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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Hoot...hoot..hooooot.... say the Owl

Morning after a successful 1-day Image transfer workshop.  First time I taught it. Working with three main techniques and extra on we worked through them all morning long.  Then by lunch we went into High collage mode with image transfers. I had to cut out glazing, shadowing, mark making with drawing materials and it all went well.

Felling a bit sore with the hauling of the materials up another flight of stairs...these a bit odd at the art league...I'm be good in a day or to.  Recovery from physical ware on the body seems to take longer as I get older. crabbing about my body...for real though I'm grateful that I'm able to still do what I love to do.

So my personal spiritual and creative journey has me continuing with the artist way books, Walking in this world...chapter 8.

Julia words, "Onces I let go of my idea that making art was about making it, meaning fame, I began to make the art I wanted to make and that gave me something that looks an awful lot like the life I always wanted to have."

 When we surrender to becoming what we are meant to be instead of trying to convince the world of who we think we are, we find our proper creative shoes and can walk in them comfortably.  Not surprisingly, they sometimes take us far. Moving comfortably and at a less driven pace, we also enjoy the journey, finding  pleasure in our companions and our "view" each step of the way. 

Keeping a truther path of,  along the way dreams do come true.

One of the marks of an intelligent person is to be able to distinguish what is worth doing and what isn't and to be able to set priorities. Anne Wilson Schaef

When I work up this morning the Owl was hooting not to far from the house....and kept it up for over an hour...I do love to hear nature and all her wildness.  I wonder what lesson she has for  us/I to  learn from or her presence to help us/or I.    I know the coyote pair are here to helps us see the reality that is and not the stories we tell ourselves...the shadow self the one that messes with our thinking and only allow us to see the distorted parts and not face our truth....pain isn't so bad when we make the right changes and grow out of it. 

Looks a bit RAW...and that is to be,  approved for a class on Tuesday's in Jan 2020....RAW Journaling...all kinds of tactile needs will be fulfilled with this class. 

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