Workshops and Classes for 2018




                       September 2018 Autumn Art Workshop 


                            October 2018 Shake Rag Alley 


  1. I have come to this site through watching some of your youtube videos. I have enjoyed them immensely and am learning at a rate that suits me. I think you have the best presentation I have found on youtube and am now scouring youtube for more. thank you so much for putting your skills out there. It is su ch an unselfish thing to do. Regards, Janet

    1. Hi Janet,

      Thank you for commenting on the video's and take the time to be so kind's all about playing it forward and helping each other...enjoy the creative process.

  2. I love your technique for collage! I'm a mixed media collage emerging artist. I'd like to know more about your iron on technique.
    Also - please do workshops in the Southwest!
    Thank you for all your videos and work! Lindy

  3. Thanks Lindy....I'm not a very good of airplanes so a trip southwest may not but in the picture soon but I do have some online classes.

  4. Any plans for an online course soon?? since you don't fly not likely you'll be on the west coast and it is difficult for me to get away for your classes.


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