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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Reflection on our time in South Dakota

We are home....decided to travel the whole 13 hours yesterday, traffic was good and we were rested and ready to get home.   I've spent a good portion of the morning processing and reflecting on this all. As a spiritually creative human being, when I encounter moments like these it is very important that I document them some way and as I get older my thoughts have a harder time finding a good place to rest so I decided to sit and type them out.

A Life Shared Over BLT'S

I will now settle into the homestead the rest of the day to amerce myself with all that surrounds me here before I kick into gear tomorrow.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Happy Anniversary to Us

Our new anniversary Gift to each other. 

We saw Becky's work in Sioux Falls and both were draw to it. And then found out that her work was in the Warrior's Work Gallery  Which we again so enjoyed.  So down the street to the Sculpture on the Hill exhibit and there she was with her work. We looked through whole show and choose her work for the people choice award.  Chatted and found out her work is all so in a gallery, Artemisia Geneva IL   Just such a small world and so many great connections.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

So much to share....

Our first encounter with a buffalo...

Seeing the burro's out in the plains...with nothing around them, could be the people were stopping at this pull off area so that attracted them.

Then there was one that was in the middle of the road...and we drove up to him and well he allows us to take few picture of him in exchanged for the use of the side mirror for scratches in his head. He didn't enter the window and we didn't encourage him just was a moment to enjoy.

OK Can you find the prairie dog?  

Some Pronghorns out there...not big herds just a few here and there.

This was so special to see....the Mountain Goats on the shady side of the mountain.
We traveled in to Sturgis  but we weren't impress and thankful it wasn't busy. But this is from Bear Butte and just close by these  people from the some area want to encroach on the State Park but the Native People were able to help the say No so the state part will now be open for Sturgis Bikers to roam and ruin the area.  But what we were there a special event was coming to completion.
Looking from Bear Butte we had wonder what the haze was about and found out from a lightening strike a forest fire started. 
Can you see the two buffalo out there....?  Well when the Sacred Hoop Runners started to come they got excited and a Native Park Ranger let us know that the buffalo think the runners are wolves and are going to get them so the get all excited and antsy.  

Before we knew it the buffalo were on there side...the Park Ranger said those silly buffalo.

Before the Children and Grandchildren Came running up the road to Bear Butte the Buffalo Crossed in front of them...Which we were told the Wise Man and predicted to the children so this was so spiritually awesome to witness.

We chatted with the Elders, their Grandmother's,  and found out this was a Family affair and they had run the day before at Devils Tower with there Daughters. And the Fathers and Son did earlier. They came in and headed to the Sweat Lodge below and will have a big dinner later this night. 

I had some chilly spiritual stuff happening as I witness this and Randy was talking with the One Grandmother and she said there is problem with Meth and Heroin there....Doing the family things is so big in their traditions and culture....as we all are dealing with some form of addiction in our families...it just hit me the timing this whole vacation/ anniversary trip has been a blessed experience for sure. We had no Idea this would be going on at this time we drove up there.  With Permission I share this video.

There are ties all over the place, I'm sure for prayer and blessings. Didn't ask at this point it was time for us to go as it was their celebrations...

Crazy Horse

 The parking lot...amazing. They say the four presidents head of Mount Rushmore are equal to the head of crazy horse.
 Waiting for our time in the Theater to gather all the information about the start to where the statue status is now. But looking a that dresses hanging on the wall was cool.

 Not sure but I think this is a winter map....well they were made by one person and documented a the years events.
 Honoring some of the main Chiefs with these beautiful paints.

 After we got out of the Theater we walked out to this back side and these amazing large windows and there is a small bronze sculpture to the real one behind.

 Had to take a picture of the drum and some of the rattles. The Crazy Horse statue is to represent all Native Tribes and what they stand for the good of the people and earth.

 Some old machinery that is retired now.

 another statue its truly amazing

 At this point we were walking through the build with all the wonderful artifacts and hear the announcer say that Darren Thompson would be preforming in 10 minutes.  This was so great I had hope to see him playing his flutes but didn't expect it yesterday while we were there. I though we would have to come back at night.  Which would have been cooler and I'm sure a light show would be happening. but time worked out and there a young buck came out below the area which was kind of cool for all the warm of the day and people around. Symbolism...?

Here is the stage and Darren Thompson playing.   He's going to be on Jim Falon's show in November this year and you'll see him with Ozzie and his son with a show that is coming out soon. I meet him while presenting a demo for Dillman's a few years back in Addison. He's from Lac Du Flambeau Reservation, a Ojibwa Native American.  I walked up to him and he remember me...we only met at that demo...so it's awesome to witness this all. I wish him the best as he stand strong on bring back and introducing the Flute making and personal songs he plays.  

A wooden bridge...so beautiful in this scenery. 

On to the Sculpture Park....heading out of Sioux Falls to Rapid City

 They were so cute and just stood there as we drove up....slowly I told Randy to go and they will move as they see the van moving towards them and that they did.  Something about a cows yes that gets ya every time.

This guy had his work in the Sculpture show in Sioux Falls too a few years back. Something to have it out there in the Wide Open of the Plains....the Wind was heavenly. I could have stood there all day.
Porter Sculpture Park
Love the smile on this guys face. 

There were four of the ram guardians but I cut one off in the shot...

As Randy says get in the  shot so we can see how big it really is...so there he is in the shot. 

All made from Railroad plates...and other materials too.

 OK this is the scary part....When I looked in there, it was dark and hard to see with my own eyes but then when I took the picture this is how it turned out...kind of cool.  Creepy but cool the way the light worked.
 Then Wayne, I think that was his name warned us about the bats in there..well they weren't real...but looked real..again kind of cool.  

 The Fish bowl.
And the Sculpture having to express Joy and pain....And Randy walking up to the little hut area to where we checked in.  We chatted a bit longer with Wayne and Randy comment to him...all pretty cool but might need a bit of Therapy.  Lol.

Walking the streets seeing the Art

Big sculpture show on the streets of Sioux Falls.  When I came up to this one I just fell in love it with it.  I've done a bit of stone carve and know that it's not easy at all.  But something about it that spoke to me. When I touched it because I have to do that it was so smooth...

The fish was cool the way looking through it and what it had you focus on. 

 Another stone carved sculpture something of a Picasso style .
 Beautiful bronze Sculpture of the Deer wrapped in a cloth.

 I had to take a picture of this.  No signage by this one as who created it. but though it could be art right?
 This was all bicycle tires really was cool...we both liked these up-cycled sculptures.

 This Bull head lights up in the evenings.
 Here's one that we both thought was cool .
 Back of the Indian sculpture
Something about this creatures looks that I was drawn to.  I think the Rams nose is like a camel which I do love the face of a camel. 

Some day I will be able to gallop along on a horse like that.  Love the way this one makes me feel free.  

The whole time we were walking the streets looking a the sculptures,  I couldn't help but look up to see the Black Eagles-Turkey Vultures circling. My curiosity had me going wondering why they were there in city.  What could be food for them there?  Unless something died on the roof tops. 

As we got to a clearing then I saw this the tower loaded with them. Perfect stop I guess. Later found out when we were chatting up with the Sculpture dude at the Porter Sculpture Park that the are endangered and protected so they can't doing anything about it...they've tried ways to chance them off but the keep coming back.  This is when I say Embrace it and let it what it is.  Kind of cool in my book though.  Had to travel all this way for exciting things like this...right?  but this is the kind of stuff I enjoy to learn about.