Permission to flow into the day

I finally found a chair that fits my body for the studio deck.  I have many place that I can rest my body and observe my surrounds.  The gift of allowing your soul to soak in that it needs most.  I'm learning more and more about this whole actions.  I love the woods, trees and all the action going on.  I have this in my own back yard with 6 maple trees.  Oh the joy of racking come fall with a fire burning in the back yard. I do love the season though they do make you work for of the maple seedlings in the spring and the leaves that pile up in the fall.  I sit and reflect on this as soon this will come and the sandhill cranes will be flying over heading south.  Now though in the summer sitting up high on the little patio deck I'm able to witness the winged ones, woodpeckers, humming birds, nuthatches, chickadees and the sparrow and finches.  Being under the presence of the large maple tree is a blessing, sharing good energy.  I feel it and thank it.  I know being my day with a renew spirit and hopes for all. 



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