And I still have more to pack

 As I was packing yesterday the art supplies I was thinking maybe I have a problem with all this stuff I bring.  Joke is I'm bring the art studio with me on wheels.  Well I have to admit that's true.  Who would go to this length and haul all this stuff?  I would and if I was inviting people to my studio for a session I would like to have this available for all that comes.   Do I really have to explain myself?   I do for reason of  reassurance about venturing this far.   Though the students will be bring a good hefty load of supplies themselves this art form of collage using paper and what we can do to the surface of papers is a door left wide open.  

I probably would never be good at minimalist though I would like to think I could be good at it.  I'm giving myself some time before I leave on Saturday Morning.  Seems weird I know to pack so early but as you know there's always one more thing to pack.  

I have to share from Flora Bowley's book The Art of Aliveness. 

The art of aliveness is about the potent place where the lessons we glean through creative practices offer meaning, direction, and depth to our everyday life experiences. In return, the lessons we learn in life also inform our creative work. In the end creativity becomes a way of life, and the creative current infuses life so thoroughly that there’s really no distinction between the two.    

When I read this I really have the connection that I've been working towards arriving here.  So maybe that's why I'm so into my supplies where very I go to teach in person, I can't distinguish between the two lives and it thoroughly is infused now. 

Well best get a move on things....I get to bring my food and stuff so today is a day to cook up things and go over my check list and ground myself...I was just talking with a elder yesterday and she shared about not going and doing something because she didn't want to mess up her serenity.  I can really relate to that as being sidetracked or derail by out side stuff.  it's not fear but it's self love and care with our mental state of minds that have been something else to tend daily and cultivate with our present moments.  I'm just very thankful to be. 


  1. I wonder if you are headed to Dillman's?

  2. That I am Ginny, Mask on and Tack iron in hand!!! I have nine other creative makes meeting me there so excited.


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