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Friday, May 29, 2015

test run...and plugging along on the painted pony.

 I've been notififed that I have students now filling up for the Paper treasures class...so between the daily stuff and work on the totem I've been work on a few How to's.
 tape is taken off
 there are the small practice piece we will do 2" x 2" but done at the same time. Excited about it this.

More small piece being added...soon I'll be working on the other three piece that will be stacked on top.   I will probably come back into this piece and add more to it.  

Taking shape

 More is added and I'm listening to what wants to be shared and said about this piece.  For some reason it's a slow process but one I'm delighting in. I'm using papers that I've made now through out the last month or so for other art pieces...and of course slipped in the strips.

Had to take picture of my work surface on the tables I work on.  Layers of color start to build up and when it gets good an thick I replace it.  Needed to make some yellow and a wild purple just in case I need to repeat it in the totem piece some where.

My box of Glass came yesterday...16 x 20 had to have the husband heft it up to the studio...way to much for me to carry and all the frames I ordered.   Stuck on the square but I order three 14 x 14 to use for the piece I created in Wisconsin at Dillman's...a nice little series was formed.

I have to share yesterday I was over whelmed with a odd feeling of loneliness...I've not had this feeling in along time...I would have to say it was hormonal....A dip in some thing and an in balance of sorts in another part...as now I've got a big old zit on my chin...That right there will make you want to hide.   Any ways what I experienced yesterday an answer...I felt like driving away again and well I got into my van and did just that...wasn't sure if walking in the woods was what I was to do but I brought water just in case.  Like I said the lonely and loneliness was too much....but I didn't know were to go with this is...when you start talking to people in my home about it they, have other things to do...no time and well so I don't talk to them but go silent....so I get to the woods because I gave in and figured it's worked all the times before so why not.   as I started to walk....I knew that I did the right things as of ended up there in the woods....the feeling left as soon as I got going around the first bend. And then I heard these words so clear....You've not come this way to feel these feelings and you've not come this far to stop.  Don't let them be you guide.   After the walk I came home and got my butt up to the studio worked some more on the totem piece...then went to weed and cut the lawn and by the end of the day I was thankful I made through.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Story continues

So what's you favorite piece?  The one I'm working on now....red circle around the eye-awareness and vision, hands upon the chest-knock down an enemy, and the spiral is for me the continued growth. I do love the jumping mice...too not sure if they will be in there or not. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Re Post the Creative Process

I have these wild expectations that I'm like a machine and at my will I can preform what I need to do. The mind on auto pilot...and though I've had a wonder filled last couple of weeks my creative process falls off the wagon into a mode like this statement above.

A while back I did a online thing with Sergio and Yanina Gomez and there was a webair last night, Q &A time with the artists that took the course or are in the process of taking it. I was reminded of the questions I answered at the beginning of the course.

Why do I make the art I do? 

I would have to say that from some place deep inside there's this seed that gets planted. Sometimes it sits and other times it starts to grow.  That seed though smaller in thought, darn I say is bigger them me and it demands a response, that response is showing up and allowing all to come to the surface and be expressed.

 I'm to pay attention and focus... like answering a door.  The door that has been always in front of me since I was very young. Because I struggled academically, I do believe I was given other choices and that was to be creative in some way. Where I could grow personally and develop some skills. 

Now I'm getting sidetracked...why do I make the art I do? it challenges me, it helps me find peace, it helps me connect spiritual, and it allows me live a fuller life,  then I  shared in some form or another.

There is more to this I'm sure but right now I'm grateful some groundwork was laid out to start from.  

I have to continue the process and know that I really don't  know the plan but I can trust it...it's worked this far. 

Keep showing up and see what comes....Where's my apron, going to put it on and bring some artistic security to my soul...something always happens when I put it on. LOL... 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Beginning again

Beginning my third totem, physically I'm low on energy. But I just wanted to get some idea's down...coloring is off and a bit dark in some spot on the photo.  I gathered the words that the energy of the Horse has that we can use. "Trust, intuition, strength, appetite for life, awareness, express yourself freely."  I've always wanted to make  Painted horse.  Below is the first one I made a while ago on a whim that is a 12 x 36 canvas.

Time to go read for a while....recharge the energy and be kind and gentle with myself. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Back home and settling in...

It's been a wonderful week, created to the maximum. I usually counter this behavior with walking in the woods but Yesterday, the husband and I walked around the dog park with the dogs. That was nice. Just a few were out there and just what they needed to stretch their legs. Carl's noses gets to soak up all the smells and Hank get to run up and run away...silly boy. There was a Golden Retriever this times that he was having some fun with.

After that all I for sure had to vacuum the van out.  Carl is a shedder and it's every where. Then went to get the bud splatter off the front of the van at the car wash.

Then it was time to haul all the supplies back up to the studio and clean up and replenish,mainly the gesso and polymer bottles I bring with me. Then put my orders in for polymer, tissue paper and a few others.

Got vacuuming up in the studio and the next thing I knew I was down the stairs and the rest of the house.   Feeling a bit exhausted I grabbed my book by Anne Lamott and went in to the tipi and started reading....next thing I know the dogs followed me in, didn't take long and we were all taking an good afternoon nap.

A few things I would like to do still to catch up...one is cut the lawn...though the husband did while I was going I do enjoy being the Lawn Ranger-ist.  Brings me peace and a good well rounded feeling when my property is looking as best as I can manage to keep it...though now the weeds and perennials are the same height...soon it will be time for some good honest work of weeding.

This image was a few weeks ago...but you can get the picture. My daughter took it for snap chat or something...

Friday, May 22, 2015

Day 5 our final Day...Dillman's part 2.

 Susan, whom I met for the first time in Kalamazoo this early spring made a 10 hour trip to come to the workshop...what a delight it was to see her.  Amazing work and we all want a sheet of her hand calligraphy to use in our collage works...
 Mara, again I had to share another photo of that smile.  So proud.
 Kaye, a friend and grandmother of Mara here sharing her inspiration from the collage meditation book.  How cool is that?

 Pam, which I shared a photo of her collage she's doing for her grandson has a wonderful spirited palette. Of course we were all using our large collage paper now in our work.. Love it !!
 Bette...has made a collage for her granddaughters about sisters and used a copy of her granddaughters collage and hand print as a transfer.  Exploring all avenues of this collage process.
 Bette is sharing some of her larger piece in process.  We work in as we need to in this workshop. As of different approaches each and everyone explored.  Bette was afraid at first as we all are to cut the large abstract paper and use in our collages but once done...look out as you can see here.
 Carol our birthday girl...really was prolific this year and the progress is amazing.  The piece she is point to in the photo her is an inspiration of walking back to her room from the studio and what she saw...I'm so happy she was able to capture that.

And one more of Carol's...this is a larger size for her to work in and we talked about allowing space in our work and this a great start for her.

I know I took hundreds of picture but I'm not a photographer so some were too blurry to post.  What an amazing week...So grateful and thankful to have the experience again to share what I love to do with some warm and wonderful women. Till next year ladies....keep the Red Roof Society going. 

Our Last Day at Dillman's Day 5

It's Friday Morning and all has been packed up, it's a feeling of sadness but one of also accomplishment.  We are living new and old friends. I know I don't do very well with Good-bye's. Had lot of them in my life...so to true this into a wonderful positive I would like to say each hear gets better. I'm witnessing the progress in all of there creative works and that is why I teach...sharing techniques come natural to me as I personal want everyone to be creative and share their gifts. It's when you can witness growth and another person sense of accomplishment and they did this they problem solved their way through. That right there is so very special to me. 

Thank you all and We are booked for May 21's till May 26th 2016...

 Jill, used her Morning Collage Meditation as inspiration for her larger piece.  Working with the dark and light contrast from top to bottom.

 Mona, is working from a small square she cut from her Larger abstract collage papers as inspiration for this collage. Some time it's not so important that it looks just like it but there some that sparks memory and color that you want to capture.
 Adela, is showing many of her exercise piece there...I think this year she has made great progress...seems fear has walked out the door.

 In process, Adela is sharing her piece there.  I don't do a final critique, because I move around through the workshop time and help them independently...so I don't feel they need to have me do it now.  This is for them to show and tell.  it's about "Product, process, production" which was achieved this week.
 Mary Jo...which I lapsed in calling her Mary Lou and Mary Beth...silly of me...when I know her well...Oh keeps me human and grounded right?   Sorry Mary Jo..."MJ"  Wonderful adventurous work coming from her this week. And I think whole lot of Aha moments in the creative process of problem solving.   What is that all about...we it's the part where we as artist work out way through a piece seeking the use of the elements and principals of design...because most of our composition are coming from a inner sources then an outer subject matter.

 Jane...what a Free Bird, I'm just loving her creative spirit. One of our new gals to the workshop and she jumped right in exploring all avenues of process and paper making..we all loved her Large Abstract collage paper she made a the beginning of the workshop.

 Roz a local gal to this Northwoods, was with her Husband while he took a watercolor class with Joyce Hicks,   She had watched my demo on Saturday when I got her and next thing I know she was in my workshop. Her enthusiasm was contagious.  Loved what she was doing..and she's coming back for next weeks workshop with Tammy Deck,  
Here's our Gal..Look at that Smile...I would look up and see her watching me as I was finishing up some demo piece and she' would flash the biggest smile...She took off with the Red Roof them and even created a Tree house...What a great delight for us all to see this young one create. "Picasso said, " It takes one a long time to become young again."  I think she was our inspiration and reminder for the week. 

Dillman's Day 4 part 2

 Susan....carries this little collage around with her and I had to take a picture of it...how many times a day do we need to be reminded...well some of us like myself a bit more...But as we started really collaging on our own stuff this couldn't be more important.

 Mona's Kachina figure,  their small and I would love to see a whole series of them I told her.

 Here is Mara...our Courage one this weekend, boldly jumping in with both feet and making a whole series of Red Roof pieces.  This looks like a town or a little villa she's creating.
 Pam has taken the workshops a few times and she's using this time to create the most beautiful Baptism Gift for her Son, Daughter in Law and her new Grandson. There's a difference from scrapebooking and an artistic collage.

 Kaye's piece is in process and she's done a dark blue glazing.. She share that this piece could be the other way around too. funny how abstract compositions can work like that.
 Mona shared that she finally used the Yellow car...so cool,  we learned bit about embedding photos in so the don't look like they've just been place on the top of all the pieces. Here's laying it out to see how it will work and there in her left hand is some great paper...we all liked it.

Bette's Wonderful large pieces...She almost doesn't have any Large Abstract collage paper left...Which was made from the Kraft paper at the beginning of the workshops as inspirations.