Thoughts, images and openness

There seem to be something rising up or being opened up.  The image of the three goddess, Maiden, Mother and Crone are very present with the book course, "Wiser and Wilder,"  I can't believe I'm reading this book three times in  a row.  I'm not getting it the first time or is it that good.  It's that good for my time in life.   

Insight, intuition, hunches and all those things we let fly by and think it's nothing.  What if you really started to listen to that feminine side.  Being open to life isn't easy,  I'm finding out there are more feelings to feel and let surface and really let go of.  

After the tree being cut down and the overwhelming emotions that rose up and were let out, I question why has this all come to the surface.  Remaining grounded, which is my word for the year, working with some spiritual growth there is still so much more to learn about life.  

The words Trust the Process
Your are on the Right Path
Be Open
Note to Self, Let go of that Shit 

Allowing myself more time to contemplate life, listen to the inner wisdom and move with a flow like a river not a wave crashing down with the understanding that universe and the Greater Spirit is hearing the calls for love. 

In to the Feels, Heart Center I go~ 



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