Moving slow and with gratitude

The rock wall outside a lodge at Dillman's is so beautiful. Why did I pick this picture?  Good questions, Rocks move as the earth does, though every so slightly, but they have been around for a very long time. They don't grow but actually may loose parts of themselves over many years. 

Something about a rock that beings a wonderful grounding to my soul.  They say they are the grandfathers of the earth and they have witness much.  I do believe that when you think about the earth and how long it has been around this universe.  

I'm honor the end of a trauma weekend with some simple down time.  I hurt my back in a simple way of picking something up out of my reach. Not bad but it's a muscle strain for sure.  The weather is nice and cool 62 degrees this morning low humidity. Going to take a neighborhood walk and continue the day with gentleness and grace.  I'm in Gratitude and I want hang on to that a bit longer. I really do love my family.  



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