Sunday Final Day

The two photos above are Catherine's piece, She made a Scroll. 

Kelley's piece above and she also made just the scroll 

Gary made a larger inventive piece from a Saturday morning Flea Market find of the Hanger.  So exciting to see how it all worked out. 

Lynn worked long and hard on her piece, Instead of having a scroll roll up I gave the students a choice to do both a Long walking Talk or the Scroll Sketching and Lynn decided to do the walking tale. 

Leah with her delightful senior pup came to the workshops.  Made us feel at home with a animal around us.  She worked intensely on her piece and really finished things up by Sunday. So proud of her. 

Lynn B. did it all, and then some with a book with all of our piece of paper as a reminder of the workshop event. 
From the Left to the Right, Gary, Kelley, Lynn O, Leah, Lynn B, Catherine and Mica sweet girlie that she is. Each piece is individual and then attached to create a scroll that roll up or a Long Walking Tale that hangs on your wall. Very organic and inviting us to touch it. 

My Scroll, Big Button,  It is 9 feet long and has 20 segments attached and rolled with a organic material tie. Yarns, threads and raffia hang and dangle from the stick. 

I was able to create a walking tale too.  though it is a challenge to get it all to hang straight.  The imperfect is a way to be able to express the self in the most perfect way. 

I plan on teaching this again at Shake Rag Alley Next Year. 
Wonderful people and Creative in abundance. 



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