How are you seen?

Just for today, we can make small changes in our actions and attitudes, explore new possibilities and take a few tiny risks, all of which can help us to move forward in a positive direction. Expand where wisdom is helpful. 

"You are seen for who you are." Give yourself this message today.

You can't sit around and wait for someone to say who you are.  

I had to go out into the world and see it and hear it and react to it, before I knew at all who I was, what I was, what I wanted to be. Mary Oliver 

One of the reason I create a vision board the way I do each year is to step aside and contemplate this life I have right now.  It is a side of me that grows along side the more physical side.  The understanding of thought and my own thinking is allow to rise up and observed from a spiritual heart side.  Looking at life that I've lived and how things have unfolded I truly am bless.   The struggles are real and the richness of getting through them are also real because the small changes of actions and attitudes.  

There are times that still pop up and I wish that someone could tell me who I am....questioning my own growth in a different way.  A way of hanging on to how others see me. Really is this a way to go through life?  I don't fall for this thinking much but it does rise up when I'm at a low spot of personality.  (haven't eaten well, slept well, and been doing too much)  

Then I stumble on to Mary Oliver quote, I would much rather contemplate these areas of my life instead of getting into other drama and BS....if you know what I mean, it kind of seeps in if your not vigilant to keep it out.  Building character, moral and values and seeking wisdom in the next right things for myself is what I would like to be seen for.  


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