Seems a bit vain

How vain right making a big deal of your birthday.  I just turned 60 on June 20th, as a woman in this world we can be looked upon as old dried up and gone batty...though I do have days that I have to admit I feel like that but for the better part of my days there is a renewed freedom.  And I would like to keep honoring the age and wisdom I experience with life and keep studying and learn about myself and life around me in all my relationships.   I'm one that needs to keep repeating till I get it...Kind of happy about that process because there are so many different ways to see life and you miss so much with so much always coming your way.  To the journey of Elderhood.  Not I heard Elderhood can start at any age but I feel it's staring for me at 60. 



  1. Happy birthday, Laura! I hope your 60th year is your best. It's enriching to watch your creativity, your exuberance for life and artistic experimentation, and your journey. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Oh thanks Laura,


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