Pop up Reception

Exhibit is open till July 24th so there is still time to fill your soul with some wonderful works of Art. 

This is how I started off with my first installation, and even sent this image in to the Curators. Not suggestion this is the proper way to do this but with our wonky year....I think it was pure imperfections and lets see what we get out of it. And I think some trust on their part in me.  Thanks for that Girls, Claudia and Debbie the Curators. 

Take a ride and view this exhibit,  I'm so impressed with all the work from these great artists and the way it was curated.  Tall Grass Art Association, Gallery, Park Forest IL 

From Left to Right,  Nikkole, Colin, Claudia, Jennifer, Debbie, Don and Myself.  

Nikkole, Colin, Jennifer, Don and Myself. 

The opening reception popped up on the beginning day of the exhibit.  There was a wonderful turn out and I'll share our curators comment to us all. 

Dear Nikkole, Laura, Jennifer, Colin and Don,


Thank you so much for coming to the reception yesterday and for staying so long and for meeting visitors and sharing lots about your works.


I saw so many people spending time in front of your wall pieces, looking through your books, studying your sculptures.  There's a lot to see and read in this show, and I know folks were doing that, and going back around to read and study more.


In some ways, this is not an easy show - each one of you brought works that are not a quick read, that have layers of meaning, technical skill, and personal revelations.  I heard lots of positive feedback, in many cases - amazement -  at how huge, involved, thoughtful, complex, and just plain beautiful your works are.  And new - for many of our visitors, the materials you use, the ways you present them, are unfamiliar. So the show is a great education as well as simply a visual gift.


I am so, so glad you are the artists on view now. And so glad I've had a chance to know all of you a little better as a result of this show coming together. I have the highest respect for each of you

and the work you create.


I hope to send you some of the pix from yesterday soon.


We had a great crowd come to see you and your works yesterday -

looks like 95 - 100 - and I'm sure many more will come through the gallery in the next weeks.  


Again, thank you very much for your very special talents and gifts, and for sharing your visions at Tall Grass.





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