Like interpreting a dream

No this is not a soul collage card but very much like's the section of my vision board that I hold dearly in guidance for my life.  Pulling images and seeing them later throughout the year how do we know that is what we would need or the direction we should go in?   We don't, or at least I don't I just do the picking and arranging and leave up to the Greater Spirit in my life. 

This morning I hear from my Son...that I have to stay open and evolve with my art practice and process.  Boy don't you know it, as an artist...staying open, being observant, adjusting and being flexible are all super skills. They are also Survival skills.

 Evolve- develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.
synonyms:developprogress, make progress, advance, move forward, make headway, maturegrow, open out, unfoldunrollexpandenlargespreadextend;

So here's this thing....I'm looking at the bird nest with one egg in the hands of a human being, to me what does this signify?
What I hold in my hands is dear to me if the first thought. My hands are my tools in many ways or that hold the tools I love to use.  But now it hold the nest with one egg.  Holding an idea, is sacred till it hatches. How precise is Nature....? 

The paints in all the colors are so beautiful to see and be near, it makes me all excited. Not sure what I will do but I'm sure it will be fun...watercolor cakes though are something I've not played with so might I explore and experiment with them?  I could...

The patterns of the meditative illustration in the right corner....Oh how I love to see the patterns.  My work may not be like this...that OK...but I do enjoy the repetitiveness.

Images of feathers are through out my vision board....if you stay open for them the come to you and I've received this gift from many birds....and other share with me their great finds...they don't want the feathers so them give them to me...which I'm really very thankful...then I have to keep them sacred for the kitty in the house-Sophie also loves playing with feathers. 

and the dog image...Dogs have been a big part of my life, sidekicks.  The conversation about having dogs and then the death of the dogs is so hard and painful for them that they would never have another dog because of that pain...And I just feel the pain is so well worth having the continued companionships...that I would do that and have had many four legged friends over the years.   I don't think I've been without a friend like it that I need it or it's just how it's to be...

Rambles this morning chatting about me again or it's just  a way to understand life in and out side of me... So bring together...a nest, egg, hands, four legged friends, color, paint and pattern...Make Art !


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