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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Filling my self back up

 I got myself together in the morning and planned on walking in the woods to regroup and center myself, the workshop was wonderful powerful successful, though there is much I give of myself. No complaints, part of what I do but to counter that giving I need to refill my soul with what I truly find spiritual and refreshing.  I brought my little fold up stool and my drum with some sage and a prayerful heart.

I drummed soft, long and deep for sometime flowing up and down with the tone....no one could see me I had found a space where I couldn't see the walkers on the path.  Just where I needed to be in my space where I could be one with nature.  The activity in the treetops to the activity in the brush area around me...birds gathering seed. Peaceful.....

On to the next project of cleaning the studio and getting prepared for my Class at Indian Prairie Library on Friday.


  1. Yes, you do give so much of yourself in teaching. You are wise to know what it takes to recharge your batteries. Keep on doing both - the world needs what you have to share. I am retiring from my card business, and building a small grandma house on my son's farm in Missouri in 2020. And I'm having both knees replaced in the next six months. Having that done and preparing for the move next summer, I am putting my art on hold till I'm settled in MO. I'm happy I had the opportunity to meet you and take your class at Dillman's in 2019. Best wishes for the future. Fondly, Eve Brown.

    1. Hi Eve,
      Your are creating a new life for yourself, how wonderful and giving the gift of care. stay in touch, wishing you well.

  2. You have a heart of gold


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