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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Rock Study....Life is about letting Go~

The rocks above were given to me by my sister Tina, she lives in Arkansas.  The way the round rock is and cradled in the other rock. I just love what nature and years create.  My husband has a big boulder thing too.  When I was little too, there seems to always be a rock to collect and pick up, stash in your pocket of you coat or pants. The wisdom of the rocks, stones, pebbles, and the ground they were unearthed and moved to, sometimes really far. 

The shape of a triangle in symbols means, ideas and goals. I staked these rocks in 2015, some five years, I think I've been coming up to Door County that long or longer. 

I went to this area to see if I could do a quick stacking.  The water was higher then 2015 and where the smaller rocks start to stack here in this photo is where the water is almost covering the big rock. So all the smaller rocks I would have to get by wading into the water.  I choose not to.  

But there were two elders there, chatting it up over a rock stacking...totally not aware of me being around them.  They were in their contemplative world.  Love it, to women sharing in a moment of deep thought and heart. On the bench by the little fire scare they had there homemade lunch wrapped in a use bread bag and a drink too. 

I was saddened that I wouldn't be able to make a Cairn to leave and let go of but I was comforted by these two elders.  They would be doing the letting go that day in physical form and I would be letting go of an expectations of doing it, stacking rocks in mediation and spirit.  My thoughts were of, I'll never be able to do this again, poor me. I might as well stop coming up to this area...Feelings just are it what you do with them that matters. 
Got to grab more coffee... 

Those darn feelings can do rob us...I was tired from not sleeping the night before, I get so excited and can't shut my brain off sometimes...and driving up this way... the watchful eye over the way people are acting and behaving...as of going in and out of stores...wearing mask or not. Yes thought those feelings on top right?   I know though I can only take care of myself at the moment and do the next right things.   I come back to my hotel after dropping off the art and going to the spot where I would stack rocks and settle in to my home spot for the next two days. 

Grateful I have my food and a safe place... The feelings of never ever stacking ever again has calmed it's little drama butt down.  I eat a dinner and try to read but find I'm falling off to sleep. So at 6:30 pm, I'm off to sleep and wake at 4:30 am this morning.  

The part of not being able to do what I have always done in the past has fallen in to a comfortable area of acceptance...not this time babe.  The realization of the past time and with whom I've shared this with, my husband one year on our Anniversary, my mother in law, and my cousin Doris.  My wants have been given and I've taken...In spirit always I've been grateful for the time at the "Waters Edge."  My feelings get the better of me along with my wants...what I needed was a moment to see how awesome it is to witness other enjoying this process too.   

Off to get dressed, unload art supplies and demo all day at Woodwalk Gallery, 10-4pm today.  

What you do with your feelings is realize their there...and this life we have is about Letting go, from the day you are bone to the day you walk on.  A wise woman elder shared that with me in a class I was teaching of art journaling. (always great therapy working creating with women)

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