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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Papers are made....exercises now

 I gave assignments, 1 has to be a mini collage with image transfer.

 One started with a polymer resist then add color and polymer before collaging.

Quick peek at some of the exercise pieces everyone is working...

We were hopping Day 1

 This is awesome for art supplies and it rolls!!! Get it at Menards...Becky shared.
Winding down for the day....most papers were done and drying a floor of color....Eileen said it reminded her of Candy Land....isn't that cool because I was trying to get everyone to the playful stage of creating where the critic takes a hike.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

So You got yourself a re-purposed book falling apart?

Using a book from the library in the section that for sale or resale shop is a great way to re purpose recycle and bring new life to the book.  And for mixed media artist is can be a wonderful experiment platform and sketchbook. 

I personally like to find a book that feels good in the hands.  Some day's it's the chunkiest one and other days it's small emough to fit in our pocket.  As you can see with the monster chunky one I've not even finish the foundation pages.  Might be a really long time. 

 What can happen with books that get uses and abuse in the act of creating like this is the spine takes the brunt of it.  It's what holds it together and when one adds to it...stress and puckering happens. So you can see on the few of my spreads I have a coated wire that I had to attach all page together with.  I got my drill and put three hold in and then the drill bit wasn't able to go all the way through the book. Just not long enough...Eyeballed it and drilled from the back side...With a book like this being perfect is out the door...the wabi sabi it is the better it looks.

Distortion happens...isn't it cool? 

Added some ribbons and such to cover the wire.  I had leather but that wasn't going to do it...pulled apart.  The wire I use for the back of picture frames...twisted it silly under the ribbons. 

Another wonky picture of re purpose book journal. 

Hope this helps out Cheryl Holz

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Opening Reception tonight

Opening reception tonight....if anyone is interested in attending please email me so I can put you on the list...lonecrow4@gmail.com...Can't wait to see this first time exhibit with these women.

Wonderful exhibit of artwork, Honored to be exhibiting with these woman.  If you want to see the show you have to go to the Visitor Center first before you see the exhibit. Monday - Friday only from 9-4 pm

Collage from a little one and prayer flags continue

 Logan is our oldest Daughters Friends Child and he's 3....so excited that he like to create, draw, paint and now glue.  That's Clark Kent the Super dog...No  really he's an awesome dog for this little boy.
After he created this piece of art my daughter had to send me a text with the photo.   Now He's using the scissor so well and the glue he keeps making more collages.

Slipped in a prayer flag session to continue the creative quest I have 25 done out of 60 = 35 more to go...Time to get get back to painting the tipi....

Friday, March 17, 2017

From the Heart and Inspiration

Painted Mare-War Pony, Series “Shagbark Hickory”
The prayer below is embedded under the painted mare image. Glimpses of the prayer are seen. The powers needed to restore the status of our planet have left me with a heavy heart. The work it will take and good strong hands with prayers to see the importance of what we have and for the next generations to come. Just this feat is one we should all paint up for and be willing to head into battle.
The Crow is here to remind us that order needs to be restored. The Pony all painted up, red ring around the eye is for good vision. The three lines on the lower next are for the number of battles rider and pony have been together. And the rain and clouds are symbol of water clear and clean for our survival. The shaggy bark hickory leaves and nuts are to symbols the need for clean air.   Part of this series is a wake-up call to state our basic needs are not being met but instead are being stripped from us by greed.

Earth Prayer
"Grandfather, Great Spirit, once more behold me on earth and lean to hear my feeble voice. You lived first, and you are older than all need, older than all prayer. All things belong to you -- the two-legged, the four-legged, the wings of the air,
and all green things that live.
"You have set the powers of the four quarters of the earth to cross each other. You have made me cross the good road and road of difficulties, and where they cross, the place is holy. Day in, day out, forevermore, you are the life of things."
Black Elk: Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux, 1863-1950

If Interested Prints available of the Painted Mares-War Pony Series on Fine Art America 

With good discussion Yesterday in my Book Club full of Artists we here poses a question by one of our members.  Why do we create what we create...or to some effect like that.  
One of the oldest questions for all human's why do we create?  

I just wanted to share this...watch the video and feel this....I'm one of those that creates from this heart section.  Which if you create long enough I think we all get this point.  

Let it come from the heart


Last night the collage piece above won 1st place in the Best of Best Exhibit at Mayslake Peabody Estate. Their is so much good art there this year it's amazing.  If you in the area stop by and take a peek.