sketchbook for many small moments of adventure.  Well I was and still am obsessed with the two rocks I got from my sister that I decided to stay open and play with my drawing tools that way.

Julia's words....A Sketchbook freezes time. It is instantaneous form of meditation focusing us on the worth of every passing moment. So often the great adventure of life lies between the lines, in how we felt at a certain time and at a certain place. This tool will help you to remember and savor the passing parade.

Allow yourself to be task work
As I spend many hours typing up my notes this morning and posting on my blog...I question am I wasting my time doing all this creative recovery work or nonsense?

So now I'm to take pen in hand...10 times dreams and hidden desires

  • I secretly would love to continue what I do and that I mean...reading bits and pieces of books and self express and self examine my inner thoughts. 
  • I secretly would love to have and raise chickens
  • I secretly would love to have a place in the north woods with a big pole barn for my husband and I to be creative in. 
  • I secretly would love to run my own creative art center.
  • I secretly would love to be this wise wild woman. 
  • I secretly would love to have people over more often but my house is so badly under construction
  • I secretly would love to have a horse ranch/creative center/gathering place...Oh did I mention that already? 
  • I secretly would love my extended family members to be healthy in mind, body and soul. 
  • I secretly would love my daughters and sons to find their soul mates, someone to share their life with instead of us. 
  • I secretly love to have drumming sessions.
Now spend some time writing about one of these.....I think I will leave it for my morning pages...

Next task....Carry on a dialogue 

Ok here goes..... 
I would love to be done with my third on line class and be ready to launch all three of them out to the internet. But for some reason I am procrastinating on this. 

When you work with people online before you enjoyed it so much and the work from the students was the cherry on top for you as a teacher. 


So what is holding you back really? 

It's hard work for me to spell it out and sit behind the computer and then upload it all behind the scenes. Some days I enjoy typing but other days I don't and hear criticism about sitting at the computer all day. Can't win for lose. 

You going to let that stop you?   

Julia words...
All successful creative careers are built upon dialogues like the one above. As we both move forward and solidify where we've been, "solid" careers take shape. they are like gardens that require patient nurturance, where no one plant runs wild. 

OK off to live a life today....and feeling a whole lot better for taking the time to comprehend and understand and go deeper with things. 

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Rock study #2

 Print out four image and glue them in my sketchbook.

 contour drawing with pencil

 detailed drawing with pencil

 Crayon side where used very loosely.

Watercolor first then marker afterwards. 

Drawing task work, assignment

My task in Week 3 of Walking in this World, A sense of Adventure, was to carry around a sketchbook...which I have many Collage sketchbook but not one that I've done a whole lot of drawing in.  One of the things Julia encourages is if you like yellow then work with yellow that day. Act on it take the risk...Well I've wanted to draw and I dabble in it from time to time. Plus I love the way these two rock connect. So I'm going to work with the rocks...not yellow but with rocks. 

So yesterday while walking in the woods the idea came to use the rocks that my sister gave me and photograph it from different angles and start with one position and repeat it 4 times.  Four was picked because it's the size of the images that would fit on one page and when cut out and glued in the sketchbook it would work best. 

 I started my first sketch at about two in the afternoon while I was in the kitchen doing prep work and pre-cooking somethings and making tortillas for everyone to use during the week. (love the mundane tasks of chopping, mixing and rolling out.)  So between rolling out the tortillas, I started...I have to say I was prepared with the image in the little sketchbook but didn't know when I would start.  Do you ever start you day and think I'm going to do that today and don't...and when you don't you kind of feel a bit cruddy?  and wished you stuck with the plan to do it...well I was getting that feeling...Then I grab an orange gel pen in the pen holder on the counter. I remember a while back doing this when I wanted to draw the flowers blooming in my backyard I use crayons first...non intimidating. The orange pen allowed me to start as of knowing it's not going to look like it in color so just go for it. Telling myself,  pick up a tool girl and start...so this is my first.

I wanted to work with different mediums so I had this little watercolor pods...some of them have glitter...not a glitter kind of gal but went with it any ways...big risk #2 for the day.

I think I want to find a small watercolor set but in the mean time I will use what I have. 

 I set-up assignment up for myself, from time to time, trying to be manageable with them.  So staying small and sticking to just this image and four in a day is something I can do.  So to approach it with different mediums or drawing styles.  So the next one totally different colors and working with shapes.

 On to the last one using the Zen tangles style....kind of hard to think of what to do next that's not the same as the last area you work with.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Experience Life or was it an Artist Date?

When the known becomes boring and predictable, you can dare to be different and experience life in a new way today. 

This sentence above if from my horoscope this morning.  I posted yesterday that I felt like running away. I mean to say, I was feeling like I wanted to not be so serious, work, work, work...kind of thinking.   And I wanted to play.  Have an adventure so to speak.  Heck I just got back from a road trip isn't that enough? no that was different.  I realized all my life I have crossed paths with horses.  Not in any big ways but enough to make a impact on my childhood and adulthood.  

I felt very comfortable there, the smells...yes the smells connected memories with the activity of the barn.  Our guide/owner, Meredith shared with us about the place.  And that she just took it over the last 5 years after she graduated from college.  

I have to admit I was a bit sore but not this morning. We moved around in the saddle, having to up and down some steep landscape and crossing the rivers. Meredith's horse, new to the group of horse they have went across the creek first and started splashing with his one front hoof....really was enjoying himself...the rest of us just crossed over. 

I only went for the 1 hour trail ride but I do want to go back to the two hour one. The path was a bit to muddy even for the horses. The know better to go off the trail to the left or right. The hoofs would sink deep and that's now fun.  

So came home to my computer and got serious again and went back to work writing up my lesson plans for the last of series of on line classes I'm planning on teaching again. I have procrastinated so long on this...but there was other things that need to be done first. 

 Getting the camera ready for shooting the video...which it felt like the first time because it's been so long since the last one...it was a year ago last month that I launch my first on line class, which I have taught twice now and the second one only once.

 The third class I want to introduce the tack iron and if not use of that the homestead iron...for those that live in other areas.  I've been getting nudges and encouragement from people that would like to take my class.
We will be working with simple compositional layouts in a sketchbook and then move to completing a final piece on watercolor paper with the tack iron...got to have bit of direction and then wing it is what I say..or let the intuitive nature lead the way. 

Well I do believe it was an adventure and artist date for me yesterday....

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Horseback riding...

You betcha....today is one of those day that I feel like running away and having an adventure, so off to Newark IL to do just that. Hour away so best not waste no time...heading to Millbrook Trail Rides

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Moving on Walking in this World...wk 3

Last night I tried to sleep out side in the tipi..."Rats,"  Carl my faithful deaf four legged friend has to be at my side at all time these days. So I keep them in the house while I sleep in the tipi, I feel bad that the would have to sleep on the patio blocks...especially my elder fellow. But it happened the family had to let him out and he crawled under the tipi and what could I do he wanted to be with me.  So got some sleep but then he started to smell really loudly and then bark...right away went crawled out under the tipi and really started some barking at 2:00 am so I figured I best go inside now...Little did I know Carl was smelling a skunk.   But the skunk didn't leave the smell as usually. Carl was smelling the intruder.   Amazing how his sense of smell is increasing since he can't hear.

So many things have been going on that yesterday was my day to get grounded and balance out..with a walk in the woods...I encounter many Baltimore Orioles, and this little fella.

How many different names....Crayfish, Crawfish, Crawdaddy....all things I remember when I was growing up and playing with them after we caught them...never kept them always let them go free back in to the pond or stream we were by.  I think he was about 2" big...but he had no problem rising up at me...Fear of something larger didn't scare him to much...he did walk backwards though a few steps. I felt is was best to snap a picture and keep on going. Looked up the mean of a Crayfish and they share the medicine of Standing up to fear...how wild is that. 

I'm working on Week 3 but falling behind some with the second book Walking in this World.
Here's some task work....

Bless your Blessings, 
One is to walk about 20 minutes and pull in the gratitude as you walk. Aiming toward the outer world, allow you inner world to fall into a brighter perspective by consciously and concretely enumeration your life's blessings. People, events, situations and of these may be cause for gratitude. As you warm to your task of focus  on the good in your life, both you heart and you steps will lighten.

I have to say walking has always been a form of medicine for me. And reflecting on the last couple of weeks with some letting go of some situations I am feeling very warm and open on the inside which I expressed with my Tack Down Tuesday yesterday.  

You want to make Something of it?
One is to pull out the magazines and glue stick and make a collage on piece of poster board and ask these question of yourself.
Do you have a mesmerizing personal relationship that seem patently destructive yet you cannot end it? Do you have a tyrant boss to whom you are in feudal bondage?  do you have a bond that is so close to someone that you feel joined at the hip? Are you homesick for the wide open space?
* twenty minutes pulling out magazine pages.
* twenty minutes arranging your images.
* twenty minutes writing about what you've found.

So here's my collage...less then twenty minutes on all accounts....
Do I have a relationship that I might need to end and can't?   well I have to say it would be with myself and I mean that by a way of thinking...a change of perspective letting go of some old ways and leaving open a door for new...sometimes it hard to let go of...a way of thinking becomes a habit and you have to work at changing it.  but other people not I don't seem to need to end.
My boss is myself...and I've been told just recently I'm a over achiever...hmmm... might be true. I would say though I'm on any grounds of feudal bondage. and I would have to say no hip joining going on either...I do know I have a tendency to feel that coming on and I will quickly detach...And I would have to say Homesick for wide open spaces...yes though I did have a good experience with a road trip recently.

Anger as fuel   

1-50 write even the petty grievances from the historical to the hysterical.

and then notice the question popping up, "what can you do about it" We do not like being victims of so much anger and so we intuitively look for a positive solution.

All I know when I start to do any whining and complaining and getting frustrated to the point of anger...I don't like that at all and yes I want a positive spin Quickly to happen.

Mapping your interests

*Five topics that interest me are?
Nature, animals, native american lives and beliefs, whole food cooking, and creative/spiritual stuff.
*Five people that interest me are?
all people that are into the same stuff listed above.
*Five art forms that interest me are?
collage of course, book arts, ceramic hand building, community art projects, nature oriented art.
*Five projects I could try out are?
drawing a blank...but I have projects I would like to see happen. another 36 x 36, some drawings done with a rock combo, some more journal making or book binding, and continual study of my collage works and classes.

When we name and claim an interest, we seem to magnetize the area, drawing to ourselves people, place and things that speak to our emerging interests.

So I move on to week 4....I do love reading Juila Cameron's books I now some don't but I get her. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

A visit to see Tatanka

A little bit of information to share how things changed and how the prairies became forests.
and if you look up look what you see...

We first spotted this fella laying in the red earth there....breathing kind of heavy.  It wasn't to hot out and nice breeze so who knows but it did get up and lay the other way when we came around for the second time. 

This fella (second bull we saw) was close and under the shade of the trees.  hard to see but there is a bird picking at some kind of bug on the bison by his back side there. I had to look it up and found it a Cattle Egret. They were content with each other. One provides food while the other provide pest protections. Co existing.  

                                                                      Cattle Egret

When we came around for the Second time this fella was up and eating right at the edge of the road. You can see the quick video I took of him...And then he keep biting off more grass and coming up on the to the road it was a bit scary...didn't want to be like the Geico Commercial...

To Tom's out in the prairie,  When we came around for the second time the to of them were neck and neck with each other and pecking with their feathers on their wings and tails.  Pretty amazing that there were a few cars watching them and they kept at it.  


My Man (the Husband) knows what I like, After our visit to see my mom and sister we headed to Land between the Lakes, in Kentucky and went through the Elk and Bison Prairie Park, Three times we circled and each time more movement came from this two bison bulls...here is one and up close....we were in our car and he moved is head towards us and we got out of there quick like... We ended our trip to see the Bison and were lucking to see these to fella's  Tatanka (Bull Bison in Lakota)  and headed home after that...Long day of driving but well worth it with the time we spent together and where we went. 
On the first day We walked through a Car Museum which was also enjoyable.  I did a good amount of listening and really enjoy to see the Husband's enjoyment and how he gets so excited about all the cars and the old farm tractors.