Collage Art for your Collection

#081318-A, "Tree of Lights" 8 x 8 piece of collage art on watercolor paper with 2” white mat, ready to pop into a frame of your choice.

Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, gloss medium, acrylics, painted drawing paper, Citra Solv on big advertainment magazine, small stamping graphite pencil and acrylics glazing, sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art: The colors of brown and blue are always comforting to me. And today felt like a day to be comforted and a day to come into oneself. The image of the tree though distorted spoke to me.  And I decided to use on that one piece of paper.  The faint color blue was present, so I pulled it out more with acrylic paints and painted drawing paper I had made for past collage works.

$75.00 plus tax and s/h

Teeny Tiny Coptic Stitch Journal For Sale 


There is only 10 in this batch of Teeny Tiny Coptic Stitch Journals. They are 1 1/2 x 2" collage papers, fused to book board, white paper, stitched together with waxed book thread.  Each one has  character- imperfectly perfect.  They will be shipped out to you with in two weeks or early.  I've set up a cart so if you want to purchase more then one you could.

#01 Three Blue lines- $55.00 Shipping and handling included 

#02 Blue Streak, -$55.00 Shipping and handling included 

#03 Green Leaf-$55.00 Shipping and handling included

#04 Red Rings-$55.00 Shipping and handling included 

#05 Orange Green Blue-$55.00 Shipping and handling included

#06 White Flower-$55.00 Shipping and handling included

#07 Gray Blue -$55.00 Shipping and handling included

#08 Yellow -$55.00 Shipping and handling included 

#09 Black Square-$55.00 Shipping and handling included

#10- Maggie's $55.00 Shipping and handling included

All shipments of Teeny Tiny Coptic Stitch Journals will be shipped out with in two weeks of purchase, No Refunds All Sales are Final~


  1. I absolutely love both of these Laura. Your passion really shows in your art. Well done!


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