Then she shifted slowly

 She continues west~ 

insight, inspiration and word of greater meaning come through may resources especially in the morning when I've just spilled out all the words eddying around in my mind so that I can really come from that authentic place, my heart...Though it doesn't always stay there through out the day it's a good place to start and I'm reminded that I can change the things I can. 

Out of my Inner Compass Cards, I selected Stillness.  I'm thankful that word just halted me and brought some peace.  What I gathered from the cards reading is, Return to self, Find inner peace, just sit and be, No stress, not expectations, no judgement.  Stillness. 

taking things intuitively I read my Enneagram type 4...

Take a moment to be quiet. Let the voices in your head tune down a bit. Perhaps your worries or anticipations or particular problems can be experienced in a different light.

I've been receiving the inner message of working from a higher vibration....some bigger challenges these days but possible.  

And there is this..."Some of your hurts you have cured. And the sharpest you've even survived, But what torments of grief you've endured, From evils which never arrived. Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

My special place in the mornings before I'm called to do eldercare...She could sit with me but the space and time of solitude is such a gift to myself I protect my time...the self is so important and taking care of that part of ourselves is done with special time to know we are still there...Laura is still much of times is reacting to other that it's hard to respond to self so this is how I'm keeping balance along with stealing away to the studio...So grateful I have a space in my home and I do work from home so that is possible at this time.  


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