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Coptic Stitch Journal bookbinding

Collage and Coptic Stitch journals  size is 6" x 9" Perfect for writing your heart out or simple sketch with pen, graphite, markers and other drawing tools.




For purchase at this time I have a 12 page packet -in pdf format.
I've put together to go along with the video's
The details of the packet will share process of collaging of the covers and along with hand writing instruction of the complete process.

Collage and Coptic Stitch Journal
CCSJ handout/packet


  1. It's a more fumbly-bumbly process than I anticipated! Oops, that didn't come out right. I don't mean YOU are awkward, but rather the process is awkward. I could almost do a book right along with you as I watch the video. Thanks for putting this video together -- I know how time-consuming it can be.

  2. Thanks for this video Laura! I am really appreciate of you doing these videos, you are a wealth of knowledge and I feel that I am getting to know you very well following your blog and getting to hear you in person on the videos. Question: If you were to make one with watercolor paper for a mixed media journal, would you change any of the binding ideas?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Sharon I would keep the binding as is but change the papers as of use a Arche's Text Wove and then you have to figure out the size of things and cut, longer process which I'm going to give it a good soon with a pad of mixed media paper and just make the covers a bit larger to fit the folding of the pad of paper so I don't have to cut. Confusing but I share when I get it going.


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