The Month slipped in


This is a new section of my Creative Vision Board.  What's too wild is very soon, July 7th I start a new round of the Artists Way with a group of women. Spirit Weavers is a really thing.  This is not what the Artists Way group is going to be about, though the name is very intriguing.  A Circle of woman will be formed which is always exciting.  

With the anticipation of when my mother in law will be coming out of the hospital my husband and I with other families help will be her caregivers.  We have a few routes we can take but it really depends on when she gets out and how we can get the community care in to help her.  

I have to admit the anticipated lost of time to create and contemplate is rising it's ugly head. What I'm leaning about this all is that prayer is a wonderful first step and guide. My mother in town from Arkansas visiting and also for her sister, and my aunt kitty. We had thought Viola would be getting out of the hospital at least four days ago. That didn't happen and I was anticipating how I would be able to tend to the care of my mother in law and spend time with mom mother. I personal just keep praying for guidance and because my mother in laws blood pressure and sugar leaves are not in a save ranged she is staying in the hospital where she needs to be and I'm able to spend time with my mom and relative that came over yesterday. Thankful my mother in law is in the care she needs now and grateful our adult children got to spend time with their grandmother whom they haven't seen in a very long time. 

Taking one day at a time is so valuable these days, and trying our hardest to not react and let more be revealed allows us to stay in the day. The underline anticipation of what's next keeps peeking through the window of our subconscious. Might I see what the dictionary says about this. 

 Anticipation- expecting that (something will happen or that someone will arrive) 

Is anticipation a feeling?

Anticipation is the emotion we experience when we are expecting something to happen (good or bad), where we are left in a state of anxious suspense. Some people may feel excited, and others may just feel nervous. Anticipatory concerns are the thoughts we have while feeling anticipation.
I have to admit that I've been in that state of anxious suspense. Darn I say for a at lest 5 years...finding ways through my creativity to be in the moment and realize the best place to be is in the Now with thoughts and actions.  Having an outlet, a place with a sense of safety and security is so important in giving you anxious state a break.  
What works for you?  
What do you need now? 
And in this state can I learn to let go and go with the flow? 
Most of the time it's not pretty, mostly it's a bit raw and messy and out of it there is spiritual growth. 
And I will be using that rocking chair to transition energy into a rhythmic pattern to calm the soul.  
I love seeing the collage images of this two month section it shows a lot of art tools, books and tactile beads that hang...hmmm something will come of this I'm sure. 
A form of bohemian beading...I know I like to make necklace from my jewelry too.  You know the one earing that have or the missed place stuff. 




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