On a Trust Walk again~

From Daily Om

 Getting our thoughts in order can help us understand and work through any issues in a productive and practical way. Thoughts by nature can be fleeting, and we might not always realize what is eating at us until we take the time to create a receptive forum for their full expression. The act of writing our thoughts, feelings, and concerns down on paper opens a doorway for their release from inside of us. We then feel calmer, more focused, and more easily able to work through any issues that need our attention. Take time to honor your thoughts and allow them their full expression today, and you will be able to make sense of your feelings and bring more decisiveness to your actions.

The thing is I've been in this place/space of creative openness.  Scary sometimes but welcoming. Anything can happen at this point, I know I will make a choice and everything goes in a totally different direction.   And being accepting of it and being the process of creation is what's it's about to be a co-creator with your Greater Spirit.  The end result is, "no matter what it's going to be good," Good spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.  Darn I say I'm in this and looking forward to this ride. Still debating if this fox is male or female though.  The creative energy will reveal that soon enough I trust. 


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