Friday and Saturday Scroll Sketching

Working with some pans, rusty bits, tea and some copper sheeting to make some dyed papers and material. We had to let it sit over night to allow the colors to seep out and on the materials. 

Made some line papers with the wooden marble and India Ink.  Not everyone used it but ideas were swirl for different colors and one of the gal did it with watered down acrylics.  Happy to see experimenting going on. 

Leah's section for the sketch are beginning to emerge. 

Lynn O, has a whole stack of segments to sew together for a Long Walking Tale Piece. 

Lynn B is starting to sew here piece together. 

Kelley is working with her Nature theme...Wonderful earthy colors. 

Lynn O. Long Walking tale is sewn and ready for the next steps. 

Leah's section for the scroll are coming together nicely. 

Gary is going larger in size and has a great idea with a old wooden hanger with Pants clip on it...Can't wait to see what he makes. 

Some more of Lynn B's piece. 

Catherine is working with smaller sections and building up the layers and adding the wonderful loose threading. 
Lynn B's piece. 

Lynn B's scroll getting started. 

Catherine's beginning sections coming together nicely. 

Really proud of everyone and how their intuition is kicking in and there's just making some great piece that will be assembled together instead of in a sketch book or art journal. 



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