Before the art....

Before creating any art there is a whole big process of gathering, mostly with the our senses.  The walks in the morning before we all wake up and the sun is just coming up...looking over a field full of Marsh Mallows, they are related to the Holly hocks and Hibiscus plant. 

                                                    Close up view of them, they are very tall. 

See the sun peeking through? 

 Here is what I spotted across from the house the cattail leaves are mostly green.  To harvest them for making paper I would cut the green ones, just the leave part and let them lay and dry but I spotted area that must not be getting a lot of water and will put my boots on and go in to cut them. They are already brown, they could be left from last year too and nothing has grown around them.  Got some work to do this week.

So when people ask a creative person how long did it take you to make this piece of art?  I can now show them these photos...for inspiration and process of make the papers used in the artwork. And for me I was sharing with my oldest daughter about loving the process there's some much good stuff that goes on I would hate not being able to create this way.  


  1. You are right, when you say that the process starts long, long before an artists sits down at their desk. I am happy for you because the reeds are already brown and broken for your easy access. We harvest our Papyrus heads and stalks. Then I strip the inside pulp into long strips to store for later. I is a labor of love! I just know that you two are going to have a great time processing those reeds. I am looking forward to a summer day that isn't too breezy to start my processing.

    I few years ago I hear the expression "Botanical Inclusion" and feel in love.

    1. I heard when asked we are to share, a question back, "would you like the long version or the short one..hahaha. Oh Papyrus, Somewhere in storage I have a piece of art on it to show the kids when I would go into the classrooms to talk about paper making. Does it grow like bamboo? Labor of love for sure. Thanks for stopping by Donna.


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