Layers, layers and more layers paint

 Just finish sewing up 30 more flags so I would have a total of 100.  I printed the base coat of color on first and will take a break and then start working into each one of these.  

Second steps in this process is the stencils of the animals.  Koi, Moose, Crow, Great Blue Heron, Horse, Bear, Bison, Jumping Mouse, Coyote, Hawk, Skunk.  110 prayer flags in all.  Went over 100.  Added the white back ground with the bison. 

Just finished with the printing Saturday afternoon.  This will be an evening project as I watch my some TV with the husband the next few evenings and thread them through the clothes line and then tack the ends to the clothes line by stitching them in place. Otherwise the scrunch up all together. 

These are still hanging in the front year on my burning bush. See the video below. 

There are 46 flags hanging now around the little garden area.  64 more to work with. 


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