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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Did some Soul Collage at the Retreat too

Presently I'm working with my vision board and I've cut my board, not literally but use the computer to make cards for myself so I can work a section a time...goofy but it's working.  Here are the two cards I made at the Retreat...I already know that Nature is my religion and the Earth is my church.  But as I walked the table I spotted the white horse and the woman standing with her back to the pick up truck and the chickens at her feet.   the tipi and the little dog was given to me by June an artist at the table behind me.   She thought I was missing my tipi.   Actually I've got a new cover and liner come soon so I'm seeking inspiration for what I will paint...loving the black and white combo.

Staying open for inspiration, insight and direction seems to be where I'm at right now...especially with learning new things....

Feeling a bit blessed with all that is going on....off to the woods to walk in the rain...

Monday, September 26, 2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Using every minute as each day passes~

 A quick view inside the area where we created, big window that look out over Waubee Lake. There are swan's swimming and greet a few of this these morning.  Tables and Space with good Electricity and wonderful warm caring creative souls.

 A few closer photo's,  Joan and Debbie,

 Pat and Mary
 And these too have taken the painting to the different surface.   Love it when the put there face masks on and we see their beautiful baby skin afterwards.
Here we had to get a photo of the Youngest artist, Laura and the Oldest in the group, Pat. 

 And a few of us here, I'm not in the photo and a few others but its pretty much the group. Camp Mack, 2016

 I'm soulfully creating next to the window....I have wanted to create a few leather bound long stitch journals and a morning page journal, Plus I'm making a collage in the morning like a meditation.

 Margaret's demo with Alcohol inks, everyone love this... Really cool how the color moves around. and the edges of the shapes too.

 I have wanted to get a start on the talking stick well another one and document the steps.   So happy I started.

 The leather needs to be long and wide enough to wrap around and some areas it was tighter because of the stick width. I let this stick sit out side and dry then peeled off the bark and sanded it a bit. Then I put a layer of Lineco PH balance glue on it as a outer protections.

 Rubber bands were used to hold the leather in place till I could stitch close to it.

 I left the Ends open as I forgot to bring the rabbit fur....It's good they say to have rabbit fur so when you hold the stick you can speak from the heart.

By the time we saw the sun setting and made it out side to take a picture this all I was able to capture. Take my word for it....it was beautiful.

We ended the day with a Soul Collage Reading,  Cherie has us make a card and we sat in a circle and read out cards....really a intimate moment for us all.

Today the exchange will take place.  20 4 x 4 cards were to be made by each artist...if the wanted to and then you exchange them...there is some awesome cards sitting and waiting.

On to the last full day and then a half day tomorrow.  And Home to reality. This has been a great time...if no rain we will try to have an ending drumming circle tonight.   Got to get my CD out so we can prime the vocal pipes and get use to the songs to sing.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Day 1 at Camp Mack

 Managed a long stitch journal with leather cover and strap. Not perfected but there's time to work on it.

 Sarah Manor, the studio and bunk place we are all staying in.

 Last nights fire scar where we prayed, sang and drummed together...inviting good intentions and letting go of what isn't important.
 Walk to the main building for breakfast this morning.

 Main building. Beautiful by the way.

Some Yurts here on the Camp Grounds...we are at Camp Alexander Mack in Indiana.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Retreat Road trip

This morning I pick a rock from my bowl of stones and it said Fill-Up.  Some times I want to question and other times I don't, I just believe in it...all of it.  It's been a long time since I venture out and packed up stuff for just me...my brain has been geared to bring the extra, from the young mothering years to the teaching years now.

I have a list but I've found out had three list started....and I'm not totally packed and I leave mid morning.  I feel at first like I'm not on my Game...you know being ready for anything.  Then the though of ebb and flow, natural way of life comes in.   I'm so darn excited I'm circling like a dog.  

I got side track yesterday for a good reason.  I have asked for help on learning some of the drumming songs that are song when I go to the drumming circles close by me.  So the drumming facilitator was awesome kind to send me the song via text message and then I had to learn how to down load them so I could save them and put them on a CD...well I could just leave them on my phone.  So with others help I asked about getting it off my phone and save in the computer and then I googled how to change a file to a MP3....found out I had a program already on the computer that would do that...Wonderful.

My attention got sucked in and I've got a CD...so I scrambled last night, trying to play catch up..and found that focus on one thing at a time will get you where you want to go at a graceful pace.  

And packing up clothes and the last might stuff will stop the fretting I do when packing for a class or workshop...it's just me I'm packing for and it will be alright...

I felt a bit scared about asking for help but then it came to me...I don't have to stop learning new things just because....my plate is full...there's room to set it aside for a moment and mean and greet new people and learn new things...scary yes and exciting...Uncertain where I will be heading with it but this gals going to be singing songs all the way there, I'm not a singer, though I do like to belt one out once in awhile...not going to let it stop me...its good to be adventures...even it's just singing in our your car while learning new songs...

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Left at 5 got home at 11:30pm

My parents purchase a home off the lake in Packwaukee WI and Randy and I took a trip up for the day to see the place.  There is work to do to it but for the later part of there years it will be a great place. Not stairs and a washer and dryer there with more bedrooms, large lot and you see the water from their front deck which is still a great view. 

Knowing that we were coming we  has also oftered to help put if need be with what every.  Well an Aluminum shed was purchased and we all need to be there to put it up.  We spent all day doing this.  I want to say 1 million screws were put in place but that would be telling a fish story..though close.  Working with us all together was very interesting.  As parents and children or All Adults.  The Later was taken and team was formed. 

Night fell on us and the no see um came out so it was time for us to stop.  But the most part and hardest of the shed was done.   We went back and had a quick meal for the road and got home around 11:30....So grateful to see their place and that we could help and be of service.  More work to be done and might take another trip up in a few weeks.  It was good for us to get away and be up north...something about the less hectic life style.