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#070620-TDT, "A Wish for Big Ideas" 8 x 8 collage on a Wood Panel, ready to hang on your walls.


Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, gloss medium, acrylics, sanded magazine papers, work station muck up paper, painted drawing paper, graphite, acrylics, wax pastel crayons, carpet tacks, waxed book thread,  sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.


Meaning behind the art: Starting with gestural writing to introduce myself to the white surface, ramble of words and prayers. I dug into my scrape box of coated papers.  The home has never been so lived in and so sacred as the safe place. I have played around with the house image over the years, a square base with a triangle top.  Having a place to call home is a real big idea.  As I was creating this piece I though about big ideas, dreams, and the hold space for them that has gone on in this year. To plan, to think of the future in ways to strive for have given way to a flat line so to say. I use to have to plan at least 8 months to a year in advance and it’s so odd now, with the pandemic we are hanging in there to see, when it is safe again to bring back those small things that are such big ideas.  

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#061520-TDTSway of the Cattails” 12 x 12 Collage on watercolor paper mounted on Painted White Wood Panel, ready to hang on your walls.  
 Materials Used: 140 lb. Watercolor paper, Gloss Medium, Graphite Crayon, Wax Crayons, Printing with rubber stamps, Stencils, Coated Collage papers with UV Satin Varnish.
 Meaning behind the art: Took a walk this morning and witness the cattails taller than myself swaying to the wind.  It looked like how seaweed sways in the water.  Lightness of insects and cattail fibers floating around. The technique of integrations of collage and mixed media where used. 


 06082020 -TDT    "Decades After", 12 x 12 Collage on Canvas Ready to hang on the wall.
 Materials Used: Acrylic Gloss Medium, Gesso on surface of Kraft paper, Maps, gift bags, Magazine font, drawing paper with acrylic, waxed Book thread and glass beads, Acrylic glazing medium and China pencils, sealed with UV Satin Varnish.
 Meaning behind the art: Using a variety of collage papers, I have had stashed for a while and only little bits left, I brought them together. The Line paper is a map with gesso and graphite pencil.  I have used that paper many times and I really do like the way those lines direct. I was thinking about our future and how we will get past this all and how much we are all changing because of it.   I have been doing a lot of soul searching and introspective work through these times and had some real break through of attitude and changed perspective. Sounds crazy but I know myself better, be it my age or having a quieter lifestyle that has helped. I heard somewhere about learning to be your own best friend first before venturing out. Our state of mental being has also been challenged and to continue with keeping it all in check. The work you see is a reflections of visual mind movement I guess you would say. 
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#060120 A-B TDT, "Stand and See" “Riot up with Faith” Each 4 x 10-piece artwork with a white mat, bring the final size 6 x 12 ready for a frame.

Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, Gloss medium, acrylics, Painted drawing paper, Altered Magazine with Never Dull, graphite crayon, Image transfer graphic gestural marks, sanded silhouette image. wax pastel crayons sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art:   I had three of these but the third one did not come together like these two. So that when into the card stash box. Riot up with Faith is an abstract landscape, and the other one is a sanded silhouette with image transfers.  Playing with the vertical format. 

$85 for both, plus tax and S/H 
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#052620-TDT, "O When" 7 x 11 piece of collage art with a 2” white mat to the final size of 11 x 14 ready for you to slide into a nice 11 x 14   

Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, gloss medium, acrylics, altered sales catalog with Never Dull, magazine font, lines and gestural marks with graphite crayon, acrylic shadowing and splattering, wax pastel crayons, sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art: My days have been mixed up, and I have forgot it was Tuesday.  I realized it as I was walking this morning. Had some breakfast and got busy on a Tack Down Tuesday.  I really did not know what was going to come up and out.   I do love the effect of the Never Dull on the sales catalog, that was my first piece of collage papers, and the Font was the second. Got them all coated on both sides and had at it…Might I be wondering when we will be able to get back to work and be with our family as before?  O when will that be?

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#051820-TDT, "Three Tree" 8 x 8 piece of collage art on Wood Panel ready to hang on your wall.

Materials Used: Wood Panel, Gloss medium, acrylics, geological maps, Kraft paper with gesso and acrylics. Tree Image transfers, ribbons thread and graphite crayon, sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art: Took a walk in the wood this morning and saw many deer. A few Bucks with their velvet antlers just budding up. I know there is probably a few new fawns out there too. The woods are a place of great comfort and peace these days.

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I'll Try to Compromise 
8 x 8 with white mat all sides..

 #051120-TDT, "I’ll Try to Compromise" 8 x 8 piece of collage art with a 2” white mat to the final size of 12 x 12 ready for you to slide into a nice 12 x 12 frame.  

Materials Used: 140lb. Watercolor paper, gloss  medium, acrylics, stained tissue paper, painted newsprint, stamping with homemade stamps, Sanded magazine papers, old book pages, painted drawing paper, Never Dull magazine resist paper, white lunch bags and acrylics, wax pastel crayons, sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Messy Dream Home, not for sale, just process work. 
Meaning behind the art: I was struggling with making a piece art.  I have been working outside so much my creative energy took a side path. But I showed up, why would you want to do that if you do not want to, some might ask.  Because this is not the first time a struggle with creating has come up. With staying at home being with your family members that are at home with you it has been a test for us all.  Days of good communication to days of extraordinarily little.  When I saw words in the piece of paper that said, “patient relationships” a bit of an awakening moment.  First off people need “Grace and Space for their own thoughts and so do we.  Secondly being tolerant and compromising might help. I set this piece aside…started working on another…creating with lots of image transfers.  The pressures to produce was upon me. But that one was not working. I went back to the piece and added more white space for the Grace I had been thinking about and the orange/red hearts for balance. There is so much we are all dealing with in our own minds and hearts and then sharing space with others…it is hard…but I’ll try to compromise, I’ll try. 

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  1. I absolutely love both of these Laura. Your passion really shows in your art. Well done!

  2. Hi Laura,
    I am interested in purchasing "Open Roads", but when I press purchase it sends me to a different page than the rest of paintings.
    Susan Hart

  3. I have been following you for years, in art and your love of nature walks. I hike in our Forest Preserve here (Ryerson woods, Riverwoods, IL). If I may suggest an answer to the icy trails, it's Yak-Traks. They strap to your boots and you can walk without fear of falling. You can literally run on ice. Not that my 61 Yr.old body wants to do that...
    I continue to admire and soak in your beautiful art. Anni

  4. Hi Anni,
    I jumped over to you blog and I do love your work too. Thank you for the tips on walking in the woods with the yak-traks...Yes running on the ice was a thing of my youthful past..LOL


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