Down came the Cottonwood,

 They came and they quickly with in an hour they had the big Cottonwood down and were mulching up the stump.   I watch and was in tears though out.  The tree was dying and they big branches were just falling out in some the windy times this year and we just were afraid that it would fall on the neighbors vehicle or the house.  We found out it was the Village property and the big Tree was put on the list to be cut down.  Unexpected....I could smell the tree to and I know in my soul I was hearing it cry out.... Damn...didn't think I would be so emotional but as my youngest daughter said, "Mom just feel it"  and I still am...36 years we have been living on this piece of property and this tree has been through many storms but didn't do well when the village cut into it roots pretty deep with they redid the culverts in our neighborhood. 

About the star seen inside the broken branches, a story to read. 


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