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Friday, July 10, 2020

I can't remember when I started this blog....

This morning I was thinking...then not.  When did I start this blog?   I want to say ten years ago but I know it's been long. I'll pick 15 years that's a good number.

Blogs were the rave way back when....and then they died out with the social media movement of My Space, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.  Oh that's right LinkedIn is for business.

I've used my blog for many things, shared info, Sales, Online classes to ramble from woods.

You have to have a website, you have to have an email list serves, you have to have a blog, and you have to have or pick which social media platform you want to work you magic on. 

So much computer work to be done to keep the info out there about you, your life and your business.

Or Not..... 

I know I get this wild ideas that I'm a write and thoughts come and want to be seen and heard. So I come to the blog and put them on.  What's wild is not really reads them. But it's a process of practice and understanding my own thoughts....Beside morning journaling. 

Well I think I'll let this be...got some morning things to do and start the day...a blast of rain came in so something are altered a bit...as a walk with the dogs. 

A word ditty.... 

Being heard, 
having support, belonging,
connecting on a deeper level, 
Can't go back....not good to stay in place, one will become frozen,
Ruminating?   Only one really good choice, inch forward. 

Going within, really listening to what guides us, 
blocking outside influences during this time.
Creative cycles come in and gently move out with the earthly season. 
  too much emphasis on Should be doings....
Each day enters....a page turns into a chapter 
carrying out intuitive directions. 

What's really about? Our relationship with ourselves, 
the universe, our mate, our children, our grandchildren.
Our movement, our food, our bodies and our spiritual souls.   

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