Continuing with raw collage sketching...

 I'm not sure what to call it...I'm using found papers, gluing some parts down and other I'm hand stitching...nothing new this process, but for me it is...Inside of envelopes parts of bags, threads, cotton and other images with stick and natural objects.

 Documenting the day or days... yesterday I saw an antena on top of a building and the shape of the top of it was what you see with the loops and strike marks...there is three of them on the first section.  Then as I was sitting at the kitchen table look out i see this cluster of feather fall to the ground.  We have a pair of red tails and some great horned owls around so something must of plucked a few feather in that kind of cluster or it was a morning dove on the gutter cleaning itself and out pops a few feathers.  I glue them down with glue stick and then I used the plastic from the envelope and stitched it over the feathers to protect them...the button there on the left I've wanted to use in something for some time now and I'm finally using it and the pattern of the metal part of the button I repeated it...and the rest just unfolded.  As I saw Sandhill cranes go over yesterday, only about 25 of them..not like there mass migration but Nature now better then we do..The red and white I found on the ground when I walked the dogs in the green space between the house where extra water run when we have lots of rain.  It's a Piece of the neighbors American Flag...and planning with symbols and stitches...sewing the two sections together.  Oh and a picture of myself... Found out my right eye had the most change...funny how that is...but explains me adjusting to my glasses...and it taking a bit longer.

Well this will be rolled up when it's completed...odd right? but I'm working with an idea as I have a white roll of paper already to this size and torn edges what I'm doing it tearing it up in to sections and then re attaching it back after I add to the sections...seem to work best when not forces and allow things to be observed and picked up and added to it...then trying to think up something to do to the surface.  

So unsure what to call this sketching...collage, raw materials, found mostly, threads, strings etc with some drawing, notes, quotes...."Raw Collage Sketching"  I call it raw not because its an real awesome and whole thing to do but because I'm not so worried at all about protecting the elements like in my other collage works. 

Added some blue Derwent Graphite XL blue on the last page with some recycled bag that was silver on the inside...couldn't tear had to cut it...


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