The last part of the process is to pause periodically to reflect upon our unfolding journey and to remember yet again that we already have what we seek, and we already are what we yearn to become. 

How do you pause without feeling like you should be doing something or your always doing and you really need to take a pause...? A form of addiction I think. 

or should one look in to the meaning of Pause? 

What does take pause mean?
to stop temporarily. 2. : to linger for a time. transitive verb. : to cause to pause : stop.
But the meaning is the end of a process is a periodical pause, reflecting on how life is unfolding right in front of you...with the rain today I thought I would be enjoying it but a mood had wrapped me for a bit.  I know this time of day, some take a nap others like me keep going, between time.  This mood always passes, so funny. Might it be a transition time?  and to reflect is what is called for.  I will continue my pause and know all that I seek and all that I yearn is unfolding. 


  1. That is the question I'm asking and listening to. The doing something I know is out of anxiety and not understanding that it's Ok to feel this way in a situation. my first reaction is to do more...when in fact it just makes me hit a wall faster...tired, warn-out and wishing I could stop...hmmm sounds like an addiction to doing...right? Taking the first step and pausing while telling myself this is good might be the navigation path to start with. Always when trying something new out it will feel awkward too.


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